Is Nagaland Afghanistan Of India

By Z. Lohe

USA is famous for being the most potent political and economic power on earth. Japan is popular though small in land size and population but is an economic giant. Singapore and New Zealand are popular because of efficiency and transparency in administration. On and on, each nation has its own positive and negative popularity. Similarly, Afghanistan is popularly known to be the most dangerous country on earth to tread upon because of the presence of Taliban. It is one of the most unsafe countries.

Kidnapping was not heard for quite sometime though it became rampant in Dimapur in particular a year or so ago. Mostly businessmen are the victims. I do not believe that kidnapping has got anything to do with politics, be it Naga political issue or State party politics. I rather believe that kidnapping is due to greed for money. To get rich by one with white money goes through tedious processes. Many Nagas in particular do not have the requisite patience to go through that procedure and become rich. Many aim at sleep in poverty and wake up rich. For those people who are in hurry to become rich, I believe, take kidnapping of people to be an industry. God knows who among the Nagas is/are living like king/s with ransom money and with extorted wealth. May those kings enjoy a lasting peaceful life.

Who does the business of kidnapping in Nagaland? Are the Naga factions indulging? Is a faction doing this business? Are some cadres from a faction doing this business with or without the knowledge of their bosses? Or is it never the handiwork of any cadre belonging to any faction? Is there any pseudo nationalist doing the business in the name of any faction? Is this business the work of anti-social elements from outside Naga community using Dimapur as its base? Is kidnapping due to business rivalry? Beside Naga factions, is there any organised underworld doing this business? Is there any powerful politician or bureaucrat nurturing mafia don and indulging in kidnapping? May be more questions are there. I believe the State Govt. knows everything.

How many Nagas are surprised to come across the news item in local papers on kidnapping of two Engineers from Andhra Pradesh dated 30.7.2014? How many elected representatives and bureaucrats are serious about this incident? What about the powerful Church bodies? What about high profile and highly proclaimed NGOs? Where are the students’ organisations? Is there any responsible authority in Nagaland dominated by followers of Jesus Christ bothering about this shameful, ugly and barbarous incident? How many Nagas in Nagaland bother about the amount of damage caused to the image of Christian State by such kind of animal activities?

Kidnappings took place in the past. The State Govt. knows how each case was handled and brought to conclusions. The latest victims were reportedly released, and I am not interested to question about the nitty-gritty of how they were bailed out. What matters is the ramifications of kidnapping incident. Sparing the life of the two victims saved Nagaland from bigger embarrassment. Nevertheless, the issue does not end here with the safety of the Engineers. The incident is very serious as it severely implicates the State of Nagaland. It speaks volumes of lawlessness and of absence of governance. It depicts as if there is connivance between kidnappers, State Govt. and Naga factions.

Is the State Govt. serious about the presence of Boka Haram within its territory? Who is/are the TaIiban in Nagaland subjugating this small State with one and half million indigenous Nagas to nothing less than Afghanistan of India? Has not Nagaland become the most dangerous State to tread upon in India? With the kind of background, how will Naga missionaries carry on the Gospel with confidence and how their messages would be convincing to others? What room is left for the Naga missionaries to preach the Good News when their home is filled full with the known evils. When Nagaland is defaced in the like manner, will it enhance the image of any faction? Will the State Govt. continue remaining silent or give tacit support to all illegal activities and transform Nagaland into animal kingdom?



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