New Year thoughts: To become a better neighbor in 2016

  1. Your status in 2016: Instead of sharing and showing off what you did and what you are in your Status update in Facebook, it would be much better to share what others did for you and for others as the other people will be benefited from that unless what you did or what you are is going to inspire or help someone. Sometime, we may need to reveal what we did for others and who we are but it may be no necessary to reveal every time unless it is demanded.
  1. Share information and knowledge: Those who come to know any information news (news article) related job opportunities, health, wealth, safety, education or anything that will be beneficial to your friends in Facebook and other social media (and neighbors in real world), should share with others unless we are too selfish and always eager to have it for ourselves.

I sincerely hope and pray that in 2016 everyone ( and readers of this thought) may start to share more information with others to help each other. Otherwise, we shall become quite selfish and learning ourselves keeping secret from others. There are abundant of information available in google world and other medias, but due to lack of time and other reasons, not one is able to have all the information or data with us. Therefore sharing information with your friends would be great help to your friends and loved ones.

Sharing information with others is always good; it also shows our inner heart: One thing I want to share with you about sharing news or information with others: As a creator and Admin. of Nagalim Times and some others… I need to and have to share some informative news and other interesting article with other people (members). And to share or doing this, I have to first read and share, and thus helped me more (myself more) than others. Because, some people may no even read or like it , but you, as you have read and shared with others, it helps you a lot. In one word: those who help others help themselves and broaden their mind.

Not only sharing informative news or article with others, we should also share our knowledge and wisdom with others. There are two advantages of sharing your knowledge and wisdom with others – it helps you to sharpen (increase) your knowledge and wisdom. And other people will be benefited learning from you. The disadvantages are – without sharing (in any form) the knowledge with others, your knowledge will gradually vanish with pace of time and other people (friends or neighbors) will never be benefited from you.

  1. Sharing worldly materials: Through our activities in social networking, many a times our virtual-world attitude and heart reveal our real-world heart. You know that there are some people who love to share their things with others. You know that there are also some people who do not want to share with others what they have. You know that there are some children do not want to share their sweet – candy with their peers. If you do not want to share any informative news or information with others in virtual world, I do not believe that you can be a good neighbor too in real world, and you have the heart to share your food and vegetables with your neighbors. Life is always a part of learning, and we learn a lots through our own experiences or from others. I hope that we start learning to share with others and experience the joy of sharing with others – may be any informative news ( or knowledge and wisdom) or any worldly materials that we have in real world.


By: Dr. R.B. Thohe Pou