Remembering my Mother

Remembering my mother on this Mother’s Day.

My mother left for her heavenly abode in 2003. But it is very fortunate for all those people who have their mother. 

It is better to say a word of *APPRECIATION* to a Mother while she is with you than writing a beautiful biography about her after she left you. 

*My Mother*

My mother’s love is indefinable by me with word

Nor describable on the paper in writing with my pen

Her selfless love and patient is incomparable with any one

My mother suffered in her whole life till her last breath

She was industrious, altruistic, understanding and caring

Her whole life was full of struggles, pains and tears

No diagnosable sickness suffered her for 24 years long

Yet she never whispers a word of pains and anger to any one

She thought not of her own pain and eased everybody’s pains

She taught her children to have holy fear to God

Great visions, wishes and hope on me to fulfill her dreams

She was happy as I cleared my NET Examination,

Hoping I will soon get a job and live a happy life

She was happy not because she wants money from me

But her concerned for me to have a secured life

She left for heavenly abode hoping to have better life

She is happy living in everlasting heavenly abode

But things were altered in this earthly abode;

Home sweet home turned into teary home,

Dwelling in same house has no more same sweetness

Sweet home became cold and like a deserted house

As I step into my house, always I call Mummy

But I will never uttered again the word “Mummy”

I wish to call again mummy as I enter my house

When I come back home or leave to other place

I will never hug and shake hand again with my mom

She will not welcomed and say again safe journey to me

I heard my mom’s sweet last voice on 8th December 2003;

Saying safe journey and come back with great succeed in life

She says no any parting word to me on her departure day

But she has two wishes in her life for me to be fulfilled

She wants me to get a white-color job in my life

She wants me to set up a family before she dies

My mom’s wishes could not fulfill before she died

My wishes also could not fulfill before she died

I wish if I could give even a single penny from my salary

She had sown the seed on me the security of life

Yet she will never see again the fruits she had sown

She will no harvest and taste again the fruits she had sown

My mom suffered from the sickness for twenty-four years

Yet she never revealed pains and suffering in her life

God’s wonderful patient and love reveals through her life

Her health problem would let her leave earlier this world

But God extended her life for another twenty-four years

If she would leave this world 24 years back

I would not experienced my mom’s love and patient

God had wonderful plan for her and took away

As a human being I may sobbed and regretted

Yet, I’m grateful to God for his plan for my mom

When I get a job and give my first fruit to God

My mom will be in jubilant in heavenly abode

Then will recall mom’s vision, dream and wishes

When I need prayer support, I asked my mom

She prayed for me as I come home or leave

But now it’s only a wish for me in real life


You left me happily and peacefully

But for me time has to come to live such a life

When I need something from my dad to ask

I first to go my mummy to tell my daddy

She was a good mediator too for her children

Have I ever give you any good gift on Mother’s Day

Hope you’ll understand and forgive me for whatever

When Mother’s Day comes and people celebrate

When their children bring Mother’s Day gifts

When others sing songs for their mother as thanks giving

When others call their mothers by their names

With teary eyes I would only wish to have my mom

My unforgettable mother left this world

Yet I pray God may raise many good mothers in the world

Restoring past beautiful life with my mom is to enter a new life

I pray God may take me to heavenly abode to live with my mom

 (My mother left for her heavenly abode on 12-12-2003

©R.B. Thohe Pou 2004

Poumai Naga Festival write-ups copied and pasted in the book: Encyclopedia of Manipur

Some people do research and some people copy and paste in their Book/Thesis and publish 

First person: Last month I have found copy and paste work done by a PhD scholar (Naga) who has directly copied and pasted from my article “The Myths of Naga Origin” to his Thesis book and submitted to the University and awarded Doctorate of Philosophy. (It is okay as he has not published his Thesis. However, he may need to edit and ‘quote’ if he wants to publish his Thesis)

Second person: And this time , it is found that Poumai Naga festival written by me (Thohe Pou) is published in the book: “Encyclopaedia of Manipur”, author by Dr. Khomdam Singh Lisam. He has directly copied and pasted in his book: Encyclopaedia of Manipur (In 3 Vols, Page 400-401), published in 2011. He has not given any citation or quote given in his book except the acknowledgment given as Reference Book used for his research work.

Some of the interesting screen shot pictures are here:


Poumai Naga Festival original manuscripts

Poumai Naga Festival original manuscripts

Encyclopaedia of Manipur

Encyclopaedia of Manipur

Copied and Pasted in the book: Encyclopaedia of Manipur

Copied and Pasted in the book: Encyclopaedia of Manipur

Copied and pasted in the book: encyclopaedia of Manipur

Copied and pasted in the book: encyclopaedia of Manipur


Stop jealousy and enjoy with your own work


Love comes from God; love lives within you. You cannot love or appreciate others by reading all the books in the universe nor by the highest intellect you acquire nor by studying of various philosophies or science of the world.

You may assume to be a good human being but without love and appreciation in your heart, you are just another good hypocrite and you are just deceiving yourself.

Do you jealous other people? How can you jealous others when you have love and appreciation in your heart? It is impossible to hate or jealous others when you truly love God. It is impossible to jealous other people when there is love and appreciation in your heart.

Jealousy only weaken your spirit to do any good work without affecting much to others. Other people may just snub your jealousy or even may no notice and continue to enjoy doing with their own works. So stop your jealousy on others and start to enjoy with your own works.