The Nobility of wrath

The Nobility of wrath 31 Jan.08 NPN
Mark 3:1-6 gives us a glimpse of the nobility of wrath. Jesus entered the Synagogue on Sabbath day and healed a man which had a withered hand. And of course, Jesus’ enemies – the “religious”!- were there to see if He would heal the poor crippled on Sabbath day. The account tells us that Jesus “Looked around about on them (The Pharisees) with anger, being grieved for the hardness of their hearts” (V.5)

Yes, my dear religious Church folks, the “Loving Savior”, the “Meek and the lowly heart”, the one who, “As a lamb before His sheerer is dumb, opened not His mouth” in stern rebuke against His enemies (See Isaiah 53:7), is the same one whose anger indicated His hatred for and vehement disapproval of all unrighteousness and injustice (See Hebrews 1:9). The Lord of Love” was angry! This account cannot be explained away.

The word translated “Anger” is the regular New Testament word for “anger” or “wrath”- orge (or-gay) meaning (Justiable violent passion, abhorrence, indignation, vengeance”) we might call Jesus’ anger as it is said, “Right Wrath,” which is also said no less noble than “Right Love” Wrath is just as noble as love. In fact, each one necessitates or requires the other.

Christ’s loving offer of healing was followed by His anger against human heartedness and unfaithfulness. We can see Jesus’ ire when He directed a question at the “Religious” in their Pharisaic hypocrisy” Is it lawful to do good on the Sabbath days, or do evil? To save life or to kill?” (V.4) Jesus eventually gave a tender appeal to the city Jerusalem, which would not recognize her king; but it was obvious that His anger against the “religious” could not be quenched, and God’s judgment eventually destroyed Jerusalem.

May we well remember the striking Biblical account of Jesus cleansing of the Temple (Mark 11:15-19) His eyes were blazing, and with a whip of cards in His hands, He drove the money exchangers out and also drove out the crooks that sold doves and he even drove out those who bought in the Temple. Yes, Jesus did that!

Our Lord’s very holy love of purity, His unending love of righteousness, necessitated a Divine hatred of Sin. Active affection for the good involved a positive, active detestation of the evil. And in so much as His holy heart was forever tender towards the things that are worthy, righteous and pure. His heart was unavoidably hard and vehemently calloused toward all sin, unlovingness, and wrong.

Now we must consider, indeed there is a “Righteous anger” but we must resist unrighteous anger (See Galatians 5:20, Colossians 3:8) I think we all have failed in doing this! But it is thoroughly Christ like to be angry at sin and evil (See Exodus 32:19, I Samuel 11:6, II Samuel 12:5, Nehemiah 5:6)

You see, having indignation at the sins of one’s generation is good evidence of the believer placing himself or herself on the right side of Almighty God against unrighteousness and evil (See Exodus 3:19, I Samuel 11:6, Psalm 94:16, Jeremiah 6:11, Acts 17:16) Righteous Wraths is noble because it is necessary according to the standard of God’s holiness. Indeed the sin of our present generation is “Trying to maintain ourselves in a world of gross sin by a mere neglect of its evil while we seek its good”. In other words, just ignore evil and pursue good things people say. No! it is not enough to simply “ignore evil “Our struggle toward what we seek in God involves a definite struggle from and against what we shun. If you don’t struggle against sin you won’t rise up in God. The Apostle Paul tells us in Romans 12:21, “Be not overcome of Evil but over come evil with good”. “How” you might ask, “Can we do this?” Draw near to God! Resist the devil! It is stupid to submit to evil or sin when we don’t have to, so we see that we must definitely fight sin, and to fight sin we must hate sin.

An attempt to escape from evil or sin by just denying its existence, simply ignoring it, or cultivating a mere passive stance against it, is plain of cowardliness. Plain and simple! It is rebellion! The Christian way is to hate sin! So it is not wrong to hate evil or sin, more than that, we must hate Sin. Are we better than God the Father? The Son? The Holy Spirit? In the heart of God, Father, son, Holy Spirit- we find their intense hatred right beside their infinite love.

Did you know that the same disciple who spoke of the love that freely gave Jesus Christ to die spoke also of “The fierceness of the wrath of Almighty God?” The God of love is the same God whom the Prophet said was of “Purer eyes than to be hold iniquity” and who “cannot look on sin with any degree of allowance” Read God’s word! There are times in the life of a man and woman when this truth about God’s anger need to be revived and refreshed in the mind and heart, for it is important to recognize God as He really and fully is.

THIS IS THE GENERATION TO HATE SIN. My dear readers, right now, TODAY. Sin and evil are literally killing this whole generation- right before our very eyes. What are you, professed believers in Christ, going to do? What will you do? What are you going to do? All around the world, countless souls are slipping and sliding right into the very habitations of hell!! Do you care at all?

This is the time and generation in which we all need to learn about and practice afresh and anew the nobility of wrath. But it is alarming how many professed Christians detest sound instructions! Yet, shall we not be like the Psalmist who cried, “Hot indignation hath taken hold upon me, because of the wicked that forsake thy law” (Psalm 119:53)? Aren’t you concerned Christian friends, to see so many backslidings among the professed Christians? Doesn’t it bother you to see the ranks of evil men and women expand their evil, sinful influences of all around this already dark world? Does not your spirit rise against the sophistries (false, deceitful arguments) of every kind?

Does not the Bible tell us, “Neither give place to the devil” (Ephesians 4:27)? And does not the Bible tell us, “And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God” (V 30)? We grieve the Holy Spirit by resisting the Holy Spirit; this in turn, leads to quenching the Holy Spirit, which is a greater grief; and finally it leads to despising the Holy Spirit, which is a terrible sin. Will you resist the Holy Spirit if He comes upon you to fill you with righteous anger? Oh, foolish generation of spirit haters, how shall you escape the wrath of God?

Why did Jesus die? Because He hates sin and loves the sinners. He bore the sins of the fallen world because He “so loved the world.” He slew death by embracing death. And so His Hatred and love worked together.

But our hatred for sin must always be there, acting as the background and buttress (support) of our love of the good. A true Christian must, I repeat must have a holy hatred for sin and a constantly working resistance of evil and sin, and must also maintain a reverence for purity and exercise an undying effort towards it. HATE the evil, and love the good.

Seek – strike – destroy!! Go forth in a campaign against the adversaries of truth, beauty, purity, seek out, strike at, and utterly destroy all evil and sinful strongholds in your life. Have an uncompromisingly cold heart towards wrong and a hated heart towards right.

Friend, do you look upon sin without abhorrence? Or do you love the noble and hate iniquity? Godly hate will drive a wonderful wedge between you and sin. Do you welcome the virtue of Christ’s passionate anger to come and separate you from the enemy of your soul? This is a very personal, very important one. Where do you stand today with God?


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Christianity first dawned in Molungkimong-

The DIPR news titled ‘Molung-yimsen VC members meet governor’ which appeared in the local papers dated January 19 states “Molungyimsen village was the first centre of the advent of Christianity in the state of Nagaland, where Rev. W.E Clark first began his mission in 1872′.

This is misleading information and can easily misconstrued by the readers on the true historical facts about the advent of Christianity in a local daily.

In the year 1872, Rev. W.E Clark baptized the first 24 converts (November 11 and sub-sequently in December 23) in Molungkimong and hence then this village and not Molungyimsen is the pioneering village for the spread of Christianity in Nagaland.

To clear any misapprehended facts, it should be known that in 1872, there was no Molungyimsen because this village was formed only in 1876, which was led by Rev. W.E Clark from the village of Molungkimong after some misunderstanding arose among the villagers.

These are historical events which cannot be reworked or tainted by a mere print on a sheet of paper or recital for a vested interest.

Further more when ever such chronological facts need to be publicized, individuals as well as organizations or institutes should be sensitive enough to present true facts and not the distorted versions.

Such distortions mislead the readers as well as hurt the sentiments of the particular village where so the historical event took place.

The facts presented above has been written with reference from the decision passed by ABAM (Ao Baptist Arogo Mungdang) on November 4-6, 1980, from the book ‘A Corner in India’ authored by M.M Clark, wife of Rev. W.E Clark and Molungkimong, the eternal witness of a village that saw history in its soil.


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Can I be Successful without God

Can I be Successful without God

“The essence of man’s life is to be successful in this world and find salvation, joy, peace and contentment.”

The Atheist says, “I can be a successful man without God.” But the Theist says, “I can’t be a successful man in this world without God.” What is the essence of success in this world? 

To have the essence of success is the most important aspect for a successful man. Story of success is a very interesting topic for those who want to be a successful man. Who does not want to be a successful man in this world? Perhaps, every body wants to be a successful man in this world. As a Christian, we believe that without God, we cannot be a successful man in this world. But have you ever seen that many non-Christians are successful in their career, business etc. In India, more than 90% of the total population is non-Christian. All the important posts in parliament, Supreme Court and other government jobs are hold by the non-Christians. Not only in India, there are many non-Christian countries where people are very successful in their lives. It is possible that without God’s help one can do many great things in his life. Even a nominal Christian also can become a successful man. In today’s Christian society, many leave their faith in Jesus and run after the worldly fame, money and power. And they are very successful through their hard work and struggle. Our father of nation – Gandhi and social reformers were non-Christians. But they were successful people and had immense contribution to the Indian society. 
When we read the book of kings (in the Bible), we noticed that many people become a great king worshipping the idols, Baals etc. To become a successful man or popular man in this world is no solely depend on God‘s help. From the ancient history of
to the contemporary world, we have learned that without God many people could become successful in their life. 
India, majorities of the high officers are non-Christian. Many Christians cannot become a successful man as they only depend on their faith without action. When we read the book of James, we found that faith without work is dead. “Faith by it self if it is not accompanied by action is dead.” James 2:17

When we want to be a successful man in this world, we need sincere hard work, determination, interest etc. Faith is nothing to do with, without work. But work is something to do with without faith. Man can become successful and create many new things with his hard work. A businessman can do well in his business without God if he works hard with positive attitude. A farmer also can have abundant of crops with his hard work. Any other professional workers also can do well without God. So, can’t we say that without believing in God – we can be a successful man in this world? 

We can be a successful man in this world but the salvation, joy, peace and satisfaction are different matters. A successful man may or may no have salvation, peace and joy. Anybody who works hard with right approach and positive attitude will be successful regardless of his or her religion but salvation matter is different aspect. There is greater chance for a man to be successful with work without faith than faith without work. Through his struggle and hard work like Jacob (in the Bible) became successful in his work. Many Christians believe that they cannot succeed in life without God, which mean without faith. But they actually have little or no faith in God, nor  they work hard to be succeeded in their life. 

Any body that works hard will find good result and succeed in life. But the problem for those people who are successful in life without faith in God will no receive salvation. Salvation, peace, joy and contentment come from God. A successful man without faith in God, feel emptiness in his heart. He may work hard and struggle to reach his goal but after reaching his goal, he will no satisfy in his life. Momentarily, he may be happy but that kind of happiness and satisfaction is ephemera. Man works hard to be successful with an expectation to get contentment, joy and peace. Man deserves to receive contentment, peace and joy after he works very hard and successful in his dream and work. What if we work hard and become a very successful man in this world but find no peace, satisfaction and joy? Is there will be any meaning when we are successful in life but find no salvation, contentment, security, peace and joy? What is your objective in life trying to be a successful man in this world? A successful man without salvation and contentment, peace and joy is meaningless in his life. When we are successful in our work or anything, satisfaction, peace and joy should be there. The fruit of succeed should be satisfaction, peace and joy but man cannot find the fruit of success without God. Man can create all the tangible things but he cannot create the abstract thing. Salvation, peace and joy are abstract thing and man cannot create such thing. Man can make some environments to create abstract thing (peace, joy and contentment) but only God can create and provide to man. The essence of man’s life is to be successful in this world and find salvation, joy, peace and contentment. If we miss any of these, there will be emptiness feel in our heart even after becoming a successful man in this world. 

In conclusion, man can become a successful man in this world with his struggle and hard work, but he cannot find salvation, peace, joy and contentment in his life without God. The essence of succeed should have salvation, peace, joy and contentment.

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God Keep Us Content

Man wants to be contented and work hard to be contented. But life is not a bed of roses; we encounter problems and happiness in our lives. We are happy when we completed our works or when hear any good news. However sometime, the good news to us may be a bad news to somebody. As we live on – we face trials in our live.

Trials in our live may be bitter but when we overcome the trials in our live – we become strong and happy. Unless the iron is heated in a furnace with a very high temperature – no gold can be extracted from the iron ore.

The more it is heated – the purer gold can be extracted. In a similar way – the more we face the trials in our live – the more we become strong. We need to have positive attitude when we face the trials and problems. Some time a small problem may seem to be a very big problem because it depends on our projection that we project the problems.

Every one wants to be freed from sorrows. There may be only few people who want to be sorrow in their lives to be more human through their sorrowful life.

The Bible says, “Happy are those who are sorrow for they will reap the happiness” but infact we all want to avoid from any sorrowful life. We become more humanly as we encounter a sorrowful life but generally not one welcome any kind of sorrowful life in their life time.

Some one says, “If you want to be more humble; you should failed many times then you will become more humble”. However not one work hard to be failed in their work. Every one wants to be successful in all their works. We work hard to success and not to be a failure in life.

It is one of the human nature that when we become more successful in our live – we become less humble and keep our heads higher. However due to some reasons – they also failed in one or another ways and make them more humble.

The law of nature also works in this aspect to keep ourselves humble so that it may be adjustable with other people around us. Some people become proud when they become successful so it makes them a failure to be humble again. However the humble people continue to work hard and become more successful as they live a humble life.

We are all happy when we are successful in our business or any other works. We all want to be a successful person in this world and live a happy life. As we work hard, the luck favors us and God‘s grace falls on us. When we are successful – our lives commence to glow but sometime we do not get happiness or satisfy with our successful life.

The successful life seems to be glowing and glowing and attracts many people. Many people may praise and congratulate; some people may envy and angry. Whatever the views and projections from other side may be – the successful man may not content with their successful life. The unsuccessful man way projected them in different way but the successful people have different projection in their successful life in real life.

When we are happy it makes us a very sweet person; when we are sorrowful, it makes us more human; when we failed – we become more humble; when we face the trials – it makes us stronger; when we are successful – there is glowing in our lives but we find that only God gives us contentment in our lives.

We may be sweet, human, humble, strong and glowing in our lives but we may find not contentment in our live without God. Our happiness may make us sweet and make us more adjustable with other people. But happiness is only temporary and it diminishes as the time passes. When we are sorrowful – it makes our live helpless and hopeless without God.

But with God – our sorrows are carry away by God and give us joy and peace in our live. Our God is not only the giver of contentment but everything that we need in our live. When people are very sorrowful – instead of they become more humble – some times it leads to distression and loss their faith. Therefore unless we are with him – we cannot become more human and humbler.

God sometime give us unexpected problem just to test us but when face the problem – instead of becoming stronger and come closer to God – but sometime we aloof from God and take our own decision. We need to take God’s help as we encounter the problems in our live then only we can become strong. It may be difficult to humble ourselves unless we are closed enough to God.

It is not necessary that we will become humble if we failed one time or many times in our live. Becoming more humble after failing is nothing but changed in our projection and God is leading in the right way. For many people – they become very rude after they failed instead of becoming humble. Therefore unless God’s love and peace present in our heart – it may no be possible for us to become humbler when we failed in our life.

There are many people who had suicide because of failure in life and we cannot guarantee that we will become more humble when we failed in our lives. As a human being – we have got lots of limitations. Successes bring us glory and make it glows in our live. But how long it may grows in our life? Many times we may no know that God helped us to get success in our live and therefore not recognizing his greatness and help in our live – it may loss the glowing in our lives without God.

Whatever it may be – happiness, strong, humbleness, glowing or sweetness – it will no bring us contentment without God. Today we may have everything and we may happy, strong, humble and glowing in our lives – but tomorrow all these things may be disappear without God’s presence in our lives.

There is nothing that God cannot do and there is nothing man cannot do when man have even a small faith like a mustard seed.

God’s unconditional love and caring for his people is incomparable with anything on this earth.

Nostalgia of Christmas Celebration in Hometown

Christmas is the time to celebrate with our dear and loved one with full of joy, peace and happiness in our heart.

It is the time to reunite; it is the time of reconciliation; it is the time to exchange the gifts to our loved ones and the gift of peace and love to our unfriendly friends and neighbors to bring better relationship because Jesus is coming to bring peace and love for all the people on earth. He is the almighty God, the Counselor, the Prince of Peace.

I feel nostalgia my hometown Christmas celebration; want to join the Christmas in my hometown after 14 years of no celebrating in my hometown/village. I have never been to my village for Christmas celebration since 1992. But I can’t go to my hometown for Christmas even this year too due to some inevitable circumstances.

Playing the Xmas songs here reminiscence all the memories of my sweet hometown Christmas celebration.

I still remember the beautiful Christmas with bonfire in the cold winter, the drying grasses and shedding tree leaves, loudspeaker playing Christmas songs, children with colorful dresses, everyone in great spirit to celebrate and welcoming baby Jesus coming to this world to bring peace and happiness for all the people.

The Christmas celebration in the village seems more enjoyable than celebrating in the city as we have lots of friends with our dear and loved ones in addition to better environment.

The total population of the Christians in most of the cities in India is insignificant as a result it is difficult to celebrate widely like other Indian festival. In metropolitan city, people always wear good and new dresses so it does not make much different even if we celebrate Christmas in metropolitan city.

But in the village children rarely wear any new dresses except during the Christmas time, which make lots of different from the ordinary days. The Christmas trees and stars in every household look lots different from other ordinary time. Children are very cheerful wearing new dresses during Christmas; no grudge and jealousy in their hearts.

Many people come for holiday to their hometown from different towns and cities to celebrate Christmas with their dear and loved one, which also bring better environment and boost the spirit of Christmas celebration as the meeting our dear and loved one after one or two years bring great happiness to us.

We may wear a good dresses but it is difficult to get the true spirit of Christmas celebration in the city without our dear and loved ones. Many people thought that it is not the dresses, food or the place where we celebrate Christmas.

But practically the emotional thirst to meet our dear and loved ones and the environment does not meet the criteria of a beautiful in hometown. The environment in the city is also difference from the village.

During the Christmas, we see the dry grass and leaves as the winter set in. But we don’t see much difference in metropolitan cities as there is no visible differences in season from the trees and grasses; the whole city is covered with high-buildings.

The good news for some people may be bad news for some people but Jesus coming to this earth is the good news for all the people. I pray that who ever celebrate Christmas whether in village or metropolitan city, they may enjoy the Christmas with lots of blessing from our Lord Jesus Christ.


Dress Code for the Churchgoers

By: R.B.. Thohe Pou 

The writer predicted in 2003 that “If the attitude of the fashionable youngsters does not change and continue to wear the obscene or improper dress in the church, the situation will compel the church elders to make dress code for the churchgoers”. This prediction came true in 2005. )

The writer believes that someday it will be applied even in NCF in different cities or in Nagaland and in different Christian churches. In many secular institutions, there is dress code for the students.

What if we make dress code for the Churchgoers? In this modern world, the churchgoers wear very fashionable and sexy dresses. Today, many Churches and Fellowships become the fashion den. Some of the non-Christian fundamentalists protested the fashion show, FTV, World Miss Contest etc.

But some Christians continue to wear very informal and sexy dresses in the church. The Christians are supposed to be decent in their dress and in speech. In retrospection of the ancient Christians, the ancient Christians were God-fearing people reverence to God with their proper dress and heart. But the attitude of the churchgoers had drastically altered, alluring the fashionable dresses.

If the attitude of the fashionable youngsters does not change and continue to wear the obscene or improper dress in the church, the situation will compel the church elders to make dress code for the churchgoers. Should there be dress code for the churchgoers? What kind of dress should be used? What kind of dress do you wear to go for an interview? What kind of dress do you wear to meet a VIP?

Many churchgoers including the Messenger, Pastor, Ushers etc wear informal dress in some churches. We are in Jesus and we are free to wear any kind of dresses. But should we wear obscene dress as our freedom in Jesus? The Bible says, “Be careful however, that the exercise of your freedom does not become a stumbling to the weak.” (Icor.8:9) I have seen even the messenger of God and ushers who wears T-shirts, Jeans pant etc.

Actually, Jeans pant, T-shirts, Mini-skirts etc are not permitted to wear even in some secular institutions. Some of the churchgoers wear for church the same dresses, which they wear for partying in the pubs. Many non-Christians wear more formal dress for marketing than those churchgoers who go for church service.

The psychologist says that a man can make out his attitude and temperance from his dresses. You may have good attitude and temperance but wearing improper dress send out an erroneous message from you. It is advisable that we don’t send out the wrong message to others from our improper dress. Besides the dresses, improper or odd hairstyle is another important aspect that sends out wrong message to others.

Are you trying to pollute the minds of other people with your informal and scanty dresses? You may be free to wear any kind of dresses but it gives very bad influences and image to other churchgoers. “Do not destroy the work of God for the sake of food. All food is clean, but it is wrong for a man to eat anything that causes some else to stumble. It is better not eat meat or drink wine or to do anything else that will cause your brother to fall.” (Rom.14:20-21)

It is applicable to our dresses also. We are indeed free to wear any kinds of dresses but according to the time and place. Otherwise we may cause our brother to fall with our improper dresses and hairstyle.

How can a messenger of God wear T-shirt and Jeans pant while delivering the message of God? Does he have only that dress? A servant of God should wear the best dress that he has got and deliver the message of God with reverence.

Those who live in the city had seen that even the salesman wear very formal dresses with neck tie. The Bible says that we should give our best to God. So we should give our best to God in our dresses, offering etc. If you wear a formal dress to meet a VIP or going for an interview, why not going to church? Who is VIP? Is he more important than God? Many people have wrong concept about VIP and God.

Unconsciously or consciously, many people thought that they should honor VIP more than God with their dress. To whom should we give more honor and reverence, either to God or man? Some churchgoers may think that giving their whole heart to God is more important than wearing a formal dress in the church. But wearing an obscene and sexy dress, you are leading the other people into sin and discourage the other churchgoers no to attend next Sunday service.

As a Christian, we should not seek only for our own good. “Everything is permissible-“but not beneficial. “Everything is permissible”- but not everything is constructive.

Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others” (Icor.10:23-24) You may be more comfortable to wear Jeans pant, T-shirts, Mini-skirts, shorts, gowns etc but for the sake of God and other believers, it would be good to wear a formal dresses in the church.

The two important attributes that we should wear formal dress is “To honor God and No to cause other to fall” If you wear formal dress for an interview or meeting a VIP but no for going to church, there is some thing wrong with your attitude in worshipping God.

In I Tim. 2:9 also says, “I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety” One of the problem today with the churchgoers in many churches is irreverence to God with their casual wear.

Let’s give the best to God and reverence him with our right attitude and dresses that we wear.

Written on: 22-11-2003
When it was predicted:
(Posted in on 30th Oct. 2004,

Prediction came true: 11th July 2005
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Participation of Christian political party in the state election

Participation of Christian political party in the state election


As God has given us different spiritual tal- ents to be used in different profession to glorify his name, we the believer in Christ should put it in to use what is entrusted to us faithfully and diligently as we could for our good as well as for the welfare of our fellow friends and citizens to make our beautiful world a safe haven to live in where peace and tranquility prevail. We should make use of all modern technologies wisely to the advantage of our creator to reach the good news to all part of the earth.

Presently, we have observed a series of empowerment bills that were passed both at the central and state levels and amalgamation of different political parties seeking for a type of government of people’s choice. So here to make a better place to live in, we need to put forward for good and refined ideas into use to achieve our goals. Life is dynamic and complex. Hence we cannot define everything else in a single nutshell. For instance, democracy is not an end in itself but a means to all kinds of oriented movements related to people’s welfares this connection, we must directly and openly create environment conducive to reflect people’s desire and aspiration in the execution of our policies enshrined in the work programme of different political parties.

Voice should be there to see active participation. Hence participation of any political parties having Christian brand particularly in our state electoral process has become a burning issue. Here the government is the ship whereas the legislators are the sailors in the bosom of the bureaucrats, the church leaders, NGOs, societies, organization and leaders at grass roof levels in the inclusion of such political arrangement in the state on era may come up where transparency and accountability will have its place at the forefront because every misbehavior and mismanagement will be prone to be detected and checked by the searchlight of itself under the power and influence of the spirit of truth.

In other words, under such political domain excess in every practice will be substantially reduced to a point of extinction so that check and balance mechanism will also be greatly strengthened.

Therefore formation of political parties on the basis of Christian principles has become inevitable for the betterment of our society, because even Gandhian principles is widely acclaimed by the world politics to achieved universal peace, so that why not this, to have a conscientious system of government. In fact political contenders may want to play their role in the absence of religion so that thy have their free hand. But we may need to change such attitude in the passage of time because in real sense of the term we are created in the image of God so that we are all accountable to him. Therefore, any forum or movements which is nurtured under such political fashion will have its outcome satisfactory, since the truth will be the merchandise of the people, so that at least activities of extremism and terrorism will have no place in the world.

May God bless each and every readers of this information so that a consensus solution to this effect is established in our governmental system; because people really want to see a change in life to enjoy the fruits of the 21st century.

Kuvepeyi, Chozuba town.