About the Author

Dr. R.B. Thohe Pou, was an Assistant Professor of Geography in National Defence Academy (NDA), Pune. He is from  Senapati District, Manipur. His area of interest includes: Social problem and justice, Human Rights violation in NE India, North East Political and social issues etc.
He has published more than 100 of articles in electronic media and local dailies in Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram.
One of his beliefs or thoughts is, “Love to Learn and Learn to Love”

He is a very simple, honest, outspoken, understanding, loving and caring person.

He loves blogging and contributing his thoughts or views in different electronic media and newspaper.

He loves to study and do observation on human nature.

Currently he is writing a book on,  ‘For a Better Living‘ and it will be published soon.

He wants to make this world to be a better living place.

“Love to Learn and Learn to Love”- Thohe Pou

“A learning man learns free of cost bu a stubborn man learns with a high cost” -Thohe Pou

Dr. Thohe Pou
M.A. Ph.D (Geography)

16 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Where are you teaching? Have you written any book on Poumai literature?
    I am Fr. Paul. planning to write on Poumai literature.

  2. I can remember the saying,Jesus had given to Christian,”You are the light of the world”.
    I enjoy reading your’s…..and i love it♥
    wishing you to be successful in every work that come’s to you.

  3. Good afternoon Dr. Pou,
    I discovered you from this 2008 article of yours on passion fruit farming in Manipur: e-pao.net/epSubPageExtractor.asp?src=education.Science_and_Technology.Passion_fruit_farming_in_Senapati

    I would like to connect with farmers/people associated with passion-fruit farming. I’ve emailed you relevant details at thohepou AT gmail – the ID mentioned at the end of that article.

    This comment is just to make sure that it’s a valid ID (since the article is very old from 2008). Please let me know if I should resend in-case you have a new email address.


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