Open Letter to the Coward The Naga Blog (Facebook)

The idea of having a blog like – The Naga Blog is good.  It is quite appreciable that with the initiative of the Admins.  the members have also done some good work for the people. When there were some truthful Admin. in the initiative stage, the blog was good. However, your blog is going from good to bad and now from bad to worst due to your cowardliness.

As a Naga and having concern for our Naga people, I become a member of your group and interact with some of the members. I find that some of the members are educated, having common sense, love for our Naga people and I really appreciate them. However, there are many who assume themselves to be the real Naga – the only Naga on earth and act like a boss without having anything on their head.  However, that is no the main issue here as every one cant think alike and live for the people.

As far as I know, you have removed me Four times from your group without any reason or with a silly reason.  In my first and second removal, I did not say much. However,  in my third removal by one of your learned Admin. I have posted about the removal in one group also posted in my status. Otherwise, I never do anything against you – the coward Naga Admin.

I have posted two important issue on Naga current issue. However, you have never approved my post.  When I posted a news like message to your group, you have approved my (Testing Post) to test the Admin.  If you have little common sense and not that much stupid and coward, you could easily understand that it was a post for fun to test the mind of the coward and crazy Admin.  I have clearly mentioned that my post in your group was to test the tiny brain of the Admin. of TNB and you have really proved me right. You really have little brain and coward.

Why you have never approved my earlier post which has some genuine issue on Naga current affair? Why you have choose to approve that post, which is means to test the tiny brain? You are really very coward and stupid enough.

Coward Admin. It is a great shame to have an educated Naga coward like this. The coward dies many times before he actually die.  Surely this Admin will die many times more before the grave is ready.  How can you behave like the terrorists who restrict the Freedom of Expression? It would be much better if you would give a chance to the members to have freedom of expression without any bias.

The The Naga Blog the most coward I have ever seen in Facebook.  Educated but very coward. More worst than Taliban.  It is really interesting that the coward Admin. of TNB has approved my testing post which was to test the crazy and coward admin.of TNB. But denied all other genuine post, that has the truth inside.

Crazy and coward Admin.  If you are not too coward and crazy, you should have approve before you removed me from the group. You coward and crazy Admin. may want to backbites (gossip) about me only after removing me.  But don’t be too coward.  If you are a man, you should have approved my post before you removed me from your group.  So that we can talk and discuss like face to face.

Anyway, there is not medicine available in the market for a coward like you. I wish to purchase if available in the market so that you may be bold enough to face the truth in the future. The coward will continue to die many more times. Crazy admin.

By the way, why you are so scare of me? Interesting coward admin.