AFSPA be there and Educate the Armed Personnel

Let normalcy return, then we will look into it. The Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) will be not be revoked in Manipur, said Shivraj Patil… (Sunday express: 8/8/04). Even if there are not any chances to revoke the AFSPA this time in Manipur or any parts of India. Let the Armed Personnel go to school and educate themselves not to harass, rape and kill the innocent civilians taking the advantage of AFSPA.

Do you think the civilian sponsored the insurgents? Do you think the villagers feed with good food and hide them in their houses? Do you think the innocent people are happy with the insurgent problems? Do you think the state government can solve the insurgent problem in North East India? The Indian Express, Journalism of Courage, also writes, No central leaders has even initiated a dialogue with the insurgents The Union Home Minister said, We cannot force them to talk to us But the question is, Is it possible for the State government to solve the insurgent problem in Manipur or any other states in India? The innocent villagers (civilians) are helpless under insurgency threat.

In the same situation, the State Govt. also helpless to deal with the insurgents and they have not even authority to grant the demand from the insurgencies. The Armed Personnel easily beaten up, rape and kill the innocent civilians taking the advantage of AFSPA. The innocent villagers are helpless when the insurgents with sophisticated weapons demanded to give food or shelter. Like the Armed Personnel, the insurgent takes away like chicken, pig etc without paying a single penny. How long the innocent villagers can feed the insurgents? Do you think that the innocent villagers love to feed and hide the insurgents? If the insurgent forced to take shelter or food in your house what will be your reaction?

Is it your life more important or losing your one-day meal or sleepless night? It would be good to ponder yourself if you are in such situation. The underground generally lives in the forest. As they also human being and they take food. When they are hungry, they go to the villagers for food and if the villagers refused to give the food, they are sure to get gun butt or any big stick around them. The civilians are always helpless and in dilemma. The Cinema halls are closed down in Manipur. Even the local journalists are helpless. The local polices are helpless. Yes what the police with Rifle can do. The insurgents have sophisticated weapons. When the Armed personnel come to learn the insurgent taking food or hidden in the villages. The Indian Army especially the Assam Rifles easily beaten up, rapes and kills the innocent villagers. It is the innocent villagers who give 

Food and shelter to the insurgents but they would give only when threat comes from the insurgents. Not one works and lives for other people. After my matriculation, once one of my friend and I were forcefully taken to the jungle as a ransom for the villagers for not giving money to the insurgents. Bu later we were released after the payment to the insurgent. Please do not blame the innocent villagers. When any of the paramilitary is going to North East India, they give a special training and instruction about the N.E. people.

The Indian paramilitaries are taught and impaled the strong idea against the insurgents by saying that they are your enemies. But the fact is that the insurgents are not against the Indian paramilitary forces but they have their own demand from the central government and it needs to be solved through peaceful dialogue with the insurgents. Be a good soldier and fight against the Indian enemies but do not harass, rape and kill the innocent people. Most of the Indian paramilitary forces have just pass Class VIII and they have no much knowledge to analyze about the critical situation. But since the army officers are educated and they should teach their children not to harass, rape and kill the innocent people.

The Indian Army also human being like, any other human being. They have their own children and wife to feed and want to live in this world. They are not the suicide squad. Why forcing the Indian armies to fight against the insurgents? Armies are easily killed in ambush. All the citizens of India should appeal the Indian government to take initiative to solve the insurgency problems so that our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters who are in Indian armed force are not sacrifice as a ransom for not taking the initiative by the central govt. to solve the insurgency problem. Many armed forces do not want to die simply and they are angry when their officers send them to fight against the insurgents in the village.

And when they could not find the insurgents in the village, their anger leave on the villagers as if the innocent villagers had done something wrong to them. But they should always remember that it is not the villagers who create problem but the insurgents. The Union Home Minister said that they cannot force the insurgent to talk to them but how can peaceful solution can bring forth without a peaceful dialogue with the insurgents. Will you not say anything to your black sheep in your family before the whole family is defamed and destroyed? If you think so, let the insurgents continue to growth in North East and other parts of India till they are strong enough to disturb or destroy the whole India. Otherwise it is high time for the Home Minister to take initiative to solve the insurgent problem in India and educate the armed personnel not to harass, rape and kill the innocent people.

Cpoyrigt @thohepou 2004