Education: Naga Students in the city  

Speech by Dr. Thohe Pou on the 31st Naga Students’ Union Freshers’ Day 2011

Honorable Chief Guest – NSF President and his two colleagues, NSUD V-President and his two colleagues, NSUP Advisors, NSUP Executives, freshers, well wishers and all the members present here. I want to extend my special thanks to NSUP President and his colleagues for giving me this opportunity to share a few words on Education and the Naga students in the city. Education is one of the most important aspects in human life; education can solve almost all the problem in human life – may be the economic, health or spiritual problem and this is what I personally believe it.


Where we have come from?

Aos are the first who converted into Christianity and they are the first who started the modern education among the Naga community in Nagaland State.  In Manipur the Tangkhuls are the first who were converted into Christianity and started the modern education in late 1880s. After more than 50 years of Aos and Tangkhuls started their modern education, many other Naga tribes
commenced their modern education. When we compare with the modern education in India, the Nagas commenced the modern education after more than a century of Indian started the modern Education. However, today we are competing with the mainland Indians in many aspects.


Where we are today?

Today many Nagas are working in different corporate offices, institutions and organizations. The mainland Indians forefathers were engineer, doctors, lawyers etc but our forefathers were illiterate and even today many of our parents are also illiterate. But today many of the Nagas are doing very well in many aspects in many fields. When we introspect to our root and background,
we don’t have any good family or educational background but by God’s grace many Nagas are doing excellently in many fields. Today, even if you are finding difficult to compete with others in your college or working place, we have some good reasons behind. But it does not means that we should not compete with others or give up.


What are the facilities and opportunities in the city?

Today we have lots of facilities and opportunities in the city, which are not available in NE especially in Nagaland and Manipur. When I go to Delhi in 1992, I took up computer Science, but unfortunately I’ve never seen computer in my life before I go to Delhi. But today, the scenario is changing fast… I believe that almost every student might have seen computer, if not might have heard about computer.

In every city, you’ve lots of facilities, infrastructures and opportunities. But all these kinds of facilities and infrastructures also can be very perilous too when we do not utilize it in a proper way. Many of us also can misuse the facilities like mobile phone, Ipod, laptop, internet, hotel, shopping mall, multiplex theaters and many things more. How many of you are addicted to internet, games in internet, sending sms, listening music, going for movie, shopping etc. We need to use our time and money wisely in using all kinds of facilities; otherwise we can be lost in the midst of these multi-facilities, which is around us. What is your educational background?


Many of us may be no from a good school and our parents may be illiterate but our hard work and sincerity will add immense advantages and work wonder in our life. There is one school known as Shajouba Baptist English School, Mao, Manipur and from that school, three alumnus were awarded Doctorates (PhD) and some got into Central Service as of now. So the school that we have come from does not matter much but our sincerity and hard work help us to bring success in our life. Of course coming from a good school will give always add more advantages to our sincerity and hard work. Three years of graduation is also one of the most crucial stages in students life as it can bring immense change in one’s life – may be from bad to good or vice


What are the main purposes for a student?

1. Good percentage in the examination: As a student, the main purpose of studying is to get good percentage in the exam and no just getting good percentage, but one need to have good knowledge in their own subjects. Do not underestimate any subject or course that you are under going – may be Humanities, Social Science or Science; you only need to be an expert or specialized in that subject. It is always better to be an expert in humanities than having little knowledge and just securing pass mark in commerce or Science.


2. Getting good percentage has two important advantages.

First, it will help you to be confident and your confidence will bring success in your life. We need to build confidence in our life whether we are a student or working in any company or organization. This confidence will come only when you have good knowledge and information with you.


Secondly, as a student it will help you to get into college or good company when you pass out your graduation. Confidence will also bring more successful and will help to mingle and deal others more confidently. I got 2nd Division in my Class 10 and it was good during those days. But today passing in 2nd division is nothing. For a sincere and hardworking student – it is more difficult to fail than passing. I personally feel that today any average student can get 60% under any University or Board.


Thirdly, one needs to learn and possess some basic etiquette. Try to learn living together with other people, learn the team work and learn to adapt new environment. I used to call some of the officers as uncivilized officers. Who are these uncivilized officers? These are the officers – may be in any institution, company or organization who possess a good skills and technically sound but they are unfortunately do not have good team work, basic etiquette and unsocialable or difficult to adjust with other people. They may be technically sound and expert in their own field but miserably useless and ineffective to work with any other social animals.

3. Vision in life: What is your vision in your life? We need to have our own visions and dreams in our life. Education does not means simply going to school or college and finish our studies with good percentage. We need to have broad mind –open-minded, accessible to other people, possess neutrality, unprejudiced. Today when we see from the Naga perspective – we need to FREE from the concept of my village, my tribe and my people as it will bring unity among the Nagas. I wish that we are more to Naga than to our own tribe and people. In other word, consider to be a good Naga than to our own tribe or people. When we have the broad-mind and able to accept other tribes and people, our Naga people here in Pune and back home will have more unity and peace. As we learn to have broad-mind and open our hearts to new concept and many other things, it will help us to adjust and live happily and successfully in the city with other people from diverse cultures and races.

4.  Student and monthly expenditure: How many of you are getting Rs 5000-10,000/- per month from your parents? How much are you expecting to earn in a month after your graduation or post graduation? Today, in India even some of the fresh MBA and Engineer starts earning around Rs 8000-10,000 per month, and for the students from Humanities and Social Science may be able to earn only Rs 5000-7000 per month. Once you are graduated, you may want to work in government or private sector, and if your monthly earning will be less than you monthly expenditure during your student life, how are you going to manage to live in the city?
As a student, you need to live on with only your basic needs; otherwise you will have a great problem in the future. I have seen some of students, especially from Nagaland who do not want to work in the city after their graduation as some of them can not earn more than what they used to get from their parents during their student life. Today, if you live a luxurious life depending on your parents’ money, you will come to face the problem after your graduation or when you start working.


(Exhortation/Short Speech delivered during the 31st Naga Students’ Union, Pune Freshers Day on 20th August 2011)







The virus of Indian election infects the Nagas

Dr. R.B. Thohe Pou.: 21 Mar. 2014 2:03 AM IST

The Nagas have declared Independence on 14th August 1947. In 1952, the Nagas boycotted the District Council scheme for the Naga Hills District, and the first general elections of India and Myanmar. However, the Indian armies came to Naga Hills in 1956 and subjugated the Naga Hills. It is said that, the government of India worked very hard deploying efficient Intelligence personnel since mid 1950s to create some autonomous administrative scheme for the Nagas to integrate them into the system of the Indian union. This secret mission by the government of India in the Naga Hills was well recorded by the Intelligence personality Mr. B.N. Mullick himself who is the brain behind the creation of Nagaland state. (Mullick 1972).

After the formation of Nagaland State in 1963, the Indian election went on in Naga Hills without affecting much the innocent Nagas. But after the Ceasefire – commencing from 2009 Lok Sabha election, the situation in Naga Hills have changed. Lok Sabha election in 2009 was the beginning of Nagas disunity mainly in Nagaland and Manipur. This election has brought enormous disunity and disintegration among the people; fought between the supporters of different political parties, threatening, warning etc were recorded. Manipur State Assembly election in 2012 has become more problematic and widen the gap among the Naga people based on political parties and Naga factions. Nagaland State Assembly election in 2013 had also more widen the gap and misunderstanding among the people. Before the 2009 MP election, there was more unity among the people, but now the situation is totally different.

Some of the Naga Political Group (NPG) and civil leaders try to make new rules and the resolutions during the election and it should have been implemented uniformly in all the Naga inhabited areas. But this is not happening in our land. To work together as one community or one people towards Naga political solution may be appreciable. But in the name of working together as one Naga community – it has brought more divisions, hatred, rivalries and disunity among the people. Indian election in Naga inhabited areas is one of the important attributes of Nagas’ disunity and disintegration from their binding force of Naga as one community. For the interest of the whole Naga peoples’ unity, our Naga leaders need to be more circumspective otherwise it will bring more divisions, rivalries, hatred and misunderstanding among the Naga people. All the Nagas who are fighting for Nagas’ Rights to Self-determination and wanting an honourable political solution may be advisable not to involve in Indian election unless you want to bring a possible political solution within the frame work of Indian Constitution through Indian election.

First, even if some of the Naga leaders are losing hope to get Nagas’ Right to self-determination, it would be much better to demonstrate our rejection and reluctant to participate in Indian election as a sign of our demand for Nagas’ Right to Self-determination outside the frame work of Indian Constitution instead of happily and strongly involved in Indian election and living like a parasite.

Secondly, it would be much better if some of the Nagas leaders do not bring divisions, misunderstanding, hatred, rivalries among the Naga people through their active campaigning and participating in State Assembly or MP election. Political election is a competition between 2 or 3 political parties and obviously there will be always competition, rivalries and misunderstanding between the different political parties, and the leaders involving in political election will bring more misunderstanding among the common people based on the political parties or factionalism.

Will some of the Naga leaders come out from the swamp of Indian election and fight for Nagas’ Rights to Self-determination? Some of the Naga leaders may need to realize their own mistakes for involving in Indian election, and if they do not know realize and have visions through this EXPERIMENTAL WORK in Indian election – they may soon reap what they have sown. Some of our leaders talks about the Nagas’ Rights to Self-determination but practically they are in the swamp of Indian politics. If some of the Naga common people want to involve in Indian election and politics, let them involve.

However, the Nagas leaders are unexpected to involve in Indian politics and election, because this politics bring only more divisions, hatred, misunderstanding, threat of life, freedom of expression. And more importantly many Nagas are losing their visions and zeal to fight for Nagas’ Rights to Self-determination by participating in Indian election with some Naga leaders. Some of the Nagas leaders involving in Indian election with the Nagas common people to test the ONENESS of the Nagas have miserably failed today. The Naga mass do not failed their leaders but their leaders have miserably failed to embrace and help to bring together the Nagas for different reasons. In the name of Naga leaders, some of the Naga leaders may try to nominate a Naga candidate, but if the public do not like to vote for him or her, it will bring more disgrace to their leadership capability, and also the unity of the Naga people will be questionable by the GOI and also by non-Nagas.

Instead of Naga leaders involving in Indian dirty politics, let every individual candidate voluntarily work for the Naga people, and the Naga leader may strictly monitor on all the candidates to work for the welfare and unity of the Naga people. The Naga leaders have every right to advise or warn any Naga candidate who are working against the Naga people or any kind of corruption or malpractices. But for the concern Naga leaders who want to bring the Naga political solution outside the framework of the Indian Constitution may no need to involve in dirty Indian political election till the Naga political solution comes. It is observed that if the Nagas leaders only monitor without directly involving in State election or Lok Sabha election: firstly, it may bring more unity among the Naga people. Secondly, the Naga people may continue to stand for their Rights to Self-determination by avoiding in participating in Indian election.


Will Soso Lorho becomes the ultimate Nagas’ mandate candidate or sacrificial lamb in Manipur MP election?

Soso Lorho is supposed or should be the ultimate and the only mandate MP candidate for the Nagas in Manipur according to so called the Naga leaders in Manipur. And all the other candidates like:

1. Mani Charenamei
2. Prof. Gangmumei

NPF Flag

NPF Flag

3. Sword Vashum

are supposed to be the anti-Naga candidates or Nagas non-mandate candidates per the last election’s trends.

But interestingly two Naga non-mandate candidates (according to the Naga leaders) like Francis (Senapati District) and Gaikhangam (Tamenglong District) have become the Cabinet Minister in Manipur, while all the so called the pro-Naga candidates have become sitting or sleeping MLA in Manipur enjoying now only as the Chief Guest almost in every function or festival.

And more interestingly, some of the candidates were discouraged to contest in the election and ultimately they were lost in the election. Will the Naga leaders discourage this time the other candidates like in last Assembly and MP election? If the answer is ‘Yes’ then the other candidates will be considered as Nagas non-mandate candidates or anti-Naga candidates. If the answer is ‘No’ then the Naga politics is becoming more and more complicated as the rules and the laws (resolutions) keep changing and applies in different places (constituencies).

Indian Election in Naga inhabited areas have severely infected so many Naga leaders and common people due to some simple reasons, which every one knows. And now the Naga Politics has become so complicated and it is becoming quite difficult to understand the Naga politics.

Politics itself is not a dirty thing. But politics become dirty when we make dirty the politics. You may no like it this but Naga politics has become much more complicated after the Naga leaders have accepted the Indian Election and its electoral systems in Naga inhabited areas. The bitter truth!

‪#‎If‬ the Naga leaders continue to actively involve in Indian election and its politics, instead of bringing Nagas as one community, it may bring more hatred, jealousy, misunderstanding, grudges among the Naga people based on political parties and Naga UG factions.

‪#‎However‬, it may be good to know more and debates if there is any positive effects of Naga leaders strongly involving in Indian Election in Naga inhabited areas after 2000 AD. Nagas boycotted the Indian election in 1952 and the problem continued in Naga inhabited areas till the Nagaland State was formed in 1963.

@Dr. Thohe Pou


It’s a special gift of God to mankind
Indefinable the woman in simple words
She is more beautiful than any other creatures
Deeper you go in, deeper meaning you find

Women a special creation

Women a special creation

She is incomparable with any other creatures
Her sacrificial love and patience never dies
Her noble character epitomizes God’s love and empathy
She eases everyone’s life
But her owns is untouched

She is suppressed and dominated by human tradition
She toils and sacrifices for other from dawn till dark
Yet no word of tiredness and anger whisper
Yet the world unrecognized and shows flippancy
She is indeed a special creation of God

Other human beings often complain her
But never once, did she ever complain
Her motherly love, compassion and understanding
Incomparable with any other love on earth
She is indeed a perfect creation of God

She deserves to receive the best gift on earth
No human being is as sacrificial as her
Except the woman, the special creation of God
Respect her and learn from her
For she is a special creation of God

(This poem was earlier published in Naga Women Union, Manipur, Magazine in 2005)
@R.B. Thohe Pou 2005

LIFE is unfair Indeed

To the Government of India.

Please bring a permanent solution for the Naga people and let the Nagas also live peacefully and happily without: Fear – Multiple taxation – Extortion – killing etc. ENOUGH of killing in Naga inhabited areas.

ENOUGH of fearing the Naga Undergrounds. ENOUGH of fearing the Indian armies. ENOUGH of threat to the People. LIFE is unfair Indeed in this Naga inhabited areas. ENOUGH! Enough Please!!

And to the Naga undergrounds,

The leaves are falling one by one and counting . . . and ultimately everyone may say … ENOUGH means ENOUGH and that solution will be a dishonor solution though it may be a permanent solution. 

Wake up before all the leaves fall and dry up!

@Dr. Thohe Pou

New Year Resolutions

The dawn of New Year is meant the dawn of new resolutions or same old resolutions in New Year. Not one is perfect but every one wants to live a better life in New Year.

Therefore almost all the people make New Year Resolutions every year. If you make New Year Resolutions or take it again the same old New Year Resolutions – it shows your positive attitude. Every time we make new resolutions to do better in life, we are forcefully entering the new life with positive attitude. Every new year, we make New Year Resolutions no to break it. But we make and break the resolutions, which is one of the weakest points of human beings.

Breaking the resolutions what we have made and taking up the same old resolution is very natural. We make new resolutions after breaking the New Year Resolution but still you are on the right track.

We make New Year Resolutions to improve in our spiritual life, health, financial, old bad habits, social work, personal relationship with others etc. For some people, they are focussed to improve only on one thing while others take the resolutions in different aspects. Are you discourage because you could not carry on your New Year Resolutions till 10.20..30..Jan. Feb. March.?

Many people are conscious of New Year and they make New Year Resolutions but it is our conscience that we make firm resolutions only on New Year Day. Some time we wait Wednesday.Friday.Sunday to make New Resolutions on Sunday so that we can start on Monday to live a better life or stop our old bad habits.

Are you resolved to take up your New Year Resolutions? If yes you can do it by breaking many times and making new many times. If you break your New Year Resolutions within a month (January) still you can make another New Resolutions in February. It is only your conscience that make you New Year Resolutions only on New Year Eve; there is not any problem if you make new resolution every month or week. If you break your New Year Resolutions, which is meant for one year i.e. 365 days.

It may not be effective to keep for such a long days but still you can do it. If you break it your New Year Resolutions, try to make it New Resolutions for Six Months. If you break it your New Resolutions for Six Months, make it for One Month. If you break it your One Month Resolutions, make it for One Week. If you make your One Week and struggle everyday to improve One Week Resolutions, it will work wonder, which is much more effective than 365 days resolutions.

New Year Resolutions are meant to be carried out throughout the year. But many times we failed terribly. All those who make New Resolutions and resolved to improve their weakness always have positive attitude.

They may fail again and again but they will have better life than any other ordinary people who never made resolutions or try to improve their lives. There are New Year Resolutions that need to work hard throughout the year, six months, one month, one week or everyday. Usually all the New Year Resolutions that need to struggle or work everyday is the most difficult New Year Resolutions.

If you make any New Year Resolutions and break the resolutions – never think that you’ll start afresh next year. Everyday is a New Year for us and we can make New Resolutions. Making New Year is only our conscience and we need to know our conscience. Unless we know our own conscience – we can never improve or work out our New Year Resolutions or any resolutions to be carried out.

Our wrong conscience is same as our superstition. We need to come to our senses otherwise our wrong conscience will lead us darkness. It is good that you make New Year Resolutions; there is future for you as you continue to struggle. You can carry out all your resolutions. Never loss your heart for you will be Best New Year Resolutions Winner of the year.


Note: This article was first published in February 2006


From a third Party Observer’s views on ACAUT

I think the concept, the philosophy and ideas of Action Committee Against Unabated Taxation (ACAUT)  is good. However, I personally believe that we cannot extinguish ‘a fire’ by ‘a fire’. I think, EVERYONE likes the ideas of ACAUT and I also appreciate the leaders behind – the architectures of ACAUT.

Who wants to pay tax? (if possible I do not want to pay any tax) Who wants to pay multi-taxation? Who wants to pay at gun point when the extortionists come to your house? 100% people will say a big “NO”.

Then, why many of the Nagas are skeptical on ACAUT?

1. The ACAUT’s strategy is lacking to embrace the whole Naga people. (Illegal taxation, extortion, multi-taxation is not just a problem of a family, village, tribe or a state; problem is also not involved by a single or particular faction – it includes all the factions)

2. The ACAUT may need to go back to the initial stage and follow step by step. (Talk first to all the Naga factional leaders and secondly, give awareness or educate the public first)

3. Free from any political links or with any other organisation which will hinder the Naga National Movement. (this is only incase if there is any political link or having link with any other organisations; help the pubic to know the true and pure intention of the ACAUT, let the public and factional leaders free from their skeptical or suspicious mind)

4. The ACAUT can work together with all the factional leaders through peaceful dialogues instead of directly going with public rally again against the national workers. (if the ACAUT has already had a dialogues with all the factional leaders, and if the factional leaders opposed the ACAUT’s appeal, the public need to give support the ACAUT movement and go public rally).

@Dr. Thohe Pou /23.12.13