Government signs historic peace deal with Nagaland NSCN-IM

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the media after National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN-IM) and Government of India sign historic peace accord.

Here are the highlights:
My warm greetings to all those present here on this historic day.
I wish Issac Swu a speedy recovery. Just as his contribution to this agreement has been huge, his guidance will remain crucial.
The Naga political issue had lingered for six decades, taking a huge toll on generations of our people.
I compliment the NSCN for maintaining the ceasefire agreement for nearly 2 decades with a sense of honour.
Nagas represent highest level of humanism, system of village administration and grass-root democracy should be a source of inspiration to the rest of the country.
I have the deepest admiration for the great Naga people for their extraordinary support to the peace efforts.
My relationship with the North East has been deep. I have travelled to Nagaland on many occasions.
I have been deeply impressed by the rich and diverse culture and the unique way of life of the Naga people.
The Naga courage and commitment are legendary. Equally, they represent the highest levels of humanism.
Unfortunately the Naga problem has taken so long to resolve, because we did not understand each other, it’s a legacy of British rule.
Since becoming Prime Minister, peace, security & economic transformation of North East has been amongst my highest priorities.
Today’s agreement is a shining example of what we can achieve when we deal with each other in a spirit of equality, when we leave the path of dispute and take the high road of discussion.
Want to specially thank my colleague, Home Minister Rajnath Singh whose support and advice was invaluable.
Today, to the people of Nagaland, I want to say that your talents, tradition and efforts will make the nation stronger.
I join the nation in saluting you and conveying our good wishes to the Naga people. Source: NDTV

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