Naga Community Hunting Sports

MOKOKCHUNG, SEP 26: Chuchuyimlang villagers on Tuesday went on a wild boar hunt, a traditional occasion partaken by both the young and old alike since time immemorial. At the end of the hunt, altogether 24 wild boars were killed.

According to Pangerwati, a teacher, the hunt was taken as per the order of the village council to track the herd of wild boars that destroyed more than eight paddy fields of the villagers.

Imlitoba added the hunting of wild boars happen only when they prove to be a menace in destroying the fields in large scale.

It took the villagers two whole days and nights to track the animals. While citing the stages of killing, Onenkaba and Onenlepzuk stated once the animals are tracked, the villagers form a human fence.

For killing inside the fence, only daos (machete) are allowed. The spears and daos are carried by villager elders in makeshift platforms adjacent to the fences.

Moreover, guns are forbidden and outsiders are not encouraged to participate. Once killing starts, the youngest generation of the age groups (sungpur) circles around the fence to carry out the killing.

After the animal is killed, equal share of meat is distributed to all participants. The head of the biggest kill goes to the eldest villager while the second largest kill is offered to the trackers (age-group). It should also be noted that heavy fines are levied on those who abstain from participating in the hunt.

This unique traditional community hunting sport of wild pigs was conducted under the initiative of the Chuchuyimlang Riongsanger Putu, the name of a ruling age-group known to have defeated their enemies as well as tigers and wild boars at ease.  – NPN