A letter to the PMM (Poumai Masou Me) – Poumai Naga Union

It was in the last week of July, 2007 while I was at Senapati for an assignment in the Naga Army Finance Department (NAFD) the then Lt. Col. Wungyip, General Accounts Officer, NAFD called up me to come to GHQ as the Longviby, Lt. Gen. H. S. Ramsan wanted to talk to me for an urgent matter. So, I reached GHQ on 26th July but met Longviby on 28th as on 26th to 27th July, 2007as there was a People’s Consultative Meeting going on at Hebron Camp called by NSCN (IM). I met him in the evening at his room, he asked me how the situation in Senapati was.
I replied that there was no any such major problem or news though there were some problems in the collection of taxes. Then, without any further word he looked at me and said, you must eliminate Mr. D. D. Thaisii (who is represented from the 47th Karong Assembly Constituency in the Manipur Legislative Assembly and presently Minister in the Tribal Development, Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Departments, Govt. of Manipur). He told me to finish him by blowing bomb using T.N.T explosives and also advised me to carry out the mission in between Senapati and Kangpokpi so that others might suspect it to be done by Kuki underground groups. Further, he warned me not to leak out this to anybody and even warned me not to tell to any of the kilonsers and leaders of Shepoumaramth region. He said this mission should be known only by him and me.
He even didn’t tell me why D. D. Thaisii should eliminated or say it’s the decision of the government/NSCN or anything like that. Hearing this I was surprise, angry and sad but in front of the Army Chief I had no option, I said, ‘Yes Sir’. Next he told me to stay at Demolition Camp for some days in order to learn to handle bomb skilfully and take along with me an expert person in bomb from among the Demolition Group whom I can trust. I said, ‘Yes Sir’ and asked his permission to go to Dimapur once since that day was Saturday and the next would be Sunday, and so I was allowed to come on Monday.
So, that day I came back to Dimapur and lodged at Hotel Yak. The next day i, e on Sunday I fasted and prayed in the hotel room for this particular problem.
I especially prayed to Almighty God to guide my life and strengthen my heart so that I would be brave and righteous always, going the way and doing the thing that is acceptable in the sight of the Almighty God because I firmly believe, ‘ Nagaland is God’s purpose’ and for this very reason we are in the National service. In the duty of the Nation wherever we go and whatever we do should be for God and for the Nation. I prayed Almighty God so earnestly to inspire me and help me to come to a right decision. At last it came to my decision that this kind of assassination plot is never a right thing, it’s sin against God, against the Nation and purely a suppression of my tribe Poumai. I took a firm decision that I will never carry out the mission to assassinate Mr. D. D. Thaisii inspite of whatever risk may come upon me, because I am a man of my own decision in the National Service, to go and do what I think is right for the Nation in the fear of the Lord, and not that I am being in the NSCN (IM) to be utilized by others like a tool or like a hired soldier.
Yet, then as I have to take time to safely escape from this trap I went to the GHQ Demolition Camp on 30th July, 2007 as directed by Longvibu. I stayed at Demolition camp for about a week yet I didn’t touch or look at the bomb’s materials because I was angry and hated it very much. I said to the man in charge (capt. Daniel) just handover everything whatever is required to the man whom you will give to accompany me for the mission. So, Pte. Rupfo a Naga from present Arunachal Pradesh State was selected to accompany me. He handed over to us two kgs. of T. N. T explosives saying that the rest like wires, batteries etc. can be available from the town and Mr. Rupfo knows everything of it. (Rupfo is a trained man in handling bomb). But I didn’t buy anything with him instead we went straight to Senapati with the T. N. T explosives because I am not going to do it and Mr. Rupfo is just a junior he has nothing to say about it. Both capt Daniel and Pte. Rupfo didn’t know what was the real intention and what was our target for, only they knew that we were going for a mission which required bomb to blow. Pte. Alauding my personal attendant too witnessed everything though he too didn’t know what and whom the real target was for. (Pte. Alauding is a Poumai from Houmai village)
After reaching Senapati I thought hard over it. I once plan to just explode the bomb without letting touch any of the vehicle of the convoy of D. D. Thaisii and leak if out to all so that he would be safe. But then I know for sure the public would come to know that it was done by me and they won’t know my real intention and I would just unnecessarily earn the wrath of the public. So, after thinking hard over it I at last decided to meet the Army Chief once and tell him that I will not do it and examine what his reaction would be. I went to GHQ in the last week of October and met him but I didn’t say the real reason why I shouldn’t do, I just said, since I am from the same tribe and locality it would be more risky and unsafe for me even for all times to come. He said what about Col. Pukeho will he leak it out to others, I said, I can’t say about him. Then he told me that he would discuss the matter with others and inform me after sometime and so I went back to Senapati.
Again in the 1st week of December, 2007 I reported the matter to the new Army Chief Maj. Gen. Ng. Markson that former Army Chief Lt. Gen. H. S. Ramsan directed me to assassinate D. D. Thaisii, then he too told me to do as order but I told him Sir I had very clearly explained him the reason of my unwillingness to do it and I won’t do it. He again said, so wait I will talk the matter and inform you. But after some days without informing anything about this he summoned me to come to GHQ the next day. On 12th Dec. 2007 I reached at GHQ and met him, but then regarding the confidential mission for which I was sent he didn’t say anything. Instead after four days stay at GHQ I was sent to Dimapur town for duty. I was surprised how this much a confidential matter ended up in this manner and that shows that they’re not happy upon me. I also doubted very much that as I refused some others might have been entrusted for the mission and if that happens and in case any harm befallen upon D. D. Thaisii I would be solely responsible because among the whole of Poumai community from top to bottom I alone know about this sinister plan from within our government that is to come upon one of our Poumai leaders.
I am a man, I said, I am a freedom fighter then how come that I should be allowed to be intimidated by others. I am not a boy working under the leader of a mafia gang. I came to join the National service according to my own will after fully realising our Nagas’ rights. From Zhaimai village representing as a Poumai to the Naga Nation I am in the National service together with all the tribes of the Nagas to unitedly fight for our Nagas’ Independence. Then, how come that some are attempting to use us in suppression and destroying against our own people. I couldn’t breathe in anymore within the NSCN (IM) and so I left it on the night of 24th December, 2007.
A few words I wish to share with my Poumai brethren
O. K fine once I was alone living under the threat of the plotters of this ‘Assassination Plot’ but when I broke the shackles of this threat and come forward myself before all, all are with me and I believe all the rest of Nagas too are with Poumai in this matter. When I broke the news all Poumais particularly those who are holding high post within the NSCN (IM) and public leaders of Poumai whoever have heard were shocked and felt betrayed, yes we are one in body, mind and soul. Now the question lies how strong and effective the Poumais would stand and fight for our rights. Let us ask ourselves how and why the whole community of poumai not even a single poumai knows the reason why D. D. Thaisii should be eliminated from the Naga society and how is it that other alone know the fault of ours and when we will die? Let us also ask the reason how they plot to assassinate him with the name of NSCN(IM) where in fact I believe no kilonser, steering committee Member, tatar, secretary, regional authority etc. from poumai tribe have been consulted and consented to this plot.
I also believe no poumai within NSCN(IM) from top to bottom would ever think and agree that D. D. Thaisii deserved to be eliminated. Then who on earth has the right and power to threaten us? Or are we just living under the tyranny of someone? I said this because I know for sure that even Mr. Azheto Chophy the then Kilo Kilonser of that time and almost all the kilonsers, steering committee members of the NSCN(IM) would not know about this assassination plot. Then who are the real plotters? We must find out this group who exercise power and act like mafia (gang) within the NSCNIM) in the guise of being as freedom fighters.
But I still doubt how our poumai who are holding high post within NSCN(IM) will react and fight for our rights this time too, because every time and for every problem they were made to stand with the decision of those people whether right or wrong as ‘national decision’ or in the name of maintaining and upholding of their so called ‘national principle’ or for the sake of ongoing peace process for they have been so long trained, tamed and brought up in that way. Next to the Tangkhuls and Sumis the Poumais are the largest component of NSCN(IM) set up and we have well representation in the government. We too have our own Shepoumaramth region formed and set up since from the very inception of the NSCN formation. More and above the NSCN(IM) survived and grew up to this height and size because of the help and mercies of the Shepoumaramth people. Then how come today the Poumais are the most victimised people under NSCN(IM)’s rule.
Are we Poumais joining NSCN(IM) just because we are too weak a people to stand and survive among others as a tribe, that others are forcing and recruiting us to join them to serve their interest or are we in the NSCN(IM) as those of the French Labour Corps that were taken to Europe? Though we Nagas were once called naked and had nothing, we chose freedom and dare to fight the mighty India and Myanmar. Yes, though we were once poor, backward, uncivilized and lived in headhunting we become a proud and blessed people with the light coming of the light of the Gospel of Christ into our land. With our faith as Christian and with the proudness of our heart as a brave people we Nagas never feel small and weak.
We fought together for our rights and thousands lives have been unsparingly laid down for the just cause of ‘Nagaland for Christ’ and we Poumais are very much a part of the Nagas in all the fights and sufferings from the very beginning up till now. Then how today some people are trying to teach us a new method of their own in the Naga freedom struggle. Nagaland is too small to play politics of domination among ourselves like that of European nations in the past. Should we stop fighting against India and Myanmar who are under occupation of our country and started to fight first among ourselves for domination as some people are pursuing its policy. Our freedom spirit and our bravery are being exploited to achieve their own selfish policy of its domination over others, and our patience are being taken for otherwise. Today, before we seek solution with India and Myanmar we need to correct it first among ourselves. To me the voice of the Eastern Naga People are the most sincere and sweet, their voice is loud and clear, “Unity first Solution next”.
Remember, today, I am wandering and hiding in unknown places unable to live in my own place with my own people. Have I done any criminal act that I deserve to be living in this way or is there anyone among the Poumais that I did was an act of traitor, betrayal and cowardice. Come if anybody think that way I will come and die before all so that our nation will be purged of evils. If what I did was right and if it was a sacrifice please do not seek compromise between me and the NSCN(IM) as some body have suggested. This is an issue between NSCN(IM) and all of us and not mine own or that of D. D. Thaisii only. I risked my life and come forward to fight together with all of you to put an end to all dangers and injustice.
aj. Z. D. Akho

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