How to reduce corruption?

There are certain rules and laws to be follow in a system. When people violate any rule or law in some particular system, it becomes a corruption.
And to deal this corruption, we should also have our own rules and principles and follow the rules made by the Government. Unless we set a certain rules and law to deal the corruption, we cannot say anything to any one.

When we don’t have certain rules and principles to correct the corrupted people, who are we to question anyone? And who are you to question on others?

We need to understand first the root causes of the corruption and deal accordingly. Corruption cannot be suppress down or remove or reduce through insulting, mockery or defaming the corrupted people in public forum without having our own sets of rules and principles; and also without informing the others in advance.

Therefore, in order to reduce the corruption, let’s all set together some certain rules and principles before we directly insult, mock and defame the corrupted people. 

We may have our own certain rules and principles to deal the corruption, but practically not one can deal this corruption alone or individually – corruption need to deal jointly with a pressure group. 

There are three ways that we can reduce: 

1. Educating the people to reduce the corruption 

2. Implementating the rules and laws strictly and

3. Punishing all those who violate certain rules and laws.

Let’s hope and pray that we make first certain rules and laws to deal with the corrupted people. 

The Simple Life

What is a simple life? Does it mean ignorance? Does your shabby dress make you a simple life? Or does wearing a good dress make you less simple? Simple life lies both in physical appearance and inner heart. A person may seem to be simple but in his heart – he is not a simple man. A person may appear to be a very complicated and discourteous seeing his dress but he lives a simple life. We cannot say a person living a simple life seeing his dress or appearance. A simple man life can be perceived from his speech and character rather than dress and appearance.
What make him to live a simple life? Is that because of his ignorance or is that because of his lack of knowledge? Is it that because of his unintelligent? Is that because he has inferiority complex? Is it important to live a simple life? What kind of message does he sends out to other through his simple life? Why he loves to live a simple life? What are the others perception or view on him living a simple life? Can he changes his simple life easily? Simple life is a character of a man and he cannot easily change due to some simple reason. He loves the simple life and he lives a simple life. A man living a simple life seems to be weak but he is a man of meek. Many learned men become simpler as they learned more and more; they live a very simple life. He cannot be easily defeated by the past, present and future adversities. He is also shrewd in all his works. It would easier to deceive of a man of showy than to a man that lives a simple life. How many people love this simple life? A simple life seems to be less impressive to many people especially the man of ostentation.

A man with simple life has lots of people around him. It shows that many people appreciate his life. A man with sarcastic attitude cannot embrace many people like a man with simple attitude. There is no man more respected than a man of simple life with high thinking. A man with a simple life can mingle with different kinds of people. Many people want to live a simple life but they cannot live a simple life because of his character and attitude, which made him to be a difference person. A simple life comes from attitude and character of a man. Some people are born with meek character and live a simple life. But there are many people who live a simple life due to inspiration from a man living a simple life. Does a man born in an ordinary family make him to live a simple life? No, never, born in an ordinary or royal family is no a matter to live a simple life; born in an ordinary family is nothing to do with a simple life.

Simple men are born both in an ordinary and royal family. Many people learned to live a simple life born in an ordinary and royal family. A man with simple life can live a simple life also complex life. But a man living and having a showy life is difficult to live a simple life unless there is transformation taken place in his life. A man living a simple life due to some problems in life changes again his simple way of life when the situations changed. But a man living a simple life after receiving inspiration from others may no change his simple ways of life. A learned man living a simple life and a life changed due to inspiration is different from a life that changed due to difficult situation. A life changed due to inspiration from others cannot change easily because he loves such kind of life. But a man’s life changed due to bad or good situation will change his life when the situation is changed.

A man lives a simple life no because of the situations. Situation is no the main asset for man to live a simple life; it is only his desire and love that makes him to live such a simple life. Our wants decide our ways of life. Dress does not make a man’s life simpler or more complicated. A simple life does not lies on dress or physical appearance. It lies in the heart of a man.

@Dr. Thohe Pou

August 2007 (


The shady haunts of Dimapur (Hot-beds & Dens of Sins of Dimapur)

By: Jonah Achumi, Dimapur.: 23 May. 2014 2:59 AM IST

The commercial capital of our state Dimapur, a cosmopolitan mixed bag of everything under the sky has its own share of good, bad and the ugly. While lauding the NSCN(IM)’s drive against the night clubs and discotheques, it is pertinent to think if this ban will really go the distance, be fruitful and materialize. Or will it be just like another periodical ban and routine restriction which would slowly fade itself away just with the passage of time. It is quite appreciable that the organization had come up to ban those clubs, bars and lounges that are promoting immorality and selling alcohol openly under the very nose of the administration and the Church while they choose to turn a blind eye.

This is not the first time the organization has come up with the decision to ban the night clubs and brothels. Whatever happened to their previous dictates and orders should also be analyzed properly by themselves because after the ban has been implemented, with time things go back to its old self again. No matter what, at-least someone has come up to fight the menace of unknown foreign culture destroying the moral fabric of the young generation. Many underage minors can be seen infesting these bars and nightclubs wearing skimpy dresses, heavy make-ups and ending in anyone’s bed they would have their last dance with.

These lounges, bars and pubs have become the “Water-Holes” of both thirsty human predators and victims alike of every types coming to quench their fleshly thirst with ,plenty of alcohol flowing all night long ,free casual sex, playing out loud music, fights under drunken stupor that has become a complete menace to the sobriety ofthe society. If any right thinking person thinks this is just not right then it is high time we do something about it. A pastor of my church in a Sunday devotional service once while preaching said many young girls can be seen half naked late night if one happens to cross by the particular place situated between the railway station and the Town Hall which the congregation burst into laughter. I myself had been a witness to these sights when I go to the railway station sometimes late at night to pick or drop my relatives.

Most often these places are hounded by nearly 50-60 vehicles almost every nights and on weekends the numbers are more,young girls in the worst vulgar form of dressings swarming the nearby streets with not-so-decent compromising positions near these water-holes .It is ironic that most of these happening and the popularly teeming places happen to be situated just between the two of the most powerful district heads, the SP’s office and the DC’s residence. Many intellectuals and today’s youths may refer this kind of step as some sort of curbing one’s freedom or a Talibanisation yet, should our moral values be thrown away for the sake of some assorted foreign culture insignificant to us and destroying us physically, spiritually and morally?

Should our land that has promised to send 10000 missionaries just stand and stare with all this sleazy and hedonistic activities? Just because of some young teenagers and young wannabes momentary and self-gratifying pleasure, should our moral hallmark of decency be thrown away to the dogs? The ban imposed by the organization must be implemented both in letter and in spirit so that the people’s trust and conviction in them will not be withered fully as much has already has been from the taxation issue. Atleast an act of concern for the Society’s morality is now thrown on the deck by the organisation.

It will be a harsh revelation but our National Workers must also know that many of these bars, lounges and discotheques are being run by the sons and daughters of their higher-ups, relatives kith and kin and by the ones who have strong connections with them or the over-ground powerful and those ‘Untouchables’.

The Naga Women Hoho Dimapur has lauded the NSCN(IM)’S but the NWHD should infact also fight tooth-and-nail against the Disco Culture and not just laud. I know a thousand critics will be ready to crucify me after reading this but I do support the organisation’s ban if it can be really implemented and work it out genuinely. Any concerned parent or a citizen will. Who will want their children and younger ones to be gulped, swallowed and digested in the belly of modernization and westernization and lose one’s soul and body in the strong undercurrent and whirlpool of strange acquired foreign culture and self-indulgent of multiplying misdemeanour?

How can such a free flow of alcohol in our so called “Dry State” is not the only question here but what really is happening with it? Infact the flow of alcohol has been more than the waters in the rivers of our Naga Heartland ever since the NLTP Act was implemented. Also how the administration allows these outlets to sell alcohol freely is a thingof wonder and amazement. From time to time, routine raids are conducted at these outlets yet after confiscating the goods and imposing a fine by the administration, Excise deptt. ,local heads or our National Workers , the business runs again as usual like nothing has happened after sometime.

There are several pubs and bars which are located in the heart of the town itself and anyone can be sure that all these bodies mentioned notices it but for whatever reason we all chose to let it be and remain passive is a big question. The once in a while arrests and catchments are so popularly printed and showcased in the media with all the consignments and the accused but alas, all this are very short-term and short-lived. These bars, lounges and pubs have become the “Hot-beds of Sin” of our youngsters. Every locality’s GB and council can play an active part.

The administration and the Mothers Associations should also censure the land-lords or the house-owners of whichever buildings they let-out for these sleazy restaurants and bars. A young intellectual brother who shared his opinion and was ruing about the ban wrote this on facebook which I am sharing with his permission.

Though it wasn’t the first order passed by the GPRN Govt. in this regard, the recent Banning order of the mentioned night clubs/brothels etc that was flashed out in the medias by the NSCN IM some days back gave a sign of relief as the order as it appeared seems like hard one ‘’Decision taken by the Higher Authority’’, I thought this time they will seriously take up some effective/remedial measures but just like the by-gone orders even this have become a mere press release.

It is so confusing to experience how a well established organisation/Govt. after taking a decision/resolution could not implement its own order/resolution. By doing so one is making mockery out of itself. Our mentality/civic sense haven’t reached that stage where we can have such night clubs/pubs. As of now our sense is so low that most of us go to those places with evil intentions. Every night one can experience what not beyond expectations.

To be honest even myself i’m not complete clean in this regard as sometimes i used to go and hang out there some ofthe weekends to relief/relax myself after the week days works/burdens but till date i haven’t seen any advantage(s) why those places should exist…

It so happened, Last year in the later part of November when students were appearing/busy preparing for their final examinations, those clubs were partying in full swing/blast, so, one of my friend who happened to be from that area called up the OC East Police Station (since he could no longer tolerate) more than 10 times and requested him to take up some measures atleast during the period of examinations but even the Officer could not do anything, he (officer) would say, yes yes you’re right, we’ll do something, blah blah blah but did nothing, jsut went into deaf ear.

I really don’t understand why even the administration/authority are silent over this issue, on the other hand even those Apex Organisations like from Mothers/Students/Hohos who can really spearhead the movement are so very silent…!!!

How i wish our mothers lead by the Mothers Hoho could go and visit those places and watch with their naked eyes what’s going on and then get into this issue and deal with it with IRON FIST… But sigh, this will just remain a layman’s dream forever.

They say, ‘as long as there’s life there’s HOPE’ so, what can a simple layman like me can do except than keep hoping till the end…

In this age of HIV/AIDS, if we remain mute and blind to all these, what is the use if we conduct sermons within the four walls of the church only? What is it if all our children are losing their body and soul in this sea of immorality? What is the use of these bans if it is on papers only? Where is the hope if all the people leaders, organisations go on like nothing is wrong all? It will have a long-term effect the owners and runners of these bars and lounges are published in the local dailies together with the name of the outlets they own and the action or the amount of fine imposed.

Though the ban is praiseworthy will it be genuine, sure and successful or is just another round-the-clock dictate is what’s on everybody’s mind. One young friend who works outside in the mainland was expressing his shock when he happened to visit one of these bars and when he went to the toilet he saw many undergarments and condoms on the floor of one of the toilet seat. The govt. run hotels and the resorts own by our rich and powerful ones are no exception. Alcohol is openly served and sold in all these places too.

As a concerned citizen, I have every right to be concerned about the number of youths being swayed into the vortex and tide of these night clubs, bars and brothels. If the ban is for real, let it be real lest it turns out to be a mockery. A couple of years back, every evening while returning home after attending the Billy Graham’s 100 years international crusade which was held for three days where his grandson was the speaker, the number of older people was very high and the youths were much less but while crossing the bars and pubs in the Church road, I was saddened and shocked by the numbers of cars and youths who were attending the parties in these places as the cars parked there nearly ran half a quarter of a kilometer on both side ofthe roads. I thought to myself ‘If this the Nagaland for Christ’ we had professed.Something, Somewhere, Surely is wrong in our land.

Naga social perspective in view

By: G.Gwangphun, A Social Research activist

Behold how ugly and how unpleasant it is for the Naga brethren to dwell together in disunity. It is like the flood of Brahmaputra running down the valley of Naga Assam causing the blessing of self-destruction upon the land and themselves. It is like the wind of Bangladesh that uproots thousands of dwelling houses claiming hundreds of lives. Nagas are enjoying the curse of God as blessings in disguise. The wrong is taken to be right and right wrong. Nagas lack one big thing, sense of HUMANITY.  Culture of Christianity is not practiced only professed. Culture of tolerance is over-ruled by fashion of impatient.  Anger and hatred against each other are manifested in the cruel behavior and short tempered way of saying and acting in home, street, work places and public places. Nagas take pride in getting angry, fighting and using abusive languages. Nagas generally practices faultfinding, putting each other down, practice nepotism, sectionalism, tribalism and partism.  These are the negative lots of the Naga society at large. Many positive aspects and qualities are embedded in the Nature of the Nagas but not practiced as a culture.
I am urged to speak up the truth of what and how we Nagas can do and must live for. I feel sharply, a spirit of discernment urging me to spell out the wrong and warn like a prophet of old in the modern fashion (laugh). The spirit  burden me to speak to the Naga people what will soon come to pass and what must be done in such a time as this. Before I spell out my view, I must be honest to check out myself; Am I Prideful, boastful, selfish, acting good, smart? or working for  recognition, praise or earthly material reward?  Denouncing all these, I am writing this article in the spirit of love with a sense of social responsibility and moral obligation as a Naga.

I have this straight message to share:  We Nagas are too narrowed down to tribalism so much that we  lost sight of our National sentiment and the importance of living together as a people seem a distant thing.  What is wrong with the Nagas? Conscience deadened? Human compassion bankrupted? Wisdom and love drained dry? Humane thinking distorted? Covetousness and cruelty attitude or mood takes the place of humane rationality and moral culture of life? No matter who we were and where have we been in the past, we can change, we can progress and prosper as a people in our own land if we seek first the Kingdom (within) and His (Christ’s) righteousness and not our self-righteousness, then all the goodness and  blessings of prosperity  as a people shall naturally be added unto us. Mathew 6:33.  Repentance is admitting the wrong done and deciding not to do it again. It is call self reconciliation. Social reconciliation begins from self to society. The spirit of reconciling can melt the hearts of stones of those who don’t like us.

I observed that, Nagas pray wrong, expect wrong, think wrong and do things wrong. The truth is that, God’s blessing is already available in us, we need not pray for blessing, not for healing but for wisdom and understanding how to utilize and develop or activate the blessing or healing given us of God.  Many Naga Christians are needlessly shouting with repetition and loud vocal “praise the Lord”, “Halleluiah” many times. Sounds religious but only emotional and a noise. For Nagas prayer is not devotional or meditational, its begging, complaining, demanding and never listening and never thinking of what God is willing to and giving us. After Prayer, forget all. With the act and sound of religion, many judges, condemns and criticizes the sinners around them, faultfinding, gossiping and denouncing the falling, failing and broken neighbors. “When you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do”- Matthew 6:7.

We tend to reject others easily, just for a silly matter or for petty inconveniences. Nagas have great misunderstandings. Great rejecting mentality, great destructive attitude. With these, Nagas are suffering. Many Nagas don’t play moral politics, lasting politics, or ethical politics. They are the spoiler politicians.  Reasoned that, We have Naga Govt. in the state. Instead of strengthening we weaken it by throwing all garbages as if Govt of Nagaland is the dustbin of humane wickedness and failings.  We have social organizations; each tribal Hohos but overlooked and disrespectfully treated even by individuals. We have Common Naga Hoho organization for the whole Naga tribal families but weakened, made paralyzed and ignored throwing all failures of the people on it and left condemned. We have Naga Mothers’ Association but left branded as extremist feminist organization, below men’s authority and second classed it. Their moral call for peace, harmony, love and understanding are left unheard, unpaid and dejecting them at the face. We have Naga National Govt. left dishonored and cornered as underground military forces to threaten the over-ground Naga publics.  With these mentality and attitude, many factions and organizations appeared and formed but practically only to further destroy the society.

Those involved may think that they are doing something good. What a waste. What if who frown and fume with criticism, faultfinding’s and complainers were put in the place of responsibility, like the  Govt of Nagaland, Naga Hoho, NMA or Tribal Hohos etc? Can they do better or lead the people a right?  God knows and don’t put them or choose them. As a human person under God’s ruling, we all must learn to obey, tolerate, respect and support the authority above us. Opposing the Govt. or people’s Apex authority is no good way to correct and bring development and prosperity to the people and land. “Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for the country”.-J.F. Kennedy’s message can and must still be the voice, the understanding and the  role of the Naga individuals and people at home and out of home.

Unpopular Rich and Educated Man in the Town

Who knows you may be one of the richest and educated men in the town. But you may no know – you are the most unpopular educated or rich man in the town until you over-heard from some one talking in the tea stall.

I was shocked to learn that Mr. Shamee John is a very rich and educated person but every one in this town dislikes him. He is such a rich and educated person and I can’t understand why people dislike him in many aspects.  Every time he comes to our home town, people talk only his negative aspects; it seems he is the only person in the town who has done nothing good for the town.  Why every one in the town does not recognize his riches and high degree that he had earned? We must respect such an educated and rich person in this town.

Oh I really can’t understand why people are against him. He hardly comes to our home town; only few people keep in touch with him but why everyone knows and dislikes him? Many people may talk against him and dislike him but I respect him as he is rich and well educated person. For some years I keep questioning myself, “Why this people dislike him instead of having pride to have such a rich and well educated person in their town?”

One day when I met Mr. Kompee James during one of the seminars, he told me the whole story, “See you came to this town only 2-3 years back but you must be aware of all those development coming to our town. Well, who has brought all these development in our town? Do you think that all the rich and educated people contribute something for the development in our town?”

“When we need money urgently for our Town Community Hall building, we went to many people for help. We have contacted all the rich men in our town. But there were only a few rich men who came forward to help us in building this Town Community Hall. Infact, we were expecting some contribution from all the rich men for our Hall building.”

Then I asked him again, “But why you people dislike this particular rich and educated person?” He narrated me further, “You see there are some more rich people like him in our town and most of them invested their money in our home town. But you know this rich chap has not a single penny that has invested in our home town. As we compare to other rich people here, he is richer than any one here in this town.

When we need money, he refused to lend us money; when we seek intellectual help; he had flatly rejected on pretends of his heavy schedule in his own office and other personal work. Last year there was also a seminar on ‘Intellectuality and Economic Development’. He was one of the main speakers in our Seminar. But he did not come to the seminar even after his confirmation and program were printed out. What kind of intellectuality and richness he has got that will benefit for us society?”

The people in the town want and expect that such kind of rich people to invest some money in our town. They should also contribute their knowledge for their society so that the young generation also may learn from them. But he is good only for himself and for his family.

Mr. Kompee James narrated me further, “I have also learnt from some reliable source i.e. from one of his friends in the city that he is also unhelpful to his friends and people around him. If he is not even helpful to his friends and people surrounding him, how can we expect now to contribute his intellects and richness to our society? He has every right to do with his intellects and richness then why are we so disturb and dislike him?

It is rightly said, ‘Man is a social animal’ and we love to live a community life. But today due to advance in science and technology and many other advances; people are becoming more individualistic. But it never means that one can live alone happily without having good environment, friends or the society.”

He continues to narrate and gave comparison on those people who are not very rich and educated like him and he said that there are some people in the town who are highly esteem for their valuable contribution for the society in the town even though they are no rich and well educated like him.

After interacting with Mr. Kompee James, I have many questions that arise in me. Here I came to learn that the people in the town expect every rich and educated people to contribute something good for the society. Many of us may ignore what Mr. Kompee James has narrated to me, but I think we may need to ponder what we are contributing for our society in our town or for our society.

Are we educated and rich? If we are not rich like other people in the town, are we educated and knowledgeable person who can contribute something good for the society? If we are not rich and highly educated like others, what we can contribute for our society?

In which field we can contribute for our society? Do the people give respect and trust only those people who contribute something beneficial for the society?

The question came spontaneously to my mind and I continue to ask many more questions to myself – why the rich and educated people who have not contributed for the society are snubbed in the society? What make the rich and educated people ignore their own society or town? Do we need to contribute something for the society to be recognized by our society? Are we now living in an individualistic society? Why do we need to consider the other persons in the same society or town?

I have got many more questions to be asked. When I try to answer some of those questions, I have got some answers but there are many questions that I can’t be answered instantly. So as you read this article, you may continue to raise more questions and ponder yourself and bring the best result for yourself to decide.


@Dr. Thohe Pou, This article was webcasted on July 03, 2007

The Superficial Society Emerges Today!

Who cares if I write? Who cares whether you read or not? This is what the superficial society is. Today as we live in this 21st Century, the whole system of our society is changing swiftly. The Early Man fought together the wild animals; there was community life in all the villages.

But today the modern education taught our society the different value system in our lives; the value system of individualism; who cares if you are doing something good or some one is doing some thing good for you? Who cares what other says or who listen to the leaders? Is this the modern education taught us to live a better in an individualistic way?

As the modern science and technology developed – the superficial society is gradually emerging with the modernization. When we retrospect the past centuries or even in last century; we find the whole system of our society is more systematic and people are more disciplined in many aspects.

Today, are we living in the darkness and superficial system of the society? How many of us ponder the present situation and weep or pray in repentance? Today there is stiff competition and every one is becoming individualistic.

But the competition between the individual is not even for their own good. Every individual has every right to live an individualistic life. But today people are becoming individualistic to destroy his or her own life and the systematic society.

Today, who makes the rules and who breaks the rules or who implement the rules? We have the people to make the rules; we have the people to break the rules. But do we have the people to implement the rules?

People who make rules assume that it is not their duty to implement the rules. While who is suppose to implement the rules? If the rules are not implemented, why they make the rules? The rules are made for an individual, family, village, town, and city and for the nation.

But the rule starts to break from the individual life. There are many rules made by the government for the political leaders, laymen etc. But who cares to obey the rules or who cares to implement any rule?

Who is talking to you? Are you listening? People are talking voluminously in public about corruption, cheating, raping, thieving, killing, drug addiction, smoking, drinking etc. But who cares to listen even if there is talk or gossip in public?

We know that many do all sorts of mischievous things. But who listen to what we are talking about? Why the evil-doers do not listen? It is because in this superficial society, many people or leaders who talk in public also involves in one or another mischievous thing in life.

We have many teachers but do we have no learners today? Everyone seems to be a teacher or Guru of his /her own. The parent teaches their children but the children hardly learn what they teach. Anything that teaches for the good of the people seems bitter to swallow. Outside the School also we have the elders who teach us. But the learners have lost the desire to learn any good things.

We are taught in different ways; the parents and elders teach the children and youngster and the elders also have their own teachers who teaches them in difficulty, success and other aspects. But today every individual is becoming a boss and stubborn. Who will be the learners and listeners if we all become the teachers of one another?

Who preaches who follows? The religious leaders preach but do we have the people to practice what they learn from the preachers? The Christian, Hindu, Muslim religion leaders etc preach in their worshipping place. But it seems none of the preacher is preaching successfully and the followers are following.

In this world, which religion teaches us to kill, rape, corrupt, cheat etc? It may be easy for a preacher to blame the followers for not practicing what they have preached to the followers. The followers may also have the similar attitude by blaming that their preachers are not giving the life saving message. Whom to blame now in this superficial society? As the mindset of every individual is changing; the entire system of the society is become very superficial.

Who writes who reads? Who cares who is who? It is easier to write than practicing in practical life. Today who sincerely and truthfully write? And who bother to read and preach? Who cares what others write? Who cares who is writing what? Who cares whether they read or not?

A difficult world emerge that we only want to use our own brain. The preconception and our own projection becomes the rule now. Today we have many veteran writers. But who reads and practice? Almost everyone think, “I’m the best and I don’t have to learn or accept others” For many the valuable write-up become like the gold given to the pig. Why this entire attitude of our people is changing?

Who cares you? Who feels? Who are supposed to care others? Do the people feel the love and care? Today we hardly find any genuine love and caring and people can’t feel from the heart. In the name of God or humanitarian ground they received money from within or abroad.

Who bothers to check where the fund goes? People who are supposed to receive do not receive but the people who are not supposed to receive enjoy the share of others. But who cares what they are doing? And who cares what they doing for others? Who gives and who takes? Are they giving the share of the poor or rich?

Who starts? Who finishes? Many things have started with good noble purpose. But who bother to acknowledge the noble works? The lonely noble cannot live eternally and we need some one to take over. But who bother to take over the unfinished task except some successful criticism. The numbers of noble people are becoming lesser. We have many great men; we have many people who work great things for others but no one is there to support the heavy-laden carrying on by the noble men.

Who does? Who criticizes? Whether it is good or bad – we have the critics; we have Judas Iscariot who is ready to sell with thirty cent all the noble works. We have a few people who do good thing for others. But have the mob of people who criticize. A constructive criticism is always appreciable but in this superficial world, we hardly find any constructive critics. Today there is no much value – whether you have done something great or small.

The love to have individual freedom in this superficial society becomes main objective. It is a society now that I don’t want to learn from others and I don’t want to teach what I know. The community life, trust and cooperation between leaders and mass are gradually losing.

Today this superficial society is changing so swiftly from bad to worst. There are also some leaders who really work hard to change the whole system; they want to change this stereotype and superficial society to a dynamic and respectable society. But who cares what they say or do? Who cares if you tell them or who cares if they tell you?

Today every individual need to change his or her attitude then only we can restore to our earlier systematic and respectable society.

Are you from Nepal or Bihar or Pakistan?

Do you have the etiquette to ask the question? If not, keep reading this small article.

Do you think that asking, “Are you from Nepal, Bihar, Pakistan, Rajasthan, northeast etc” is a civilized question?” If yes then good.

If not then what would be the most civilize or right question? What would you feel if some body ask you, “Are you from Pakistan” or Bihar”? What does this question epitomize or symbolize?

Are you living in city at present? If yes, then you might have been quite familiar with this question, “Are you from Nepal?’.

Most the people from Northeast India look like they are from Korea, China, South east Asia etc. But since there are many Nepalis working as home guard, sweepers, Chinese fast food etc, we the people from Northeast are consider as one of those Nepali working some where in one hotel or some where.

There are many responses that people give according to different perceptions of each individual when this question, “Are you from Nepal?” is given to the northeasterners of India.

Some guys and gals says, “I don’t bother whatever they call me” Some other says, we need to treat them according to their treatment and question”.

The other says, ”just call them Bihari” another group says, “just call them Pakistani” (Because they look alike). Different person have different view and they response according to their view and mood.

Once I was going with my friends in Delhi going to meat shop to purchase meat. One of the butcher called us, “Bahadur come here to and buy chicken” We just got wild but we cannot help it. We bought the chicken but lost the good mood.

I was with one of my friends in Pune and one person sitting next to us asked me, “Are you from Nepal” I told him, yes we are from Nepal. Then I asked him, “Are you from Bihar or Bangledesh or Pakistan?” He was shocked to my question. Why do you ask this? He asked me.

Well, you look like Bihari and also look like from Pakistan ie. why I just want to know and I asked you.

Then he replied, “I am from India only” Ok that is good. Well, we are also from Nagaland.

Actually you only asked us, “Are you from Nepal” ie. why we also intentionally asked you, “Are you from Bihar or Pakistan?”. We know that you are from India.

We may look like Nepali, Korean or Chinese but why do you ask in that way? You may look like Pakistan or Bihari but is it necessary to ask in that way?

What is the different between the Bihari and Pakistani and other Indians in their looks? I don’t find any different but I never ask anybody like, “Are you from Bihar or Pakistan or mentioning any particular state or region.

We may be able to differentiate between the south Indian and North Indian, but why do you want to use this particular word, “Are you from south India or north India” Do you have any other civilize question to ask more politely?

Next time if you meet any people from northeast, make sure that you ask them question politely, if not you will annoy some one unintentionally.

Are you surprise with this tip? If yes, you need to learn the culture and etiquette of other people. If not, you are a knowledgeable person who has good knowledge on other culture of different nations or people.

Education is nothing without having the good etiquette; there are many uneducated people having very good etiqutte” – thohe