My Perception and I

My Perception and I

It is only my projection that makes me to hate or love someone or something; no human or nothing is good or bad in this world – it simply is. It is my projection that I projected something good or bad. I may be born in a rich or poor family but my future life decides on my projection, perception, attitude, approach, concept, pre-concept, understanding, interest and desire. My parents, friends or environment cannot decide my present or future life. It is my projection that the world is a good place to dwell or miserable place to dwell in. It is through my understanding and attitude that I can change my wrong projection and perception about someone or something.

It is very important how I approach or project the people or a situation in my mind. My positive or negative thoughts come from my projection, perception or pre-concept. I remember a story. There were two sons in a family. The father drinks everyday and fights with all the family members. The elder son follows the footstep of his dad and drinks everyday as he grows up. One day, someone asked him, “Why do you drink every day?” My father was like that and how could I be different from him? The younger son never drinks unlike his brother and father. Someone asked him, “Why did you never booze like your elder brother and father?” He said, “I am not happy with my father who always drinks and fights with all the family members; I don’t want to be like him.” It is his projection, understanding and perception on his dad that make him to change his life. He was convinced that if he were like his dad, other people would dislike associating with him.

When we perceive something in our mind, it continues to linger around our mind till we develop a constructive or negative projection. Whatever we do – whether good or bad, our understanding, perception, projection or pre-concept, etc decide what to do. We may be very poor but the situation or environment cannot make us richer. It is our only positive projection, attitude, perception and approach (PAPA) that will make us richer in our hearts primarily. We may be from a rich family but our lives may be miserable like the poorest in the world with our wrong PAPA. Man’s ends are unlimited and cannot be content with our richness on our wrong projection, attitude, perception and understanding. Suppose you find a beautiful dress and you want to purchase it. But when you observe it and re-examine, nothing is special in that dress but only the latest fashion. The quality of the dress material is ordinary and not durable – then you think that this dress deceives your eyes and heart. Nobody has deceived you. Your mind projected – the dress is good and so you purchase it! One day a person may perceive a beautiful thing; the other day the same person may perceive a thing very ugly. Likewise, it is our projection, perception and understanding that the whole thing around us is pictured beautiful or ugly.

The situation or environment is similar to all the people in this world. Our projection, attitude, perception, approach and pre-concept make us sad or happy. Who is perfect in this world? Everybody encounters problems – the rich or the poor man. The people from a developed country like UK or the US or from a third world country like India or Pakistan – they have problems to be solved. Our right projection, perception, approach and attitude only can help to solve the problem or overcome a difficult situation.

When people have right approach, attitude, projection and perception to the given situation or environment, that very difficult situation or environment cannot make a person’s life ordinary or meaningless. Sometimes we may not be able to solve the problem immediately but our right attitude, approach, perception and projection can solve or remove the problem in our mind. Where does the problem lie? Can you see the problem or touch the problem? Many people think that problem is the biggest “problem” in their lives; they want to remove the problem by their hands or with something. But can you remove the problem by your hands, which you cannot touch?

Problem cannot be touched by hands but felt only in our heart. So something, which cannot be touched by hands, cannot be removed by our hands either. Many times problem lies only in your projection, perception, understanding, mind and pre-concept. Can we touch our perception, understanding and attitude? If not so, we cannot remove the problem by our hands. Everywhere there is problem and we encounter problems in our own way. The problems or difficulties can be changed by our projection, perception, attitude and approach. It is easier to change our PAPA than changing or removing the problems. When we change our PAPA, the problem automatically and subsequently vanishes.

Our success in our works depends on our PAPA! It is not only the rich people who can be successful in this world. Anybody that has right PAPA will be succeeding in life. It is the PAPA that makes a man’s life different from others and worthwhile. There was a man selling balloons on the roadside. A boy came and asked the man, “Will this black balloon fly very high like the red balloon?” Then the man replied, “It is not the red color balloon that can fly very high but the Neon gas which is inside the balloon.” Likewise, it is not the people from a good background or environment but the PAPA of human makes successful in life. We may be from a royal family but without having the right PAPA, we cannot face the world and become a successful human. People who blame the situation or environment have wrong projection, attitude, perception and approach. If we fail today, tomorrow we can be a successful person with our right PAPA. People with wrong PAPA are always bound to a failure. We fail not because of the situation or environment but we have gotten the wrong projection, attitude, perception and approach. We cannot blame the situation and environment for our failure in life.

We may be optimistic about our future lives. But we will be pessimists when we do not change our wrong PAPA. We may be full of confidence and optimism about our lives but we cannot face the failures and problems without the right PAPA. Every one encounters a problem at least and comes across failure in life; once we face such problems and failures, we will lose all our confidence and optimism if we lack the right PAPA. The problems are created due to our wrong projection, attitude, perception and approach and the problems can be solved with our right PAPA. Our whole life is molded by our projection, attitude, perception and approach. It is impossible for a human to commit suicide when he/she changes the wrong PAPA to right PAPA.

One day our life is beautiful; another day it could become meaningless as we change our projection, attitude, perception and approach. It is not the situation, environment or problem that makes us our lives ordinary or special. Our right PAPA is very crucial – our wrong PAPA can make us defeat or paralytic. We may appreciate and be inspired by someone, other people may not like and feel uninspired. It is only our projection on someone. The sunset looks beautiful to one person; and to another, sad. And to another it does not matter. In everybody’s life, there is something special and beautiful that needs to be dug out. Many people may not like an ugly and poor guy but there is something beautiful in him and he can be very helpful to many. Your right and constructive PAPA on him will make lots of difference on him.

A girl may be very beautiful and helpful according to your projection but to someone she may not be beautiful and helpful. It is because we have different projection, perception and approach on her. For some people defeat is the greatest enemy and saddest thing. Thus, they may want to end their lives due to defeatism. But for the people with different projection, attitude, perception and approach may not be the greatest enemy. For a human with right PAPA – it is the best time to learn the causes of the defeat and accept the defeat.

Osho was a bit notorious when he was young and he loved to play and talk in the class. One day, his teacher told him to get out of the class and stand in the corridor (verandah). His teacher made him to stand outside the class as a punishment but it was a chance for him to stand outside and watch the beautiful scene around. Hence, it was not a punishment for him in his heart. Here the point is that it is our projection, attitude, perception and approach that a human thinks a punishment or problem very big or small or no problem and no punishment. A person who cannot accept the defeat cannot overcome the defeat. The victorious people always accept the defeat with their right projection, attitude, perception and approach. But the people who do not want to accept the defeat will defeat themselves. The people, who cannot accept their mistakes, defeat, problem and failures with right PAPA cannot subdue and handle the situations either.

Accept all the people and everything around you as it is with your right approach, attitude, projection and perception and it will appear good as it is. To deal any kind of situations, people, problems, defeat or success, everything depends on our projection, attitude, perception and approach. Our right PAPA on human and everything around us will make our lives different in a special way. It is our projection, attitude, perception and approach that will mold our lives what we want to be. It is up to you to choose the right or wrong projection, attitude, perception and approach. (Written on 12-02-04)

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