ACAUT Stands De-recognized: GPRN/NSCN

The formation of the Naga Club in 1918 mostly by participants of WW I stirred the spirit of Naga Nationalism in the hearts of all the members and for the sustenance of the young movement, members contributed coins paid by the British Empire for their services during the war, others offered agricultural products, domesticated animals or any item that grants the giver the satisfaction of having been contributed to the growth of fresh idea that was fast taking root in the rustic Naga villages. Thus the process of nation building began. The vision was so clear that on Jan. 10, 1929, a memorandum was submitted to British Statutory Commission stating that the Nagas shall decide their own future.

By 1940, the idea of Naga independence had spread to many parts of Naga homeland. The World War II had reached the sleepy villages, war raged on for the freedom of entire democratic world from tyranny and enslavement. Few educated Nagas explained the life of freedom of peoples and nations around the world as Naga Village headmen and elders listened intently. With great pride, NNC was formed in 1946 to pursue the political right of the Nagas. Having declared independence a day ahead of India on 14th August 1947, the Naga people still went on to conduct a nationwide plebiscite on May 16, 1952 with astounding 99.9% desiring freedom!

From 1951 when the Indian Military swept into Nagaland up until the signing of Ceasefire between the GOI and NSCN on 29th April 2001, thousands and thousands of Naga men and women, young and old have suffered and died through sheer brutality of Indian military.

The world must know what the world’s largest democracy did to the Naga people over 60 years and therefore GPRN/NSCN is taking measures to produce approximate number of deaths caused by Indian military from 1950 to the present, certified by surviving relatives and village authorities through respective regions.
It is acknowledged that at times unauthorized and unofficial activities of some officials often dent the image and prestige of the GPRN/NSCN however, majority of the National Workers enrolled have had the same goal and vision as that of the founding revolutionaries.

GPRN/NSCN has time and again sincerely clarified on syndicate system and multiple taxation on single item issue put up by ACAUT. GPRN/NSCN had assured co-operation any day because the issue of taxation is tiny compared to the Indo-Naga political issue. Instead of assisting in the search for an early acceptable political solution, which would put all tax matters to rest, ACAUT leaders have hurt the sentiment of all Naga patriots. They have become spokespersons for the adversaries. Nagas are informed that taxation issue can be easily resolved with or without ACAUT.

Who are ACAUT leaders today? Who are their fathers and grandfathers and where were they when thousands of Naga men and women took up arms, fought and died fighting Indian army from 1950 till 2001? Did their fathers and grandfathers shed a drop of blood or a sweat for the Naga nation? Did they not live in Assam, Nepal, Darjeeling or Delhi when war was raging in Nagaland? What is the contribution of the present ACAUT leaders to the Naga political movement? What kind of assistance are they providing to the Forum For Naga Reconciliation (FNR) to strengthen the fragile Naga reconciliation process? In the 60’s and 70’s, There were many traitors and spies known as CIDs during the turbulent years and GPRN/NSCN believes some of the ACAUT leaders are offsprings of such traitors and spies who could be under Indian intelligence payroll like their fathers.

Today the GPRN/NSCN led by Gen. (Retd) Kholi Konyak and N Kitovi Zhimomi, would ask the ACAUT leaders particularly those conniving with Indian agencies and campaigning across Nagaland government offices, schools and colleges, attempting to nullify Naga political aspiration by demonizing Naga political groups, whether they have moral right to venture outside the purview of taxation issue and whether they are prepared to face the consequences should they continue to wrongly and dismissively interpret the 60 years of political struggle as petty indulgences of gun totting elements to stakeholders of Naga political future.

ACAUT leaders are not talking about ACAUT about anymore. The parameter of their existence has jumped from anti-Syndicate system and anti-multiple tax on single item to a stubborn anti-Naga political struggle tone. It is targeting future Naga generations to give up Naga history and political right. This is a threat to the very identity and foundation of the Nagas. GPRN/NSCN shall place before the Nagas the following truth. Some of the so-called ACAUT leaders are conniving with Indian intelligence agencies to drive a wedge between Naga public and the National workers. A larger conspiracy is at work and the aim is to extinguish Naga Nationalism from the minds and hearts of Naga boys and girls in schools and colleges. ACAUT is reminded that the patriotic blood flow in the veins of Naga children in all educational institutions. These students have heard the heart rending stories of atrocities and inhuman treatments committed against their families by Indian armed forces in the past. Unlike ACAUT’s leaders, they would not part with their history or future. ACAUT’s short existence and activities is silently being observed.

ACAUT’s leaders says that One Tax one Government will force unite all political groups under economic compulsion. This is a foolish observation of somebody who has little knowledge of the past and no concern for future Naga generations. The differences among Naga groups is not economic, it is the differences in political ideology and principle. FNR has created a sense of understanding among the Naga political groups knowing this fact yet ACAUT’s leaders intension is to counter nationalists and national movement, they aim to destroy Naga people’s dream for acceptable political solution through their no tax campaign. Even the least intelligent within the ACAUT would know that “ONE GOVERNMENT ONE TAX” is easier said than done despite the great desire of the GPRN/NSCN to fulfill it. Nagas are aware that;

1. The 17 year old peace talks between IM group and GOI is inching towards what is known as the Alternative Political Arrangement for Nagas living in Manipur in which the United Naga Council (UNC) is representing IM group. This shall have nothing to do with Nagas of Nagaland state. Mr. Th. Muivah has spelled out on 26th Aug. 2011 at Niathu Resort and on 29th Feb. 2012 at the Agri. Expo ground meeting of Naga political groups and general public that neither Naga integration nor Independence was possible at present. GPRN/NSCN, in the interest of the Nagas, has held on to the Covenant of Reconciliation despite IM group killing unarmed military officers as recent as on 1st July 2014 when Maj. Athong Yimchunger was mercilessly gunned down at Jessami in Manipur, reducing signed Reconciliation documents to a mere piece of paper. Should the Naga people pay tax to a group which fire more bullets and kill more Nagas? One national government in this case would have no basis.

2. Mr. S.S Khaplang has signed an agreement with the Myanmar Government in early 2013, and has officially written to FNR and Nagas of Nagaland not to disturb him as he will not interfere in Nagaland. Again one national government will not benefit the Naga people.

3. Thirdly. The robust existence of the NNC/FGN ended with the signing of the Shillong Accord in 1975. It was the final nail in the coffin. Naga political struggle had to start afresh and God Almighty paved the way for Naga people to continue the struggle. To the Indian government, NNC/FGN whether accordists or non-accordists would not make any difference. The peace Camp at Chedema maintained by GOI stands witness. It is unlikely that the NNC/FGN will enter into another ceasefire with GOI even in hundred years let alone political solution. Will one government be possible? Only time will tell.

Under these glaring facts above, the slogan “ONE GOVERNMENT ONE TAX” becomes a mere tool for ACAUT’s leaders to attack national workers.

The GPRN/NSCN has more than 30 daily functioning ministries with equal number of Secretaries and hundreds of officers manning the secretariat. More than 25 active regions are upholding the Naga national struggle at a regional level. The Naga Army is well equipped and strong enough to defend the Naga people and land as and when called for. GPRN/NSCN do not accept funds from the GOI and so all revenues, contribution or donation is from Naga people and well-wishers alone and with pride and gratitude, utilization is done to strengthen the National movement. ACAUT’s leaders must seriously review and cease their hostile activities as the Naga political movement has entered into a very open yet crucial hour where enemy agents are easily identified.

The burden of taxation on the Naga public is duly acknowledged and GPRN/NSCN has been as accommodative as it could. ACAUT’s leaders have however burned the bridge instead of building one, with unrestrained attack on the National Movement and NPGs.

ACAUT’s leaders may have measured the value of mansions and foreign cars which some senior national workers may own. It must be noted that many GPRN/NSCN members were rich enough to build mansion and assemble foreign cars even before joining national service. It is not that the rest of the Nagas are today living in hutments and riding rickshaws.

ACAUT’s leaders must also measure the value of a martyr’s sacrifice or a survivor’s blood and tears, away from wife and children for years serving the Naga nation with honor and dedication. Of late some may have joined searching for fast life and defecting many times over but for many it is an inheritance and duty passed on from their grandfathers. In preaching against paying tax to NPGs in schools, colleges and offices, ACAUT’s leaders have failed to measure the pain and sufferings of war widows, poverty stricken orphans whose fathers died protecting Nagaland and whose mothers abandoned them. ACAUT need not teach Nagas on taxation. It’s in their blood and they know how much to contribute.

ACAUT’s plea to minimize taxation is one thing, insulting Naga issue and its defenders openly through taxation matter is another. Their initial grievances have vanished and strong anti-national agenda has seeped in. ACAUT’s leaders have betrayed the trust of the public. Its attempt to whip up anti-national feelings is unforgivable. It has no affinity with FNR or NPGs. The threat is too dangerous to ignore and GPRN/NSCN is prepared to take on such elements. It hijacked people’s trust and has turned itself into an anti-national organization and therefore ACAUT stands de-recognized and any further negative campaign against the Naga political movement shall be dealt with appropriately. Naga struggle has outlived many treacherous committees like the ACAUT.

GPRN/NSCN is in a Ceasefire with the Government of India and it is pursuing a political solution acceptable to the people of Nagaland and until our identity and future is secured, it will continue to partner the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR), consult Apex Naga organizations, Tribal Hohos, NGOs, student associations, intellectuals and seek advice from patriotic Nagas. It will continue to accept traditional tax, contribution from friends, professionals and well wishers.


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