Give Peace a Chance in Nagaland Through Reconciliation

# An appeal to all the Nagas by Naga Youth the Naga International Support Center

Genuine Reconciliation – From Hope to Reality
Peace is in the air
Give peace a chance

Come! Come! Come!

In adherence to the Call for Peace by Naga Youth the Naga International Support Center gladly supports their daring initiative and so calls on all Nagas, young and old, men and women, rich and poor of any Naga tribe to come to:

Hebron Camp of the NSCN on Sunday afternoon at 2 PM 13 October to show Nagas are serious about peace and peacemaking.
20 October at NNC Peace Camp,
27 October at Mon and
3 November at Zunebotho all at 2 PM

Let’s celebrate peace together

The Naga mandate is with NNC, NSCN IM, NSCN K, NSCN KK and so all are responsible for bringing peace through genuine reconciliation; together Nagas are strong.

Bring your placards with slogans like:

Thou shall not Kill
Give peace a chance
No more Fratricide
We celebrate peace
We want Justice and Peace

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Ceasefire without peace talks?

A Naga International Support Center, NISC,
,A human rights organization,

Amsterdam 26 February 2013

Press release

 Will ceasefire bring peace to the perilous Nagas of Burma/Myanmar?


Relatively recently the Khaplang group, NSCN-K, split off of the National Social Council of Nagaland (1988).agreed to a cease fire with the Government of Myanmar (formerly Burma) but no word was spent on much needed peace talks. Because the Government of Myanmar/Burma signed a ceasefire with the NSCN-K it implicitly recognized the NSCN-K as the representational body of the Naga populace of Myanmar/Burma. Considering this supposition the Naga international Support Center requests the Khaplang group to provide answers to the following questions:


– The Tamanthi hydro electric project financed by India is being built in the middle of Nagaland Myanmar/Burma. It will affect many villages and so thousands of Nagas. Since they are forced to relocate without sufficient compensation in land and housing what does the NSCN-K plan to do: Will the NSCN-K urge the Governments of India and Myanmar to abandon this unfortunate project so the thousands of Naga victims are protected?


– Reunification of Naga areas is a prerequisite for forming the Naga Nation now divided between two countries India and Myanmar and in India again into four states. Can the NSCN-K unequivocally speak out in favor of reunification of Nagas?


The new Burmese Constitution does not leave room for the Indigenous Peoples of Myanmar to exercise their Right to Self Determination. NISC did not yet learn that the NSCN-K confers with neighbor Kachin and other Indigenous Nations like the Karen about their stand they have on this constitutional matter, yet they want peace talks. The Nagas NSCN-K represents are entitled to know about the policies of the NSCN-K. NISC therefore asks NSCN-K to inform the Naga public on its policy on how to exercise their Right to Self Determination.


Does the NSCN-K stand for sovereignty in conjunction to the Nagas of India and so to unite into one Naga Nation?


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