GOI will no sign Final Agreements without the consent of the Naga public


👍🏼Some Naga people may wish that the NNPGs may sign the final agreement; actually not a final agreement but only the agreement made or reached between the NNPGS and the GOI.

👍🏼The GOI cannot no sign the Final Agreements with any Naga negotiator (s) without the consent of the Naga public for many reasons behind.

👍Ravi is much more shrewd and cunning than some of our Naga leaders. And he knows that Indian intellectuals will mock him and Modi PM of India for signing with a particular faction without including the majority of the Naga public.

👍Ravi is just fooling and giving pressure to the NSCN IM and the gullible Naga public.

👍Ravi’s main intention is to bring all the Naga factional leaders under the framework of the Indian constitution, and he personally do not want any faction to be left out.

👍Ravi is also no too foolish to sign agreement with NNPGs when the Framework agreement was initially signed by the NSCN IM leaders.

👍Ravi and GOI signing the final agreement with the NNPGs leaders have more disadvantages to the GOI than to the people of Nagalim (Nagaland).

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