Swab test no completing even after 23 days

Even after 23 days, the swab test in Senapati IQC is no completing.😰

Covid19 tested positive patients recovered and discharged, but other inmates who are tested negative are still waiting to complete their swab test in DBHSS@Maram, under Senapati District, Manipur transit center.😭😭

Which is better, tested covid19 positive and recovered after 14 days or tested negative and waited for 24 days and still no completing the test?

Two covid19 positive from Don Bosco Hr.Sec.School, Maram transit center recovered fully and discharged. However, the other inmates tested negative are still in DBHSS, awaiting to complete their test results.😰😰

Senapati District Hospital needs a Truenat machine

Our common people deserve some basic medical facilities in our district hospital.
Our common need basic amenities in all the districts or towns.

I have carried out a Whatsapp interview and discussions with Dr. D. Apao, a public health expert, and the following are the outcomes of the discussions with him.

  1. Is this TrueNat for testing only Covid19 or can we also use for testing other diseases?

TrueNat actually can test over 30 disease condition including TB (the machine is known for this and is recommended by WHO), H1N1, malaria, influenza, HIV etc. It just needs to change the test kit. The machine will remain the same to test any if these disease conditions.

2.What is the cost of the Truenat machine?

Cost will depend on the size of the machine. The machine is categoriesed ad Uno, duo and Quattro or simple 1, 2 and 4 channel … according to no. of test done at a time.
The price ranges from 5 lacs to 19 lacs. The test kit for COVID19 is about Rs. 1340 each.

  1. Which channel machine do you suggest for our Senapati District Hospital?

Immediate need is the 4 channel. So that we can test many people as fast as possible. But the cost may be too high. A two channels machine will be the best for Senapati District Hospital

It is informed that the central govt. has procured many devices that will be distributed to states under NTEP (national TB elimination program). If our govt. or the district already have the truenat machine, we need to only procure the COVID19 chips. This needs to be established with the TB program officers in the district.

  1. How long time it may take to procure this machine?

This is an issue. All the State Governments are after the company Molbio diagnostics to get the machines. This is the only company that makes the machine and the test kits. The wait time is quite long. I will have to request the people in the company to expedite the process if we are buying one. But I will be able to approach them only when we are certain to buy one.

  1. Do we have the manpower or technicians to run this machine?

The machine is very simple and easy to use. Anyone can actually run the machine. We certainly have lab technicians in district hospital. With a training for a day, they will be able to use it. The machine does not require any special environment to function. A strong table to keep the machine os all it needs. It is portable as it is battery operated. Which means it can function even when there is no electeicity. Once the electricity is there, the machine will be recharged.

Here we have some basic information about the Truenat, and we would like to update more information in case we are going to procure the machine. We need to sensitize our politicians, leaders and the public about the need to have Truenat machine in Senapati District Hospital.

Not only in Senapati District Hospital, Truenat machine needs to be installed in all the district hospitals and also in all the Primary Health Centers and sub-centre in Manipur, Nagaland and the whole states in India.

Please share this information with your local politicians, CSO leaders and to all the public. The public need to have some awareness on this aspect. it is our common people rights to have some basic medical facilities and amenities in our district hospital, and in our town.

@Dr. R.B. Thohe Pou
Senapati, Manipur

Please open this link and sign in support of this petition to procure a truenat machine.🙏🙏


Open letter to honourable CM of Manipur



The Chief Minister of Manipur

Subject: Requisition to speed up Covid19 Swap Test in Senapati IQC


1. With due respect and high expectation on your government, I write this letter to you for your kind attention and consideration. Personally, I consider you as one of the most courageous CM, the first people CM of Manipur and a man who walks the talk. One of the most admirable things by the common people about you as a leader is that you are easily accessible in social media and ready to interact with the common people. Today, only a few public leaders have the courage to face the common people in social media. We need more leaders like you who are approachable and able to interact with the common people.

2. The present global pandemic may force to take away many more people’s jobs across the globe. Globally, about 195 millions of people have already lost their jobs till the first week of April 2020. In India, about 122 million people have already lost their jobs till in the month of May. Therefore, timely evacuation of stranded people of Manipur by your government is sincerely appreciated.

3. Currently, there are 1690 returnees in 22 Senapati Transit QC at present. In one of the Senapati Transit QCs at Don Bosco College, Maram, the returnees from Chennai have been in this QC in last 17 days; they have reached Maram on 24th May 2020. In this QC, 2 (two) of the returnees from Chennai were tested covid19 positive, and their swap retest have been completed. However, they are still waiting for their results. It may be necessary to give a special attention to this particular QC and speed up the swap test to avoid spreading of virus within the inmates.  

4. There are 1690 returnees at present in Senapati District Transit QC, and most of them are waiting for their turn to take swap test. It is also very important to speed up taking swap test in all the QCs in Senapati since most of them are sharing common room, hall, toilets, bathroom etc. The returnees are worried that there could be high chances of infection with each other.

Therefore, you may kindly consider this requisition and give a special attention to speed up all the swap tests in Senapati district transit QC.  

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,

Dr. R.B. Thohe Pou

Senapati, Manipur

9th June 2020

Copy to:

  1. Shri L. Jayantakumar Singh, Health and Family Welfare
  2. Shri Losii Dikho, PHED, Printing and Stationery
  3. Shri N. Kayisii, Tribal and Hill Areas Development, Fisheries
  4. Shri DD Thaisii, MLA