Christians are the next target in India

👍The BJP government has cunningly and cleverly included Christians in their CAA to avoid criticism on racism and biasm based on religion and minorities aspects. Do you think the Christians are free from their target, welcome and embrace by the majority Hindus in India? A million dollars question.

👍The BJP Government has preplanned and well drafted CAB, and they want to target the Christians, Muslims and other minorities one by one. However, sadly our Christian leaders from NE especially from Nagaland and Manipur have supported the CAA.

👍 Just watch and see. The days are coming soon and the Christians shall surely reap what they have done for the BJP to pass the bill in the parliament.

👍It may be sensitive and senseless for some people. But the realities will come soon.

Naga solution on basis of Framework: NSCN-IM

DIMAPUR, FEB 27 (NPN) | Publish Date: 2/27/2020 11:46:07 AM IST

Against the backdrop of both the Centre and the Working Committee of NNPGs moving towards the goal of finalizing the final agreement for solution to the Naga political issue, the NSCN (I-M) has reaffirmed the decision of its Tatar Hoho on September 3,2019 and the collective leadership on July 23,2019 “to uphold the 3rd August Framework Agreement.

NSCN (I-M) MIP said the resolution was arrived after an intense deliberation on the “Indo-Naga political talks” at the February 27 emergency joint council meeting comprising of the collective leadership, members of the collective leadership, steering committee executive members, steering committee members, kilonsers, tatars, head of departments and colonel and above of the Naga Army held at the Council Hqs, Hebron.

The meeting also resolved that the Naga national flag and constitution represent Naga national identity and their recognition was “absolutely a matter of Nagas’ rights for an honourable political solution.”

It was also resolved that “the political solution shall be ‘Naga Solution’ of the Nagas, wherever they are” and therefore, NSCN (I-M) said it was a bounden duty to uphold the unique history and sovereign rights of Nagas that was “in consonance with the historic 1951 Plebiscite.” Further, the meeting resolved to uphold the “mandate of the Naga people given to NSCN on 21st January, 2005, to conclude an honourable solution to the Indo-Naga political issue and the unification of all Naga areas.”

It was resolved that political talks between government of India and NSCN (I-M) “must move forward in the spirit of mutual respect”. It also “condemned in the strongest term, the double-standard policy of GoI” and warned the latter against using its agencies, including the NIA to arrest and harass NSCN (I-M) members “who are in political negotiations with the GoI for the past 22 years.” The meeting also resolved that NSCN “shall continue to endeavour to conclude an honourable political solution that is acceptable to Naga people.”

WC/NNPGs to meet Ravi today on inking of final agreement

N. Kitovi Zhimomi (NP File)
Staff Reporter DIMAPUR, FEB 23 (NPN) | Publish Date: 2/23/2020 12:16:55 PM IST

Amidst speculations of a stalemate between the government of India and NSCN (I-M) for inking the final agreement, convenor of Working Committee (WC) of NNPGs N. Kitovi Zhimomi, made it clear that “Nagas of Nagaland should not be sandwiched between government of India and NSCN (I-M)”.

Kitovi said this to Nagaland Post over telephone, ahead of the meeting with Nagaland Governor and Interlocutor for Naga Peace Talks, RN Ravi on February 24 (Monday) in Delhi. The 18-member WC delegation led by Kitovi will finalize the negotiated points (after signing of the ‘Agreed position’ on November 17, 2017), NNPGs media cell stated.

Commenting on the impediment against signing of the final agreement despite conclusion of “negotiations over contentious issues” on October 31, 2019, Kitovi said, “Some groups are purposely prolonging the signing of the final agreement. They only know why they are prolonging the solution.”

He said it was apparent that it would not be possible to “bring all the groups together to unanimously sign the final agreement, when some groups are deliberately prolonging it”.

Referring to the resolutions made by tribal bodies, civil society organisations, GBs and Nagas in general for early settlement of the Naga political issue, Kitovi asked, “Why solution must be delayed for some groups with vested interest?”

Kitovi made it clear that Nagas of Nagaland should not be “sandwiched” between government of India and NSCN (I-M) and that their rights “should not be crushed”. On the prolonged negotiations between NSCN (I-M) with government of India, Kitovi said, “The outcome of 22 years of negotiations of NSCN (I-M) is nothing but PAN Naga Hoho, which also lacks clarity”. Kitovi also said that the proposed PAN Naga Hoho (a social-cultural body of all Nagas) had confused the Naga people for a while. However, he said the people of Nagaland have now “out-rightly rejected PAN Naga Hoho without integration”.

Maintaining that there was no reason to prolong signing of the final agreement, the WC convenor said WC has come to an understanding that “whatever is not possible today would be pursued though a democratic process after signing of the final agreement”.

Kitovi rubbished speculations that NNPGs are negotiating only for Nagas of Nagaland. He reiterated that special status like separate Regional Territorial Council has been worked out for Nagas living outside Nagaland. Asked about Monday’s meeting with Ravi, Kitovi reiterated “There is no agenda; nothing to discuss. We will only talk about the final agreement signing ceremony”.

GOI will no sign Final Agreements without the consent of the Naga public


👍🏼Some Naga people may wish that the NNPGs may sign the final agreement; actually not a final agreement but only the agreement made or reached between the NNPGS and the GOI.

👍🏼The GOI cannot no sign the Final Agreements with any Naga negotiator (s) without the consent of the Naga public for many reasons behind.

👍Ravi is much more shrewd and cunning than some of our Naga leaders. And he knows that Indian intellectuals will mock him and Modi PM of India for signing with a particular faction without including the majority of the Naga public.

👍Ravi is just fooling and giving pressure to the NSCN IM and the gullible Naga public.

👍Ravi’s main intention is to bring all the Naga factional leaders under the framework of the Indian constitution, and he personally do not want any faction to be left out.

👍Ravi is also no too foolish to sign agreement with NNPGs when the Framework agreement was initially signed by the NSCN IM leaders.

👍Ravi and GOI signing the final agreement with the NNPGs leaders have more disadvantages to the GOI than to the people of Nagalim (Nagaland).

Memorandum to PMO of India

Shri. Narendra Modi
The Hon’ble Prime Minster
Government of India

Subject: Memorandum

Hon’ble Sir,

We bring Warm Greetings from the Office of Naga Students’ Federation

*1) About Naga Students’ Federation:*
The Naga Students Federation (NSF) was formed in 1947 founded on the vision and sacrifices of educated Naga youths of that time, who felt the need to have an organized body through which collective aspiration could be articulated and at the same time respond to issues confronting the students in particular and Nagas in general. It came to being at a time when there were only few Nagas who could apprehend futuristic possibilities with clear political and social acumen.
Since then, the Naga Students’ Federation has been striving for the larger interest of the Nagas-unwavering in its stand and persevering in promoting the rights of the Nagas. NSF has been standing firm without compromising on any issues, according to their correct perspectives, which are a matter of concern for the Nagas as a people, irrespective of tribes or divisive elements that may prevail from time to time.
It has always been the standpoint of the federation that Nagas in general would live under one administrative umbrella under a sovereign government and that the stand of the federation has always been integration of all Naga homeland and sovereignty in line with our motto ‘For Unified Lim and Glory of Nagas’.

*2) Brief Background of the Ongoing Peace process:*
The journey of Naga Struggle has never been an easy road. However, after a prolong military confrontation, the NSCN and GOI entered into second ceasefire on 1st August, 1997; with the initiatives for a peaceful resolution to the indo-Naga conflict. The basis of present political dialogues between the Government of India and NSCN representing the Naga people are a) without any pre-condition b) at the highest level and c) in third countries.
On June 14, 2001 in Bangkok it was re-affirmed that the ceasefire agreement is between the Government of India and NSCN as two entities without territorial limits. The process was further strengthened on 11th July, 2002, the then Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee declared recognition of the ‘unique history and situation of the Nagas’ by the GOI. This agreement is land mark in the historical and political journey of the Nagas as India accepted for the first time that Nagas were never a part of India either by conquest or by consent of the Naga people. In addition, it recognizes that, the prevailing situation in Nagalim is political in nature and not that of law and order problem of India, thus, requiring political solution. Hectic negotiations for eighteen (18) years culminated to the historic signing of Framework Agreement between the GOI and NSCN on August 3rd, 2015. Thereafter, the seven (7) NNPGs were joined the talk for an inclusive peace process on September 27th 2017.

*3) Resentment against R N Ravi’s dual role and his conduct thereafter*
R N Ravi in his dual role as the GOI interlocutor as well as the Governor of Nagaland was viewed with skepticism by the Naga people at large. However, the federation refrained from making our disagreement public hoping that he would discharge his dual duty with the highest degree of integrity which, to our utter dismay, was not to be.
R N Ravi has been indulging in rhetoric words and practices which has resulted in much chaos and confusion in the Naga society. Though his cunningly concocted attempt to divide the Naga society into ‘primary stakeholders’ and ‘secondary stakeholders’ was an utter failure, he has gone about painting a glossy picture of the same through print and electronic media.
It has come to light through various sources and media houses that the Indian interlocutor has been adopting the practice of twisting and misinterpreting the words enshrined in the historic framework agreement against agreed terms and principles to suit his political overlords. Such a practice is inimical to the unique history and legitimate rights of the Naga people. It has also become crystal clear to the Naga people that GOI is approaching the peace process from a bureaucratic lens which is leading to the misinterpretation of compentencies that has been mutually worked out so far between the entities.

*4) Deadline in the negotiation process*
The Indo-Naga peace process has been ongoing since the last 22 years making much progress. However, the recent development wherein the GOI interlocutor has been resorting to imposing a uniteral deadline of 31st October’ 19 upon the Naga negotiating team is against the universally accepted principle of a peaceful and mutually agreed negotiation. No honorable solution can be brought about if one of the teams to the negotiation starts to throw their weight around and tries to impose the same upon the opposite party. More so, the projected deadline has been responsible for much pain and has thrown the Naga society into further chaos which is totally the opposite of what the peace process seeks to achieve, i.e. permanent peace and tranquility in the Naga homeland.
The federation therefore seeks the intervention of your good office in advising the interlocutor to refrain from holding the hard earn peace process to the ransom of time.

*5) NSF and other civil organizations sidelined in the present consultative process*
It is an undeniable fact that the NSF is the oldest pan Naga civil society organization formed to represent the voice of the Naga people. It is also the fact that the federation is older than even the Union of India. However, in the recent series of consultative meets, the federation has been left out as an uninvited guest thereby depriving the Naga students and youths of the opportunity to express their aspirations and desires from the impending solution to the protracted Indo-Naga political issue. We must admit that our sentiments have been deeply hurt by the non-invitation by Shri. R N Ravi, the GOI interlocutor to the Peace talk and current Governor of Nagaland. NSF is not against any organization or individuals invited for consultation, however, as the main stakeholder representing the voices of those who will inherit ‘the solution, it is unimaginable for the consultation process to be a mandated one without the NSF.

*6) Economic packages alone is no solution at all*
The sacrifices of many Nagas whether they are dead or still alive, is not a struggle for Naga identity alone; it is also a struggle for self determination, a struggle against the imposition of alien culture and values upon us, a struggle against the ‘divide and rule’ policy of the forces determined to keep us subjugated.
It is in this background that the NSF made its standpoint crystal clear that Economic packages or monetary assistance cannot purchase the rights of the Naga people. Rather, the GOI should not hesitate from allowing the Naga people to retain their legitimate rights.
Further, the Naga people have come a long way by denouncing the 16th Point Agreement or the Shillong Accord and that any sort of agreement that is going to be signed between the GOI and Naga negotiators should not be mere reaffirmation or expansion of 16 Point Agreements.

*7) Conclusion*
In the backdrop of the above given history and position, the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) hereby demands your good office that:
1) The Unique Naga Identity be recognized through the Naga National flag which is dear to the hearts and minds of the Naga people.
2) The Government of India (GOI) to honor the 3rd August Framework Agreement both in letter and in spirit as it was signed by both the entities in the presence of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India.
3) Solution to the protracted indo-Naga political issue should be inclusive, honorable and acceptable basing on the uniqueness of Naga History.
4) GOI should focus on ‘mutually negotiated solution’ instead of ‘imposed solution’.
5) GOI should desist from provoking the situation by sending Indian Armies to Naga homeland and issuing statement of threat.

The Naga Students Federation takes our stand to make it succinctly and explicitly clear that the federation for all times to come continue to pursue the Pan Naga youth aspiration of integration and sovereignty through a democratic process. The Federation shall continue to stand by its own identity and principles laid down by its founding fathers in the larger interest of the Nagas.
We pray that the right wisdom will prevail and will bring lasting peace and progress to the Naga people.

Copy to:
1) Eno. Antonio Guterres Secretary General, United Nations (UN), New York
2) Ralph Bunche, Secretary General, Unrepresented Nations and Peoples’ Organization (UNPO), Brussells, Belgium
3) Dr. Frans Welman, Secretary, Naga International Support Centre (NISC) Amsterdam
4) Guard File
Sd/- President, Naga Students’ Federation
Sd/- President, Anal Lenruwl Tangpi (ALT)
Sd/- President, Angami Students’ Union (ASU)
Sd/- President, Ao Kaketshir Mungdang (AKM)
Sd/- President, All Zeliangrong Students’ Union (AZSU)
Sd/- President, Chakhesang Students’ Union (CSU)
Sd/- President, Lotha Students’ Union (LSU)
Sd/- President, Lamkang Kurchuknao Kunpun (LKK)
Sd/- President, Mao Students’ Union (MSU)
Sd/- President, Maram Students’ Union (MKS)
Sd/- President, Maring Students’ Union (MSU)
Sd/- President, Mongsang Naga Students’ Union (STS)
Sd/- President, Moyon Naga Students’ Union (TTBR)
Sd/- President, Poumai Naga Tsiidoumai Me (PNTM)
Sd/- President, Pochury Students’ Union (PSU)
Sd/- President, Rengma Students’ Union (RSU)
Sd/- President, Sumi Kiphimi kuqhakulu (SKK)
Sd/- President, Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong (TKS)
Sd/- President, All Naga Students’ Association Manipur (ANSAM)
Sd/- President, All Nagaland College Students’ Union