Resentment of the Rengmas Nagas

K.Solomon Himbü, Secretary, Rengma Naga Peoples Council.:    8 Jan. 2014

Immediate announcement of 6 lakhs ex-gratia by Assam government to the death of nine Karbis in Pachaspura near Chumukedima, Dimapur was a clear picture of partiality, injustice and inhuman treatment to the Rengma Nagas. When an innocent Rengma was kidnapped by KPLT and killed in the month of November, 2013 and his dead body is still untraceable, but the K/A  and Assam Government was silent and mute about this incident. Again the carnage incident occurred at Khowani and Chogilashong villages on 26th December, 2013 where five women and one man were brutally killed and burnt down the dead bodies, houses, granaries, standing crops; cutting down of plantations like betel-nuts, orange trees etc. and killing all the cattles, fowls, pigs and dogs by Karbi mobs and militants. Again on the following days, the Karbi mobs and KPLT militants randomly burnt down all the houses, plantations and domestic animals in all the Rengma Naga villages. In the month of August, 2013,the KPLT attacked the Ridongünyu village with automatic weapons.
They indiscriminately fire at the village, damaging houses and school buildings. But the Government of Assam and Karbi Anglong government remain silent to the woes and cries of the Rengmas. Till today, the Government of Assam and Karbi  Anglong government neither announces ex-gratia to the deceased nor compensate the irreparable losses to the properties of the Rengma Nagas.

The victims of the Rengmas should equally get ex-gratia from the government of Assam at par with the Karbis. The government of Assam should immediately rebuild the burnt down villages and compensate the entire lost paddy, cattle, domestic animals and other household goods. Immediate demands and appeal of the Rengma Nagas to the government of Assam are:

1. To pay ex-gratia of Rs.6 lakhs to all the deceased family in the Karbis attacked.
2. To pay Rs.2 lakhs to serious injuries during the carnage.
3. To rebuild the villages which were burnt down by Karbi mobs.
4. To compensate all the granaries and crops burnt down to ashes.
5. To send back all the relief campers to their respective villages with full security.
6. To set up permanent police outpost or security camps in the Rengma areas.
7. To construct roads connecting all the Rengma villages.
8. To construct medical sub-centres in Rengma areas.
9. To connect electricity to all the Rengma villages.

Is not the Rengmas, the citizens of India? Is it only the Karbis has the human rights? Why the Rengmas are neglected and ignored by the government of Assam and Karbi Anglong government for long years since the Independence of india? Why the Rengmas are treated as beast by the Assam government? All these catastrophes happened today are held responsible by the government of Assam and Karbi Anglong.  In relief camps too, the Karbi Anglong government and Assam government did not come forward to supply the basic needs and requirement of the victims. Whatever the relief materials we received are mostly provided by the Nagas.

This is a clear indication of gross violation of human rights and step-motherly treatment to the Rengma Nagas. The Rengma Nagas had been suffering for a long time in all spheres under the Government of Assam and Karbi Anglong from political, social and economic strata. The Rengma Nagas were ill treated on the level of animal. No human treatments were given by the government of Assam and Karbi Anglong. There is no tangible development in the Rengma inhabited areas.

There is no road, electricity, dispensary and other basic amenities given to the Rengmas. The entire episodes of the Assam and Karbi Anglong government meted step-motherly treatment to the Rengmas is the clean policy and agenda of both the government to wipe out the entire population of the Rengma Nagas into the soil of the Rengma Hills, the sons of the soil.  NPN