How Money Tenders in Senapati become a debtor?

Dr. R.B. Thohe Pou

Money can not multiply or grow unless it is transfer into other means to multiply. Without production, or into any productive work, money cannot grow. If you give money to a person who is no doing any productive work, you may be just risking to get back your capital money too.

Why money Tenders in Senapati become a debtor? The money Tenders collecting money within a day or week does not create an environment to multiply money or help to invest into productive work. However, the money tenders in Senapati were convinced and hypnotized to make a huge profit overnight. Under this kind of environment, instead of helping to multiply or grow money through investment in business or other productive work, tender’s money to lose their own money through daily consumption by the individual and family.

Then, how do the Tenders make up the lost money which were used up or consumed by the individual and family for their daily needs? Everyone needs money to purchase food to eat, and to maintain the expenditure of their own family, then from where the money comes when the tenders are not working and not into any high profitable business or any productive work or investment? Most of the Tenders tend to live a luxurious life on others’ money (collected money) assuming their own hard earned money without working or doing any productive work to multiply the money. So the Money Tenders have to keep borrowing money, borrowing money from others to make up the lost or finished money, which were used up by the individual or family on a daily basis.

Some tenders might have invested their money to buy a plot of land or house, which is actually no their money, but only the collected money from other tenders. So they have to borrow money from others with higher interest to make up the lost money or which was invested in purchasing a new house or less profitable business. In addition to losing money within their group through daily consumption, investment into another unprofitable business, there could be some unreliable tenders who might have run away with the collected money.

Money Tender or Maruk could be a good way to help each other to run a business or invest on a productive work. But why the Tenders failed in Senapati? Firstly, the Tender in Senapati did not invest money for any productive work, and was used up by the individual and family on a daily basis or in a luxurious way of life or invested on an unprofitable business. Secondly, the time period of Tender money collection is too short. How can one makes a huge profit overnight or make up the used up money within a day or a week? Does money multiply or grow without any productive work, business or investment? Tender money collection within a day, week or 10 days is one of the most unproductive means to recover used up money without doing any productive work or investing in any profitable business.

Tenders money can be helpful to run a small business or invest into a productive work. Suppose, a group of 10 people, whose income is Rs 30,000/- per month. And if they invest in the tender of Rs 20,000/- per month. They would contributed Rs 200,000/- per month. Therefore, whoever get this Rs 2lakh can invest to run a small profitable business or invest in any other productive work. But the problem was that most of the tenders in Senapati do not do any productive work, and have no monthly income, time period of collecting money is too short and some of the money collectors might have just vanished from the district HQ with the collected money.