7th Pay Commission for central govt employees announced

New Delhi 25 Sept: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today approved the constitution of the 7th Pay Commission, which is likely to impact at least 85 lakh central government employees and pensioners.

“Its (7th Pay Commission’s) recommendations are likely to be implemented with effect from January 1, 2016,” Finance Minister P. Chidambaram said in a statement.

The setting up of the Commission comes ahead of the Assembly elections in five states this year and the general elections next year.
The government constitutes Pay Commission every 10 years to revise the pay scales of its employees and often these are adopted by states after some modification.
The names of the chairperson and members, as well as the terms of reference, of the Pay Commission will be finalised and announced shortly, the Finance Minister added.

The recommendations of the sixth Pay Commission were implemented from January 1, 2006; fifth from January 1, 1996, and fourth from January 1, 1986.

There are at present around 50 lakh central government employees and 35 lakh pensioners, who stand to benefit from the recommendations from the Pay Commission. NDTV

Mizo police nabs self proclaimed Satan worshipper

Aizawl, September 22 2013: One Lalrinmawia of Champhai Kanan Veng of Mizoram who identified himself as a worshiper of Satan and also a swindler, was arrested by Bawngkawn and Vaivakawn police two days ago, a delayed report said today.

The arrest came following the information received from one family living at Bawngkawn regarding the man claiming himself as having healing power through prayer. But as the man did not mention the name of “Almighty God” during the time of prayer to heal a sick girl and since he demanded Rs 3000 from the girl’s family, they became suspicious of the man.

After a report was filed on Bawngkawn police station Lalrinmawia was arrested by the local police when he came back to the family as he had promised earlier. On being interrogated, Lalrinmawia said he belongs to Kanan Veng(Village), Champhai and is an ardent and true worshiper of Satan. He confessed before the police that once he was a Christian counselor and a true worshiper of the “Almighty God”. While he was working as a counselor he was tempted by the disciple of Satan named ‘Belfatas’ to follow him.

But as Lalrinmawia declined, the disciple of Satan making himself visible only to Lalrinmawia then started torturing him that compelled the latter to follow Satan. The disciple of Satan according to Lalrinmawia is such a handsome and well built body guy that none of the males in the world can supersede and overcome him.

He said that two disciples of Satan namely ‘Belfatas’ and ‘Rainmen‘ use to appear in flesh. While Belfatas is active among drugs addicts, Rainmen is active among singers, he added. Sources informed that the kind of Satan which Lalrinmawia worshiped is much powerful and mightier than the evil worshiped by majority of Mizo youths. According to Lalrinmawia, they have a group of follower called ‘DARK OF PRINCE’ and there are only around 10 members in Mizoram among them includes female worshipers. They usually worship Satan and practice its cult on first Wednesday of every month.

As he confessed about his satanic cult, he is afraid that the disciple will haunt him. He thus request help and prayer from true God worshiper to free himself from satanic worship, the sources said. NNN

Gang rape by ZUF cadres condemned

IMPHAL, October 8 (NNN): The Naga Women’s Union (NWU), Indigenous Women Forum of North-East India (IWFNEI) and Rongmei Lu Phuam (RLP) have jointly come out strongly against the alleged gangrape of four minor school girls of Taosemjang, in Khoupum area in Tamenglong district committed by two cadres of the militant outfit Zeliangrong United Front.
This was stated in a joint statement isseud by the women organizations.
The incident occurred on October 5 between 4:30 pm and 6 pm at the Irrigation and Flood Control Department (IFCD) cum choukidar quarter, Taosemjang in Khoupum village in Tamenglong district when two cadres of ZUF named Latjangai Malangmei of Noney and Dibonpou Kamei of Ramgaijang in Assam.
The note also said that the four victims were forcibly abducted and later gangraped in turn at gun point even as the ZUF cadres attempted to murder them after the act, while the panicked mothers of the quartet were pleading with fervent request outside the IFCD office hoping the alleged rapists would release them safe and sound. MEXN

Vodka made from Naga Chilli

The new Naga Chilli Vodka is so hot that it comes with a special health warning. Its launch comes just months after the company released the 100,000 Scovilles Naga Chilli Vodka.

The new version is 2.5 times hotter, the Daily Mail reported. The chilli used in the vodka is the Naga Jolokia, which is known to be one of the hottest chillis, and rates higher on the Scoville scale than most law-enforcement grade pepper sprays.

Each Scoville unit denotes how many times the chilli must be diluted by its own mass of water until the heat is only just detectable.

A Jalapeno has an estimated 5,000 Scovilles. The Naga Jolokia can exceed 1,000,000 Scovilles.
The drink is made by fermenting litres of vodka with 18kg of the fiery peppers.

The resulting concoction is left for several weeks to infuse. Once the vodka has turned a dark caramel colour, the infusion is complete and the vodka can be bottled.

The drink is recommended as a mixer, with expert mixologists suggesting it can be used in a classic Bloody Mary for a drink with extra kick.

The 250,000 Scovilles – Naga Chilli Vodka will be available from 2 October atwww.masterofmalt.com and costs 31.95 pounds for 50cl. -NPN

Naga Community Hunting Sports

MOKOKCHUNG, SEP 26: Chuchuyimlang villagers on Tuesday went on a wild boar hunt, a traditional occasion partaken by both the young and old alike since time immemorial. At the end of the hunt, altogether 24 wild boars were killed.

According to Pangerwati, a teacher, the hunt was taken as per the order of the village council to track the herd of wild boars that destroyed more than eight paddy fields of the villagers.

Imlitoba added the hunting of wild boars happen only when they prove to be a menace in destroying the fields in large scale.

It took the villagers two whole days and nights to track the animals. While citing the stages of killing, Onenkaba and Onenlepzuk stated once the animals are tracked, the villagers form a human fence.

For killing inside the fence, only daos (machete) are allowed. The spears and daos are carried by villager elders in makeshift platforms adjacent to the fences.

Moreover, guns are forbidden and outsiders are not encouraged to participate. Once killing starts, the youngest generation of the age groups (sungpur) circles around the fence to carry out the killing.

After the animal is killed, equal share of meat is distributed to all participants. The head of the biggest kill goes to the eldest villager while the second largest kill is offered to the trackers (age-group). It should also be noted that heavy fines are levied on those who abstain from participating in the hunt.

This unique traditional community hunting sport of wild pigs was conducted under the initiative of the Chuchuyimlang Riongsanger Putu, the name of a ruling age-group known to have defeated their enemies as well as tigers and wild boars at ease.  – NPN

Naga Gal Studying in BCWC Bangalore found dead in Guwahati

DIMAPUR, DEC 22: Grieving family members of 19-year old Tsuknungla Ozukum, who was found dead

along with a male friend Abhishek Singh (aged 21) at Ulubari, Guwahati on December 20 will have to endure a torturous wait to learn the truth behind the mysterious deaths after Guwahati Police informed that the postmortem reports would be available not before the first week of January 2110.
A student of Bishop Cotton Women College, Bangalore, Tsuknungla and her male friend Abhishek were found dead outside the residence of Abhishek’s cousin JR Singh (Jairaj Singh) at Ulubari, Guwahati on Sunday evening.
As per rules, postmortem reports should be handed over within 48 hours of the examination. The postmortem was conducted at GMC, Guwahati on Monday morning.

The deceased Naga girl was returning home for Christmas from Bangalore and reached Guwahati on Sunday morning at around 6:30 am along with her friend Chubala, whose father was waiting for them at the station. Reportedly as planned Tsuknungla was picked up from the railway station by JR Singh, cousin of Abhishek along with a girl companion.

According to family members, Abhishek, who also studies in Bangalore, was a friend of the deceased. Abhishek had to travel to Guwahati in another train as he could not get a ticket on the same train. It was reported that Abhishek had asked his cousin to pick up Tsuknungla and take her to his residence as his train would reach only later.
Around 6:30 pm in the evening, the dead bodies of the victims were found by residents of the building at IPCA, 5th By-lane, Borthakur Mill road where the cousin resides.

JR Singh reportedly told police that the two might have committed suicide by jumping off from the terrace of the 3-storied building. He also told police he was not at home during the time of the incident. However, suicide has reportedly been ruled out by Police and evidences point to foul play.

For one, sources said there were visible signs on the neck and finger marks on her arms suspected to have been caused by deep pressure. The right shin bone was found broken and there was a straight incision on the back of the head. Surprisingly, there were no reports of any internal injuries.

Reliable sources visiting the site of the accident stated that no signs of impact of the bodies hitting the ground could be detected. Sources also claimed that there was no blood found splattered at the site of the incident despite the boy suffering a head injury.

Abhishek’s cousin is under suspicion and is kept under watch by Police. 
Family members of Tsuknungla have lodged an FIR at the Paltan Bazaar police station on possible sexual assault, foul play and murder. Tsuknungla’s mortal remains reached Dimapur early this morning at around 3:30 am and funeral held in the noon. EMN

Landing on Dzükou helipad successful

Trial landing of chopper on the helipad constructed at the scenic Dzükou valley was successful. Sources said the chopper landed twice on the helipad on Monday. The helipad is set on a hilltop about some 20-minute walking distance above the Dzükou valley.
The project was initiated through the chief minister’s office and implemented by the department of tourism, government of Nagaland. It is a part of the state government’s initiative to promote tourism in the state.
Commissioner and secretary for tourism, art and culture, K. K. Sema said the helipad was basically constructed for tourism purposes and to ensure that facilities were provided to the aged, people with physical challenges or tourists on short visits. He said the chopper service to Dzükou valley would not be on daily service as it would disrupt the peace of the valley but added it would be used only as and when required.
However, a section of the public feels otherwise. Besides, obvious reasons that the construction had cost destruction to ecology and that trekking to the valley would be less adventurous, they were of the view that the construction was “destruction of God’s perfect natural architect.” They felt tourism should not be promoted at the cost of destruction of a tourist spot.

A group called “Naga Global Campaign to Save Dzükou Valley” is already in existence on ‘Facebook’, a popular social networking site. The group has a total of 1,463 members, agreeing to “campaign to save the pristine Dzukou Valley from ‘development’ ruin.” One of the members said that the developments needed in the state were “better roads, drainage systems, road side pit stop restrooms.”

Another member felt, “There is no alternative replacement for the ground that has been lost. The extinction is permanent, consequential as well as irreparable.” One member likened the construction of the Helipad at Dzükou valley to hammering “the last nail on the coffin to whatever little adventure tourism is left in Nagaland.”

Creator of the group “Naga Global Campaign to Save Dzükou Valley” D. Nakhro commented that the group was basically formed to create awareness, pull in people to take up the environmental issue in a more organized manner. She however admitted that nothing concrete could come up though some environmental groups tried to take some initiatives. She said that the valley was already littered with garbage and dirt and added that an easy and direct route to the place would turn the valley from bad to worse. Although the helipad has been constructed, Nakhro said the concerned members could still stand up, create awareness and educate the people on protecting the environment. NPN