One government, one tax – a myth or reality?

Dr. K. Hoshi: 22 Jun. 2014 3:24 AM IST

Of late, there have been increasing civil uprisings against the so-called Naga Political Groups (NPG) for their excesses, especially in taxation. This is bad for Naga national politics because we will lose our face in the eyes of the world. Any political institution that has lost the confidence and support of the general public will ultimately come tumbling down sooner than later.

“One Government, one tax”; a resolution adopted by Against Corruption and Unabated Taxation (ACAUT) on October 31, 2013 emanated from protest against many years of suffering in the hands of some so-called national workers and apathy of the State towards the plight of the people. The Central government agencies in Nagaland will naturally turn a blind eye to the problem because it is serving their purpose.

In the past, Nagas had only one political institution; the Naga National Council (NNC) and and one national government; the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN). NNC had levied its membership fee @ Re. 1.00 per head and household tax @ Rs. 10.00 per household. Later on, when FGN was formed in 1956, the Naga national government levied additional annual army maintenance tax @ Rs. 100.00 per household. All other contributions were in the form of free-will gift that varied from hard cash to kinds; anything that could sustain the national workers. The national workers gladly accepted any gift without complaint. This is the type of NPG Nagas long for, today. NPGs of present day will not accept a pumpkin for a contribution. They will not accept anything less than hard cash. That’s the difference between national workers of yesteryears and of today.
In theory; “one government, one tax” is a very beautiful slogan. But in practice; it is not without complications because unification seems the last thing in the minds of the NPGs. While ACAUT’s resolution for one government is quite legitimate, unity as a timeless pre-condition for tax contribution towards Naga national cause will have far-reaching ramifications. It will lead to self-destruction from actions and counter-actions. It is already happening.

Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) has been working for reconciliation and unity of the NPGs since 2008. There’s no denying the fact that they have achieved reconciliation to a great extent. Yet, the dream of one national government still remains elusive. Which group is responsible for delaying the Naga unity? Isn’t it high time that FNR come out clear on this? If FNR is for the people, it should also be answerable to the people. Let Naga people know the truth. What’s the point endlessly trying to crack the hard nut whose hearts God must have hardened. People’s patience has a limit. It’s time that Nagas are allowed to call spade, a spade.

The resolution of ACAUT had committed that the people are prepared to pay tax to one unified Naga national government in addition to the State Government. This plainly puts that people in general still cherish for Naga sovereignty. The NPGs need to realize that Nagas are not refusing to pay tax for a national cause. The people are only refusing to pay tax to multiple governments. The people are against paying tax to NPGs that are misusing tax payers’ money for personal gratification without transparency and accountability. Constructing palatial houses, driving latest MUV/SUVs, leading luxurious life-style, etc. have become mockery to tax payers. What people want is for the national governments to channelize tax payers’ money through a unified government and use it to promote Naga cause at home and across the world.

It is unbecoming of the NPGs and their governments to relegate themselves to Nagaland State’s internal affairs. Never had the feeling of Nagas of Nagaland State and Nagas of outside Nagaland State so pronounced as of today. This is partly the creation of the national governments. As far as Naga national politics for sovereignty is concerned, the Nagas had integrated themselves, both territorially and emotionally in Article 1 of Naga Yehzabo. Therefore, it is self-defeating to call ourselves Nagas of Nagaland State or Nagas of other Indian States.
Naga sovereignty is not something to be wished away; at least, not for the sake of the fallen true patriots. Therefore, if sovereignty is still our goal, it is imperative that we exercise caution and restraint in our talks and actions, lest our own folly is used against us by our ever watchful adversary to their advantage.

Any public action against the excesses should be subjective and not against the political institution, provided the NPGs do not shield the criminals. A criminal is a criminal, irrespective of whether one is in this group or that group. The actions of some NPGs and their ranks and file are doing dis-service to Naga national cause by deviating from national principle. They are no less anti-national than what they had branded the articulate common men. It’s time to segregate true nationalists from pseudo-nationalists. Any NPG that is against Naga unity must be pseudo-nationalist. We owe it to the true nationalists; past, present and future for their service because Naga National politics is fated to stay so long as sovereignty is the dream or till it is totally wiped out by our adversary through its divisive policy as of today.


By: Apem Hongvah


Before I write about the night life in Nagaland particularly in the commercial hub, Dimapur let me dwell a bit about the history and evolution of nightclub. A nightclub (also known as a discotheque, or simply a club or disco) is an entertainment venue which usually operates late night. It is generally distinguished from bars, pubs, taverns by the inclusion of a dance floor and a Dj booth where DJ plays recorded music. From about 1900 to 1920, working class Americans would gather at honky tonks or juke joints to dance to music played on a piano a jukebox. Webster hall is credited as the first modern nightclub.

During US prohibition, nightclubs went underground as illegal speakeasy bars with rumors circulation of police bribery. With the repeal of prohibition in February 1993 nightclubs were revived and the rest is history .Nightclub entry criteria may vary from club to club. Many nightclubs choose who can enter on the basis other than just age, e.g. dress code and guest list. This is used to make their status as a nightclub more “exclusive “quiteoften, there are no clear policies governing entry into nightclub thereby allowing doormen/bouncer to deny entry to anybody at their discretion. I for one had partied in different metropolitan cities in India and had also organized events in different parts in Indiaparticularly in the capital city Delhi and in NCR region like Gurgaon and Noida. Most of the party goers in cities are working people and of course the universities students. Cent percent of the party goers would hit the club either in the weekend or during their week off just so to relief themselves from their stressfully weeklong workload. There is no denying the fact there always are people who hit with club to gratify their sexual pleasure (depending upon the situation based on consensual).

The existence of club in the so called commercial hub in Dimapur had a different story to tell altogether .I had visited almost all the club in Dimapur which I am not proud of. Whilst I was in Delhi I heard a lot about the nightlife in Dimapur from many friends and I was actually fascinated by such stories which in reality turn out to be otherwise .Unlike the clubs in metropolitan cities there is no such thing called ‘AGE LIMIT’ in Dimapur night club. Most of the party goers are underage (you will also get to see lots of married woman and married man which I don’t object so long as they came and spend their own money) but the problem kicks in when a married man would try to hit a young girl (mostly wearing a skimpy dress) who would of actually been his daughter age. Since the club owner doesn’t check the identity card to confirm about the biological age cent percent of the clubbers are underage with no income or less income (most of them depends on their parents for their pocket money) what is more ironical is the presence of hordes of miya’s , marwaris, Indians (no pun intended- allow me to be a a bit selfish in this) .

I get to see lots of North eastern girl hanging out with the main land Indians, Nigerians, hippies, Russians in metropolitan cities and who am I to raise objection in such matter so long as they are hanging out with mutual consent .However, I never could imagine in my wildest dream that such trend would happen in my own land where I was born and raised. However to my dismay I get to see lots of young Naga girl hovering around with the miya’s or for that matter of the reason why our Naga girl hang around with them could be because they find it more secure with them plus they might as well be paying them (it’s just a speculation tough).

Another drawbacks of nightclub in Dimapur is it doesn’t have any time long as the party goers continue to shell out their money and buy drinks the club will remain open until morning and thus it gives an opportunity to people who came with ulterior motives to finished their unfinished business taking maximum advantages of those drunk and happy going kids who party like there is no tomorrow and doesn’t mind sharing their bed when given a ride or offer some assistance. I had been told that some young Naga girls had been chased out from their parents because they would sneak out at wee hours almost like every day to hit the club and would return home in the morning (some end up sleeping at their friends place /hotels). The parents couldn’t condone such behaviors which eventually force them to take suck extreme steps in a bid to either keep them at bay or just so to let their child learned a lesson. Such girls would end up living at their friends place or they would group themselves and stay at a lodge or lives in a rented apartment with no income to support which eventually force them to give paid services even. How cheap have we become? As opposed to club in metro cities most of the club goers in Nagaland goes to club like thrice or even more in a week if my source is correct. So you can imagine how do they manage to get the money in the club when most of them are underage with no income or with very less income (I know there are many children from a well to do family as well) keeping in mind the exorbitant rate charge by the club in any alcoholic beverages (in a tax free -so called dry state, underground might as well have their own share ).

There are hordes of hooligans in the club as well. Most Guys would end up flexing their muscles by hitting each other. They would drink like there is no tomorrow and the more they drink the more boosts full they are likely to become which eventually leads to individual fights or group fights. Fighting’s in the club is common phenomenon everywhere but at least in other parts of the world they maintain some level of decency. Group fights can even results in the loss of a life. Most of the Dimapur club doesn’t have a proper lift system and walk over. Any drunken person could of easily fall and hit the ground (I am just saying). Looking at the way things are changing around the world we too want to become one yet the way we behave and act is just so pathetic (pathetic is the word I would want to use).

My whole point being the existence of club is doing more harm than good. I for one wouldn’t recommend having a club in Nagaland at the moment because it still is not at a par with the rest of the world in terms of maintaining a standard and the way we behave .Let us be civil first even if at all there has to be a club in Nagaland (depending on the consensus of the people).while appreciating the Announcement of banning of nightclub in Dimapur by the NSCN (IM) ,it is also requested to enforce in letter and in spirit less it becomes a mockery .In this venture the involvement of civil societies, students activist ,youth leaders is much needed .A holistic approach to address the problem is the need of the hour. It needs a concerted effort from all and sundry. Am certain that the club owner (I don’t have any personal grudges) might try to offer something to let things run as it is. But for posterity sake it will be best to ignore when such offer comes in their table. If the NSCN leaders can manage to do that and if the civil societies can co-operate by not only raising their voice but give their time and energy by educating the masses we can say that we are cleaning up the mess for real .


An open letter to fellow theologians and pastors of Nagaland

By: Kaka D. Iralu

Dear colleagues,
In all my years of attending Church services for over the past half a century, I have never heard of a sermon preached on the subject of nations or politics which is related to the existence of nations. Is this because the subject of nations or nationhood is a non existing theme in the Bible? As for me, to my utter surprise, I discovered in 1997 that the Bible mentions the word “nation” and “Nations “481 times in the Bible. On the other hand, the word “salvation” is mentioned only 163 times in the Bible. (This Kakastatistics is based on Google search and I am not here implying that the word nation is more important than the word salvation)The point that I however want to make is that, though the subject of salvation is almost always mentioned in our church services, why have we been silent on the subject of “nations” for all these years? Another point I would like to mention here is the fact that, without the fact of nations and their existence, the subject of salvation would have no meaning whatsoever. After all, God did not send his son into the world to redeem the material world or the animals inhabiting the planet earth! Sadly, the word or the theme of nations or politics is almost a word of anathema (Forbidden) in our Churches. As for myself, I have been writing and speaking on this subject for the past 17 years.
As far as we Nagas are concerned, this subject of our nationhood and its implications has devastated our lands for the past 62 years (1947-2014). In this long period of time, many thousands of Nagas have sacrificed their lives for our national politics and cause. The survivors have also been so badly affected by its repercussions that today; our society has now become a society where our economic lives, our professional futures and even our very survival as a nation is under threat. And yet, will the theologically trained Nagas still keep mum and silent over these issues and only preach about heaven and the afterlife?
The Bible clearly declares that God is the creator of nations. It also states that He is the giver of our geographical lands (Acts 17:26; Dt 32:8 etc). As such, it clearly infers that the political and geographical sovereignty of any nation on earth is a right already granted to all nations by the sovereign God of the universe.  Can India then forcibly occupy our God given lands and claim that Nagaland is Indian Territory and Nagas are Indians? Can they butcher over two lack Nagas with their military might and impose heinous laws like AFSPA and persecute Nagas for over half a century? When all these most ungodly and sacrilegious activities have been perpetrated in our lands, will Naga theologians and the Church just stand by and watch? Is the Indian state imposed in Nagaland a divine will of God to which every Naga must bow their heads to? When some of our own so called national leaders are rampaging across our lands killing our own fellow Naga Christians and extorting every citizen of Nagaland with their slogan of Nagaland for Christ, will the Naga theologians and Churches just cower behind the four walls of their Churches and say nothing? Fellow theologians, is there really nothing in the Bible to be said against all these evils in our lands?
When will we ever search the scriptures and come up with Biblical injunctions and teachings to combat all these evils perpetuated in our lands for the past  more than six decades?
Any reader of the Bible will inevitably discover and realize that the Bible is a book about creation, nations, anthropology, history, and political rights. In fact almost all the Constitutions of the world and Civil Penal Codes of Governments on earth (including that of India’s too), are based on the Ten Commandments of God as enshrined in the Bible. Also all the universal declarations of human rights declared by the UN are based on Biblical laws and rights commanded by God. Besides this, the Bible is also a book about ecology, economy, agriculture etc. and man’s responsibility to nature as God’s regent on earth.
Why then are Naga theologians silent on all these issues of life that are pertinent for our survival and our existence on earth?  “Glory hallelujah” will be the day our Churches and theologians begin to speak on these issues from the thousands of pulpits across the length and breadth of Nagaland. Only such a day will usher in the Kingdom of God into Nagaland and make our land a glorious land whose God is the Lord (Ps.33:12).


Conversation With Mr. Khaplang

By: Thomas | NNC Member.

After eight years of NSCN formation, Mr. Khaplang realized the wrong policy of Muivah and hence decided to apart from him, which led the NSCN split into two factions in 1988. Soon as the split took place among them, Mr. Khaplang declared he stands for unity and solidarity of Nagaland and announced that he will welcome Naga national leaders, public leaders, Church leaders and student leaders who would like to talk with him for national unity and reconciliation.

I took his declaration as a good gesture and opportunity for meeting him to talk for national unity and thus boldly decided to go to meet him. I started from Kohima on 27th November, 1990, along with two other NNC Central Committee Members namely Messrs Ku-o Angami and I. Toshi Ao. We reached the NSCN-K’s Council Headquarters (CHQ) Thingpa, Heimi Region on 6th January 1991. I take Mr. Khaplang as my own elder brother since we are from the same Heimi Region and our discussion was frankly as brothers.

I suggested him to break the barrier which prevents us to stop killings and reunification by denouncing the formation of NSCN as wrong. To form the socialist government was purely the idea and policy of Muivah but not yours, and you have the right to declare the formation of NSCN was wrong.

I felt regretted for Mr. Khaplang blatantly rejected my suggestion, saying: do you think that I was used by Muivah pinching on my ear? As we have no sustainable understanding for national unity, we insisted him and his colleagues to have peace among us (between NNC/FGN and Khaplang group), to which they agreed and signed for peace on 10th January 1991 and we returned back on January 12, 1991.

After ten years, that was in 2000: I went to meet him (Khaplang) again and reached at his Laa Hong CHQ on September 18. I told him; I could reach you after ten years taking the grave risk of my life, for I don’t want the killing among the Nagas and take the risk of my life in the interest of national unity. Since 1991, we could maintain peace among us, and through which we could save many lives. Again today, if we could take another positive step in the interest of peace and reconciliation, we will save many lives again. Unless you denounce the NSCN and relinquish it, there is no way to stop the killings. You may intensively fight against IM group but you can’t overpower them and neither can IM group do to you. But only losing of more lives will be counted sad fully as the result of fighting in between you (IM and K groups). You know the fact by now that Muivah and Isak have politically failed. Their failure is yours as well. Because, even if you are in two different groups, but are in the same NSCN. But if you think, you have optimistic to achieve our cherish goal, please tell me, I’ll absolutely support you and follow you. But he told me nothing. And then I asked him, why then you don’t want to rejoin the NNC/FGN again? What is the reason? Please tell me frankly.

He said; I have three reasons: “the first, I cannot accept the observing Nagaland Independence Day by the NNC. Because the declaration of independence in 1947 was, the Nagas who were under the British colonial rule declared themselves freed from the British colonial rule. As we are free Nagas, we will not accept it. We will observe only the day, our independent and sovereignty is recognized by the world. Secondly, I do not accept calling to rejoining the FGN, for the FGN was formed without participation of free Nagas but only the Nagas who were once under the British rule. Thirdly, I do not accept, the Naga country name “Nagaland”, that is only the name referred to the present so-called Nagaland State. I prefer to have our country name as “United Nagaland”.

My explanations on his points were: that the Nagas in fact did not need to declare independence in those days because we all were free and independent people, but our leaders had done it in order to safeguard the sovereignty of Nagaland in those days of changing world so that no nation could challenge us in the future. To become the British subject, we have no treaty and agreement with the British, and therefore the British have no point to declare granting independent to Nagaland and neither did the Nagas need to declare that they were freed from the British colonial rule. We all were free people and yet, the intention of our leaders to announce our age-old independence to the outside world was only to let the world know the Nagas will remain independent as in ancient time. But not as we were freed from the British rule.

On the Second point: It was explained that the FGN was formed not only by the Nagas who were under the British occupation but including free Nagas from the North-east such as Konyak, Khiamniungan, Chang, Sangtam, Yimchunger and Phom. Among free Nagas, only Heimi and Somra Nagas did not participate due to lack of information and communication.

On the third point: I told him; according to Nagaland Yehzabo (Constitution), Nagaland is comprised of all territories inhabited by the Nagas. Our country name “Ngaland” was given by the NNC leaders when the Naga National Council was formed on 2nd February 1946, and the same was approved by the Tatar Hoho (Parliament) on March 22, 1956, when the Federal Government of Nagaland was duly formed. The name of Indian puppet state was also given as Nagaland in 1960 by the leaders of so-called Naga People’s Convention. It is therefore, name of Nagaland is not only referred to Indian puppet state but all the Naga territories.

And I continued, saying; if you principally accept my suggestion to work for national reconciliation, I will be staying with you here and take time to make Heimi and Koyank national workers understand on our national affairs. When they have fully understood, we can convene a public general meeting in and around Konyak Region and from there we have to declare the NSCN-K group has formally rejoined the NNC/FGN. This is the only way that we can stop killing among the Nagas and brings national unity once again. But Khaplang showed no sign to agree with my suggestion and I returned back to Kohima again.

Later after three years, I reached to his Laa Hong CHQ once again on January 9, 2003. This time our discussion was the most animated and vituperative. When I started to suggest him again to work for national unity by denouncing the NSCN; he angrily responded me saying: “why are you always urging me to rejoin the NNC? What had the NNC done? If the NNC has the way to achieve our national goal, why Phizo has failed to do it? Why Ms. Adinno could not do it? Why are you always saying that only the NNC has the right to tell Naga national history? No! we all have the right to tell our history”.

I responded him saying: if the NNC did not sow the seeds of Naga nationalism, today you and I will not be here to work for the Naga nation, and we will have no history. The NNC has done a lot for the Naga nation and today what we talk about our national history are only the records of the NNC. For the failure, you talk about is not only to be blamed Phizo or Adinno. As Phizo was sent to abroad by our people, he has done his duty to inform the outside world of the Naga national right, the suffering and plight of the Nagas in the hands of India. His efforts captured world opinion to support the Naga cause presenting before the U.N. However, by the news that Naga People’s Convention had accepted statehood under the Indian Constitution hampered his work in 1960s. Again in 1968, the formation of revolutionary government made his work suffered a severe setback again, and moreover the formation of NSCN did the same to his achievement. The Nagas have no unison voice to support Phizo and his daughter Adinno Phizo and neither did extend financial support to them. Then how can they do to make achievement. Even if you were there, you can’t do so.

You are right to say all Nagas can tell the Naga national history, but my point of view is; even if you or Muivah and Isak tell or write the history of the NNC/Naga nation, it won’t become as a history of the NSCN and neither can use it by the NSCN leaders as a history of the NSCN. This fact already proved by Isak and Muivah that without historical background they have no alternative to achieve Naga national goal. Because when they moved away from the NNC, they also moved away from the history and mandate of the people. The history and mandate of the people are not private properties to be taken away or used as one’s own will, but can be used them within the platform of the NNC, since the history is written and mandate is given on the platform of the NNC. This truth Muivah and Isak firmly said in 1976 that “without the NNC there is no short cut way to achieve our national goal”.

However, in 1980, they reversed their stand, stating; “It is arms and arms again that will save our nation and ensure freedom to the people” and hence started a new history in 1980. But they have failed to achieve their expected goal through arms struggle. We are obligated to fight for our national objective is solely based on truth and historical facts. For this reason I urge you to rejoin the NNC. The NNC belongs to all Nagas and rejoining the NNC doesn’t mean surrendering to the NNC. Please don’t compare our national affairs with mere party politics. The politicians of political party are playing politics to form their own party government, and they can dissolve their parties if necessary in the interest of jointly forming a new party whatever the name they agreed upon. But we can’t do the same way, because we are building our nation and striving to solve the conflict with the aggressors by addressing our history. After the problem is solved with the aggressors, then only party politics will be followed. But for now, we should not divert our nationalism into petty party politics or dilute it with other issues or political ideology.

You are a renowned leader among our Heimi people, your life should not be ended in bad record. Our lives are in the hands of God and we don’t know when our lives will be taken away by our Lord God. The killing among the Nagas started in our time and it should not be handed down to the younger generation without solving it. This is needed to solve by you before you die in the larger interest of our people and for the sake of your good record as well. The enemy is playing delaying tactics to solve the conflict with the Nagas. And as long as we are divided we can do nothing to achieve our national goal in our life time, instead we will be adding to succeeding the enemy’s policy.

As you asked me the question “what the NNC has done?”; so also some Nagas will ask you, what the NSCN has done? What will be your answer? He said nothing. I continued saying; as soon as you have formed the NSCN; you, the NSCN crushed down Khiamniungan Region in 1980, where the NSCN killed more than 500 Khiamniungan people, and then in 1984-85, the NSCN waged war against Lainong Nagas and there too the NSCN killed more than 800 Lainongs and razed down their villages into ashes. In 1988, the NSCN split into two factions, and now the two factions are joining hands with the enemies and fighting against each other. When the Indian elections are conducted the two NSCN factions are intentionally and diligently involving in the Indian elections. By forcefully they are collecting money from the Naga people and building their luxurious lives. All these are not that the NSCN has done? He said; some of Western Naga leaders have been doing as what you said.

The fighting among the NSCN factions is happening according to prophetic words which told you in 1984 through the boy Kummo Heimi in Eastern Nagaland and also Evangelist Athui Zeliang from Western Nagaland. The boy told you the words emanated by the Holy Spirit, that you should relinquish the NSCN setup and rejoins the NNC. If you do not obey Me, more killings will be happened among yourselves. On this Mr. Khaplang said: yes, we failed to obey the words of the Holy Spirit. We were told to summon FGN leaders including President Zashei Huire from Western side and have a meeting hosting a white flag on the hill top between Tsünkhao and Kingphu villages and declare reuniting with the NNC in the spirit of forgive and forget. He narrated it with regretfully. But no action was followed up accordingly.

And lastly, I gave another suggestion to form a committee from his group comprising five or seven members. The NNC/FGN has a committee and the two committees should have continuous and intensive talk for reconciliation. I could come to you once after ten years or five years, we therefore should have continuous talk through our committees in order to build up well understanding for reconciliation. On this my suggestion, he said; I have Council of Kilonsers (Ministers) and should have to discuss with them for your suggestion. But till date he has done nothing for the reconciliation. Now it is running more than ten years again.

How would you term Rio’s shift to the centre?

By: Thepfulhouvi Solo. 
I would like to propose the question to the citizens of Nagaland as to how they would term the Chief Minister Neiphi Rio’s Shift of his political Field of Play from the STATE to the NATIONAL.
The question is a bit uneasy to most thinking Nagas; some seemed a little uneasy and others hesitant to answer because the question has a load and has also a Rider too.
One veteran old Thinker said:
“let me think and phone you a little later’.
And a little later, he phoned me:
“He (Rio) has mischievously bamboozled the people”.
The Writer asked: “What do you mean by ‘Bamboo-zzle’?”
And he said:
“You look up in the Dictionary for the meaning”.
I leafed through the big heavy ‘OXFORD DICTIONARY’ and it said: (cheat, hoax, mystify).
Another said: “I would not call it ‘a cheat or hoax’; I would call it: ‘very undesirable’”.
“Don’t say anything now, you just remain quiet and see what will happen after the Election Result: he may even resign if he does not get a Ministerial birth”, another said:
 The Writer -without malice to the Person- would say: “Rio has gone to the Centre in search of a Jersey Cow which will give more milk to him than the Desi Cow”.
The time has come to Nagaland for us to talk very frankly, even vulgarly naked Truth sometimes, but with very little malice, so that Nagaland is purged of its Dross out of our inadequacies.
Jersey Island is a 49 square mile Area, much nearer the French Coast in the English Channel, but the Island belongs to the UK. Soon after you land in the Airport; in stead of hearing modern noisy Vehicles and Cars, you become aware the Island is a cacophony of deeply mowing Cows here and there all over the places, one after the other.
Jersey Island is famous for its high milk yielding Jersey Cows and the Municipal jealously guards the Breed of the Cows. Nobody is allowed to keep a Bull Cow without a 300 years history of high milk Yield Record, every Bull must have  a Government Registration Number marked on the inside of one of its Ears!
One night, over the Dinner, a Farmer told all about the Animal and said a Cow yielded a record 32. kg of Jersey Milk a day the English are very fond of. Most of the male Cows on birth, are donated to the Jersey Zoo of World Famous Gerald Durrell, born in an Assam Tea Garden and invited a head hunter Naga!
Mr. Rio’s abandoning Shift of the Chief Minister Seat in Nagaland, is said to be a case of personal sacrifice for Nagaland; but the undesirables and the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages to the public:
i. It would lessens the special category status of the State of Nagaland.
From 1929 on, the Nagas have been stating a separate category of life from Mainstream life of India. Nagaland got a great measure what it wanted: -a special category of constitutional provision of Freedom for the Traditional Customary Practices and the Right of the Ownership of the land and its resources for the Nagas of Nagaland from the overriding weight of Indian Parliament.
The kith and kin people of the other Northeast States also now clamor for similar treatment from the Centre. If the Centre accedes; it may start a long domino effect to its burdens. On the other hand, if it would not listen to the voices of the other majority of the States; it would appear the Centre is not playing just.
The Centre is on the horns of dilemma on the Issue and if the Centre observes even a slight change in Nagaland’s tight rope walk, that would compromise the State’s future.
By giving too much company to the common Northeast lot, Nagaland’s special category would be compromised. Nagaland must maintain its own Politics. It would do well for Nagaland to maintain its friendly distance from other Northeast States to preserve the special, peculiar Constitutional provisions it has.
Rio accepting the Convenership of the Federation of lip-service other Regional Parties of the Northeast, in liaison with the national Bharata Janata Party (BJP), is impure Milk.
ii. The Shift would disturb one of the most precious modern Government’s democratic Principle of Secularism.
 People in the rest of India today see a completely different look and Christian in the Nagas, at Nagaland and the Northeast: The Ethos of the BJP is Hindu; its hand and its fingers are not graceful to the people of other Religions. The Party intends to make a Bridge head in the Christian Northeast and if Christian Nagaland agrees to be yoked with it; my view it that it would be not good for the Society, if not unchristian.
Most Christian Theologians in Nagaland are well aware of Politics & Religion in the State and most keep themselves away from the Politics part of the combination. That is good but wise worldly silence often brings more harm to a Society than an honest voice against.
 iii. The sudden Shift would create a political Gulmal in Nagaland.
If Messi and Ronaldo were to suddenly change their playing Field from Spain to England, there will be considerable disturbances in the whole European football Club rankings: Rios sudden change of political playing field from Nagaland to Delhi may unfortunately create a political tsunami in Nagaland.
Already the rushing sound of a great Wind is heard; it is not known whether it will bring the Holy Spirit or political uncertainty to the State. If Rio failed to get a BJP Ministerial birth; it will be a loss to Nagaland a little and a great loss to Isac and Muivah! “You just keep quiet and wait and see”, advised an esteemed colleague.

ACAUT warns HoDs on salary deductions

ACAUT Nagaland has, in a letter to all Heads of Departments (HoDs) in Nagaland said the “long practice” of the government departments in Nagaland in deducting salaries of its employees “ for the so-called welfare of Naga Political Groups” was “illegal, arbitrary, and an open practice of corruption” that was in total violation of government service rules.

ACAUT in a joint statement issued by its chairperson L.Supong Ao and secretary Solomon L.Awomi, reminded that no HoDs or even departmental Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) “are authorised to deduct the salary of its employees for payment to any individuals or organisations”.
Further it also pointed out to the “standing government order” to such effect , that those department officials “carrying out such illegal activities” was a “ a serious offence and criminal charges are liable to be framed against such officials.”

ACAUT Nagaland asserted that the state government was a different entity and the Naga political movement, a separate issue and therefore, “the erring HODs and DDOs” should be held “fully responsible for such extra-constitutional acts and prosecuted”. 
It said when the cry was for reconciliation and peace, the government departments were “directly encouraging factionalism in the movement by doling out money to all factions, through illegal means” and so deemed such actions as “anti-Naga”.

ACAUT Nagaland disclosed that it “is taking up this issue” on behalf of the affected government servants and urged upon the government servants to report “unauthorised deduction of salaries” to its office or call Public Grievances Cell -8974761098, 8974956854, 9856915353 or 9612169539. -NPN

Inner Permit / Restricted Area Permit to enter Nagaland

Before embarking on a journey to Nagaland, acquiring the entry permit is a must. Domestic tourists should obtain the Inner Line permit issued by the authorities mentioned below. Permit fee is INR 6 per applicant.

Deputy Resident Commissioner, Nagaland House, New Delhi
Phone No. : +91-11-23012296 / 23793673

Deputy Resident Commissioner, Nagaland House, Kolkata
Phone No. : +91-33-22823247 / 22821967

Assistant Resident Commissioner In Guwahati and Shillong
Phone No. : +91-361-2332158 / 2333859 [Guwahati]
+91-364-252083 / 2520670 [Shillong]

Deputy Commissioner of Dimapur, Kohima and Mokokchung
Phone No. : +91-3862-226530 / 230613 [Dimapur]
+91-370-2290666 / 229055 [Kohima]
+91-369-2226231 / 220333 [Mokokchung]

Foreigners visiting Nagaland

Foreign tourists as of January 1, 2011 no longer require a Restricted Area Permit (RAP) / Protected Area Permit (PAP) to enter Nagaland. Previously, tourists were required to travel in a minimum group of four people. They were allowed to visit all 11 district headquarters and specified places with this permit, valid for 10 days, with an option to extend for up to a month.

The new rules only require foreigners to register themselves at the local Foreigners Registration Officer (FRO) of the district they visit within 24 hours of their arrival. However, the the citizens of Pakistan, Bangladesh and China still need to apply for PAP/ RAP from Home Ministry to visit Nagaland.  This is a temporary change in effect for one year. The RAP/PAP application process is included below for those tourists who may still be affected by the previous rules.

For best results, apply for the permit at:

Nagaland House in Delhi, Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi. Ph: +91 11 23012296

Source: Nagaland Tourism