FNR and ACAUT Working for Worthy Cause

Jakama, July 11 (MExN): Responding to queries raised by students on “Forum for Naga Reconciliation and Action Committee Against Unabated Taxation running a parallel movement,” the ACAUT team believed that Forum for Naga Reconciliation is making sincere effort to unite the factions through Christian values and principles of forgiveness and reconciliation. However, as long as all the factions have their independent authority to raise tax from the people in the name of sovereignty, they are able to survive comfortably and therefore Christian values do not really compel them to consider reconciliation in a serious manner.

“The road ACAUT has adopted is a difficult one but a possible one; when we the public finds the collective strength and courage to stop paying their illegal tax, they will be forced to consider uniting if they want to survive. No factions would take FNR seriously if they adopt this strategy. Since both approaches are for a worthy cause, we are working separately, but for the same purpose,” asserted ACAUT team during their interaction with the students of St. Joseph’s College, Jakhama on July 9.

ACAUT Nagaland Media Cell in a press release stated that ACAUT Nagaland visited the St. Joseph’s College, Jakhama as part of its ongoing awareness drive. The interaction with the faculty and students took place in the college basketball court, which was moderated by Kevitho Kera, Social Media Convenor.

On questioning about how ‘One government One Tax’ can unite the factions, the ACAUT team said that all factions need money to run their organizations. At present, all factions are comfortably surviving on illegal taxation in the name of sovereignty. We see no rationality for seven factions to be fighting separately for one sovereignty. Therefore, they must unite in everyone’s interest. The only way to make them unite is to cut off their financial resources and they will be forced to unite if they want to survive. The people have been paying tax for fear of AK47 but the time has come for us to all stand together and say, “Enough is enough” and stop paying tax until they unite. Once they unite, the citizens are prepared to pay for a united national movement. Provided Nagas can stand together in a determined way, it is possible that the factions will be forced to rethink their unreasonable approach in this matter.

Speaking at the event, Khekiye K. Sema (IAS Retd), ACAUT Consultative Body member said, “Nagas as Christians have lost our honest character. We rather go back to head hunting when we had strong principles. Government is the eighth faction collecting taxes. All factions are fighting for sovereignty but does sovereignty differ for every faction?” Also Kezhokhoto Savi, ACAUT Legal cell Convenor said, “NGOs are equally guilty in the Illegal collections taking place in the National highways. Ministers asking cuts and commissions should not be tolerated.”

Mar Longkumer, Tia Longchar and Dr. Khekhügha Muru were the other accompanying ACAUT members. St. Joseph’s College is a community college and has as of now 2760 students where coaching for UPSC and NSPC is also provided. It offers Humanities, Science, Commerce and BBA courses.


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