In response to Thepfulhouvi Solo’s articles


By: Dr. R.B. Thohe Pou

It is true that Nagas from other states and nation do not have the same privilege as the Nagas in Nagaland State under 371 (A) even though that Article was part and parcel of the struggle of the whole Naga people. And it is so incorrect for you to accuse the whole Naga tribes outside Nagaland State of trying to share in the privileges enjoyed by the Nagas in Nagaland. You also do not need to feel sorry or worry for the tribes outside your Nagaland State as they have their own land and food to survive. Even if the present Nagaland state becomes a Sovereign state, Supra State, Pan-Naga Nation or whatever that the Naga people may decide – the present Nagaland state will continue to have its own share. No one is taking that away from you.

Why are you so happy and complacent with the present State of Nagaland, which was created in the name of the entire Naga people? If you think the Naga Plebiscite of 16th May 1951 was undertaken only by the Nagas from the present Nagaland state you are terribly misinformed and may need to go through the history of the Naga Plebiscite again. And if the ‘Plebiscite’ were really a matter confined to the present Nagaland State tribes only then it does not represent all Nagas and must be deemed invalid. However, the Indian Govt. is no fool and would not have agreed to the peace-talks without any condition at the Prime Ministerial level if they thought it was an issue concerning the State of Nagaland only.

Just to jog your memory let me remind you that the southern Nagas did take an active part in Naga National Movement (NNM) from the start till the present day. A few prominent leaders worthy of mention here are Late A. Daiho Mao, Late Suisa and Late Sani Dahrii (who was also a Shillong Accord signatory). The Naga Club was formed in 1918 and during the heights of Haipou Jadonang’s civil disobedient movement in 1929 in the Naga Hills, the Naga Club submitted a historical Memorandum to the Simon Commission in Kohima, in which it demanded that the Nagas be excluding from the proposed ‘Reformed Scheme’ of India. Jadonang started a religio-political movement in 1925 to overthrow the British rule in Naga areas. In 1927, he prophesied the end of the British rule, which provoked S.J. Duncan, the then SDO at Tamenglong, to issue a warrant of arrest against him.

By 1930, the movement had spread to all the Naga Hills but Jadonang was arrested by the British in 1931 and later hanged to death. After his death Gaidinliu, his cousin sister who was only 16 then, succeeded him as the spiritual and political leader. However, she was also arrested in 1932 and by 1934 the movement came to end. Phizo moved his base to Burma in 1935 and later returned to Nagaland in 1946. “By this time the issue of Naga Self-determination had well gripped the minds of the Nagas, and public opinion had already been moulded against the continued dominance of the British Indian over the Nagas” (M.Zinyii:1961:11). The NNM was directly or indirectly influenced, emboldened and shaped into the present form by Jadonang, Gaidinliu and the leaders of the Naga Club. A.Z. Phizo, he whom we lovingly call the Father of the Nation came into picture only after the foundation was laid by his predecessors, in the same manner like how the NSCN came into picture after the foundation was laid by the NNC.

The Naga leaders from the present Manipur state closely worked with Late A.Z. Phizo for an independent Naga land. The Naga National League (NNL) also determined and declared to all Nagas NOT to pay house tax to the then Deputy Commissioner of the Naga Hills, Assam and as a result the Assam Rifles killed three persons and injured many other people during a protest. Afterwards the NNL President, A. Daiho, was arrested and imprisoned at Dum Dum jail in Calcutta. One should never forget that the present State of Nagaland was a fruit of the struggle of the Naga people irrespective of geographical location and one should refrain from trying to suppress the movement whilst remaining oblivious to the plight of Nagas outside Nagaland State. The GOI has poured in several crores of rupees to suppress the NNM and today it appears that your stomach has been too fattened and that you have forgotten the past and present sacrifices and hard labour put in by the Nagas from all the Naga inhabited areas.

It may be constitutionally impossible to share in the privileges of the Nagas in Nagaland State, which they enjoy under Article 371 (A), but it is an insult to the Nagas outside Nagaland State when you make the analogy of the ‘rich man’ and ‘Canaanite woman’ in the Bible as everyone knows who you are referring to as the rich man and the Canaanite woman in the Bible. It is tasteless to say the least.

With reference to your article, “Globally utopian, locally empty” you seem unsurprisingly contented with your retired life devoid of any future hope or vision in life. But today the Naga youth have a dream to live life on a global scale – Nagas may be economically backward but their preferred life style is no less than the people from the developed countries of the world. You may be happy with your retired life with your pot of hard earned money as a former IFS officer but the Naga youths today have a vision and future hope, unlike you. And who are those people from outside the State who illegally collect Tax over the barrel of a gun? We have too many factions and we should not allow anyone from outside the Nagaland State or inside the State to collect tax illegally. But that will happen only if we together bring a solution to the Naga problem.

If Thuingaleng Muivah is not talking about a Sovereign state anymore – the NSCN-K, NNC and other Nagas still are and aspiring to have our Nagas’ Rights to Self-determination. Why have you become so complacent with the present Nagaland State? As a retired IFS officer, you surely have the intelligence to know that a Supra State or Pan-Naga State is definitely possible even under the Constitution of India. It is shocking that you dismiss the same as impossible. If Sovereignty, Supra State, Pan-Naga, etc. are impossible, we have indeed been fooled by the so-called Naga national workers. Why are the common people silent? Why are over ground Naga leaders still morally supporting the Naga national workers? Why are you (we) paying tax to the Naga underground cadres? Naga political issue is not just a Nagaland state issue but it is one of the most serious problems in India and unless the Naga political problem is solved, there will be no peace in NE India or in India. I still believe and have faith in the Naga historical facts and in inalienable right to self-determination.

“The Manipuris claimed all the Catchments Areas of present Nagaland that drained into the Doyang River as their Territory . . . the Roads in Turkey today follow almost the same ancient Road alignment Evangelist Paul walked from Tarsus to Ikonya or to Galatia in the days following the death of Jesus” If there is no such concept as “Consent of the People” and rights of the people and we simply follow the old roads or demarcations of the ancient Kingdom, all the catchments areas of present Nagaland that drained in to Doyang River should be given to Manipur state as claimed by Manipuris and the present Nagaland would have been under Manipuris or Ahom kingdom (Assam today). So are you saying that the present state of Nagaland should be under Assam?

“Some Nagas talk about some SUPRA NAGA STATE or PAN-NAGA STATE. But when not an inch of Assam or of Arunachal or of Manipur or the ENPO can detach into a separate State: forget talking about Supra State or Pan Naga State; they are just Utopia talk” Are you saying that there is no single Naga living in the present States of Assam, Arunachal, Manipur and Myanmar? If the British or Indians had not divided the Nagas using the present artificial boundary and instead decided to follow the old roads how did the present state of Nagaland or the other States or countries come into being?

During this critical period of the NNM with talks happening at the highest levels there will be ups and downs, allegations & accusations, tinged with a mixture of hope and doubt. Naga scholars, intellectuals, right thinking people, etc. can contribute their constructive thoughts and suggestions to improve the present situation and to bring a lasting solution to the Naga political problem. However, planting doubts or creating rivalries and divisions within ourselves will only worsen the prevailing situation. Let us hope for more of the former from such an accomplished intellectual like you.

Clarification to TPO’S accusation

Thepfulhouvi Solo.:    2 Jul. 2013

I was willingly pulled into the “Nagaland Tribes Council” (NTC) move by some young matured Angamis who I highly appreciated for their sacrificial contributions in the effort for a common cause and I felt I should also put in my ‘widow’s might’ into the cause. I expected some rough sea in the journey for the cause if the “Tenyimie” is recognized as a ‘TRIBE’ in the state of Nagaland because “Tenyimie People” is composed of tribes from outside the state also and Nagaland Tribe Council is solely for those of the state of Nagaland only.

Therefore I wrote, (I quote): “To the best of my knowledge, officially Tenyimie (Tenyimi) is not declared a single Tribe, yet once notified, its contents will act like theTrojan Horse and Zeliangrong or ANY non-Nagaland Tribe combined with one or more from Nagaland, can easily be passed off as ‘Nagaland Tribe’ to the ultimate undoing of the Nagaland Tribes of Nagaland. Once the Fence Wall is breached, the Vineyard is not safe from the Wild Boar, -very unchristian language but 5 wise Virgins of New Testament could not share their limited Oil with their other 5 virgin friends in the middle of the night”.

I therefore suggested the disbanding of the TPO and I am not the only one to having such a feeling; some important fellowmen in our Community feels the same. I know powerful people are behind the Organization: I have nothing against them personally. I only felt they would unintentionally and inadvertently find themselves against their own community ultimately just like the TPO President who is against the inclusion of Nagas of outside Nagaland in the Nagaland Tribes Council but in his own Organization he has them included and he calls my view: “perverted version of distortion and destructive Intension” !
I know Keku; I taught him Mathematics in High School, Class 7 in 1960, – large but very good natured, quiet, obedient, of good demeanor, attentive and a nice boy; today, just like the  unfortunate young minister of Nagaland, perhaps he has mouthed, under the compulsion of a difficult world, what he would swallow only with difficulty!

Manipur Deserves Gallantry Award for Fake Encounter?

Manipur Deserves Gallantry Award for Fake Encounter? –

– Dr. R.B. Thohe Pou

Everyone in Manipur and whole northeastern states want to repel the AFSPA but the Ibobi Singh government in Manipur wants to run the government under the shadow of AFSPA. This government also wants to recruit more police force, Manipur commandoes and IRB for their protection and to kill more innocent people in the valley and in the hill districts. The state government should have given “gallantry award” to those police who have killed Sanjit in their fake encounter but why now probed by a judicial commission?

The Police who are supposed to be the guardian of the common people but they have taken many innocent people lives in Manipur. Since January 2007, the Manipur Police have killed 225 people in encounters where as the number of Naxalites killed across the country was only 447 (Indian Express). This year on 15th August celebration, the central government should have given “gallantry award” to Manipur State Police for their highest bravery fake encounter in India.

The Manipur state recruiting more IRB and increasing the Manipur Commandoes Force (MCF) from 400 to 1,600 personnel in last 4 years and proposal to raise a women’s battalion shows their hidden dirty policies. It is not only the police but the different insurgents groups are also competing with the state police to kill the maximum number of innocent people. It is alleged that the insurgents groups have killed 65 people for different reasons. It means that 290 people became the victims due to police force and insurgents. It is also reported in some papers that 497 people were killed in Manipur State in 2008 alone; this includes both fake encounters and other killing.

The Manipur state government has killed many innocent people in the valley by police and commandoes force and now the state is planning to extend their base to hill districts also to take more innocent lives. Can the state government guarantee that the IRB and MCF will not kill the innocent people in the valley and tribal in the hill districts? The state government under the leadership of Chief Minister Ibobi Singh wants to torment and kill the innocent tribal in the hill districts in Manipur. The state government hidden ideology and policies to eliminate the Naga insurgents and other insurgents in the hill districts in disguise of trying to help the hill people may be appreciated and welcome by some section of the people. However the people in the hill districts in Manipur are also not dull to understand their hidden policies. The State government recruiting more IRB and Manipur Commandoes force is fishy and one may need to study more minutely on this aspects.

The central government is working hard to eliminate all the insurgents groups from northeast India in last 50-60 years but they cannot solve the insurgent problem in northeast. Can the Manipur State government eliminate the insurgents from Manipur state and solve the insurgent problems? Let us also ponder in this aspect: Is the Manipur state trying to eliminate the insurgent from the hill districts and valley by recruiting more commandoes force and IRB? The Assam Rifles – so called the “Friends of the Hills people”, who turn out to be the “Enemy of the Hills people” are also trying to solve the insurgent problem through a peaceful means but they became the enemy of the hill people for torturing and killing the innocent people in Manipur and other states in North east India. The recent development seminars in Bishnupur and Senpati, Union Home Secretary Gopal Pillai reviewed the security situation in the state with the clear-cut instructions against any extra-judicial killings. It may be wiser for the government of Manipur if the Manipur Commandoes Force and IRB does not become another “Enemy of the Hill People and Valley”.

One of the most important aspects of fake encounter happening in the state is due to lack of police personnel in intelligent department. It is clearly observed that all kinds of fake encounter are only due to incapability of the intelligent work – may be in armed personnel or police personnel. When the state increased the number of IRB and Manipur commandoes without increasing the number of intelligent police personnel resulted to kill many more innocent people.

Secondly, the police personnel and armed personnel should treat the other people as one of their fellow human being. When there is no love and understanding in their operation – many times the result is just opposite. They may want to control and remove all those unwanted elements for the welfare of the people but due to lack of love and understanding, they kill the innocent people inhumanly.

Thirdly, the state and central government should take stern action on those armed personnel, IRB and MCF and bring into justice when they violate and hold responsible in any kind of fake encounter or ill-treatment done to the civilians unnecessarily. This is in order to bring trust and build better relationship between the armed personnel and the civilians. In this way, it would also reduce the fake encounter and other inhuman treatment done by the armed personnel to the civilians.

In current situation in Manipur, we may need Armed Personnel and Manipur Commandoes Force only for development purpose in the valley and in hill districts; they may need to check that the insurgents do not directly involve in developmental fund released by the central government. If not, the state government should not recruit more IRB and other forces to torment and kill the innocent people in the valley or in the hill districts. People in the valley and in the hill districts of Manipur are draining due to AFSPA and we don’t need more armed personnel force, IRB and MCF in Manipur State. It is enough! Let the people take a deep breath and have a good sleep now.

Responding to Joseph & Chichamo’s write-ups

Responding to Joseph & Chichamo’s write-ups

It is quite natural that thieves and murderers are always outspoken. But the truth always prevails. Joseph Patton and Chichamo Tsanglao should not be so smart. They should be ashamed to keep in mind that the ink of their enrolments in the GPRN/NSCN has not yet dried up. How can they shamelessly condemn the NSCN and the leaders of the organization? If they had had in mind that NSCN is bad, they should not have joined it and betrayed their once fellow workers.

I am the senior most Naga Army (PAN) officer from Lotha Tribe. But, I was also not informed the impending elimination of Lieut Mhabemo Ngullie, under baseless accusations, not to talk of informing the higher authorities. Whether wrong or right, Joseph and Chichamo, novices in the NSCN have had practically no authority to eliminate any army officer.

Since, the Keeya (Defence) Ministry is in the hands of the NSCN leadership and by democratic convention, President is the Supreme commander of the Armed Forces. That was why the Government was obliged to issue summons to both of you to present physically before the council to explain the circumstances under which Lt. Mhabemo was eliminated (murdered). But, because of you guilty conscience, you fled to the terrorists’ camp with the government’s money and arms and ammunition. As such, the murder case in respect of Late. Mhabemo will remain your individual case between you and the families of the martyr and the GPRN.

Moreover, a time will certainly come when you will be asked to pay to the GPRN the money you had stolen and the arm and ammunitions you had stolen away to the terrorists’ camp. Writing thousand articles in the newspaper will never absolve from the charges.

Maj. Opon Lotha,

On behalf of the Lotha Region, GPRN/ NSCN-K.


An open letter to Professor Timothy Kaping

Dear Professor Kaping,

Having read your letter in the Morung Express dated 1st of August, I was slightly dismayed to the fact that you seem to have not carefully read my article, In and Out of PSND…

Perhaps this was due to the fact that you’re a scholar who is busy with digs at Exeter and presenting Nagalim to the British people at large at Plymouth.

However I must state that as for me, I speck only regarding myself, I am not willing to put my hopes and expectations regarding my Nation in a vechle with no engine.

By now, I believe you would have had more time to read my article. As you would be aware that the issue is not weather one is an Indian, Naga or a Korean. Nor the issue is regarding weather ones name is Sema, Sumi or Kapimoi.

My article raises certain issues, namely four in number, which I believe needs to be answered, for you connivance I will list them below:

1. Is PSND formed by an Act of the British Parliament?

2. Did PSND came into being, by the command of the British Government?

3. What responsibility has the British Parliament given PSND?

4. What power do the do the PSND have, that has been given by the British Government or the British Parliament?

I believe that not only I but whole of Nagalim need to know the answers to four points raised. I for one, have no object if you were to consult your good friend Lord Ahmed regarding this matter.

However I must ask you that the answer should be given in simple manner stating dates names and sources which should be easily verified by the people of Nagalim, I ask this because as you are aware that the people of Nagalim at large are not Doctors or Professor but simple folks who like to think good things of others.

I with the rest of the people of Nagalim eagerly wait for your response.

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”
Adolf Hitler, (German Chancellor, leader of Socialist Nazi Party)

Vikishe Sema

Shameless identity theft

One friend in Nagalim who is a messenger of just peace and advocate of harmonious relationship among the Naga people…

…kindly emailed me the funny article “In and Outs of PNSD” today. I was happy to know that he said the truth when he mentioned that “there are many who write under fictitious Naga names and fool the people. So many of them. Newspapers are doing a great deal of injustice by publishing them”. Indeed, I could identify the non-Naga author who has abused a misspelled-name belonging to the Sumi community. I have forwarded that article to the PNSD. What made me interested is not the despair-filled article but the shameful identity theft he committed.

The Indian intelligence agencies and their agents unethically love Naga names in their propaganda war against the Nagas in order to make it appear to the world and the Nagas themselves that the Naga Nation is a hopelessly divided house. The main theme is to destroy the spirit of self-determination that dwells in the hearts and souls of the Nagas, and make them meekly accept that their only happiness lies in the status quo under the Indian occupation. Though it will be of no value to the Indian agents who do not give a damn about morality and ethics, some will do well in knowing J Parker’s advise: “Never throw mud. You may miss your mark, but you will have dirty hands”.

Yesterday we were in Plymouth, the city from where the Pilgrim Fathers started their journey to America centuries ago. We were there to brief our English friends about the latest status of the Indo-Naga political talks and the support we Nagas are getting from certain British parliamentarians and our relationship with the PNSD. One of the gentlemen we met informed us that, not knowing his interest in the welfare of the suffering Naga people, during his visit to the Southeast Himalayan region the Indian Army proudly showed him the array of computers and other sophisticated gadgets being used by it as essential components of the psychological warfare being waged there in order to completely subjugate its peoples and nations which colonial India has successfully isolated from the attention of the world and where she can do whatever she likes with total impunity. This highly experienced and smart Naga supporter is advising the citizens of Nagalim to be very careful of the dirty games being played by India and remain extremely alert all the time.

As the strongest group which enjoys the biggest mandate of the Nagas and hence the main target of the Indian propaganda war, the National Socialist Council of Nagalim ought to be taking this media onslaught of the cunning Indian intelligence services seriously. Its Ministry of Information and Publicity (MIP) in particular should be very active all the time and even more so during this ceasefire and negotiation period. Here the MIP will do well in remembering what Charles C Colton said: “Silence is foolish if we are wise, but wise if we are foolish”. For the sake of our beloved Naga Nation, I wish that the MIP is wise and more active. Realizing fast the gravity of the state of affairs, the Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim should give maximum patronage to the MIP in terms of budget, brain power, and prayer support. And if I am to humbly suggest as its former member, as one of its priorities, the MIP ought to be advising the newspapers in Nagalim to kindly educate the people with Christian principle of true reporting and publishing authentic articles.

But most importantly, because of the war-zone situations prevailing in Nagalim and the hyper-active endeavours of the Indian intelligence agencies along with their collaborators and in order to maintain democratic norms of clean ex-pressions of opinions and credible debates, it is important that newspapers in Nagalim publish articles and letters only after proper attestations of names, surnames, and addresses.

Lastly, it is proposed that each Naga community makes sure that no one falsely uses a name which belongs to it.


Professor Timothy Kaping,
President, Naga Support Group (UK)
30 July 2007

In and outs of PNSD

In and outs of PNSD

In recent months we have read lot of news regarding the British Parliamentarians for National Self Determination (PNSD), which was has made media headlines in our local media. Yet we are at lost to the nature and power of this group (PNSD.) who came into being in 2006. We have not been informed by Timothy Kaping to the nature and effectiveness of PNSD. Therefore I would like to share with one and all of my finding.

PNSD comes under the title of “All-party groups” (APG) which are regarded as relatively informal compared with other cross-party bodies such as select committees of the House. The membership of all-party groups mainly comprises backbench Members of the House of Commons and Lords but may also include ministers and non-parliamentarians. Groups flourish and wane according to the interests and enthusiasm of Members.

Groups are classified either as subject groups (relating to a particular topic e.g. forestry) or country groups (relating to a particular country or region). Most country groups are affiliated to the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association’s United Kingdom Branch and/or the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s British Group.

The research shows that there are Parliamentary Groups whose purpose ranges from Aids to Youth Hostels. Interlinked with over 50 countries across the globe and there are 500 such groups.

On 17 December 1985 a Register was set up in accordance with a Resolution made by the British House of Commons on 17 December 1985 and its main purpose is to record which all-party groups are recognized by the House; who their officers are; and what assistance groups receive from outside Parliament. Registration is compulsory for any group that includes Members of the Commons from more than one party and has at least one officer who is from the Commons. To be recognized the group must have Chairman, vice chairman and twenty party members and must be accountable to the registrar. The recognized groups or as is commonly known as On Approved List; AII Party Parliamentary Subject Group. If the Group is on the approved list then they had benefits which were not given to the Groups which were not on the approved list.

However the Approved groups on the list have to be accountable and have to show in detail the minutes of meeting and expense accrued. This however is not so for any group which comes under the heading Not on Approved List; Subject Group, such as the PSND, who only have chairman (Lord Ahmed)and vice chair(Elfyn Llwyd), there are no other Member of Parliament in the group. Unlike the ones who are On the Approved list. This does not stop the Chairman from inviting other Member of the Parliament to their meeting. However this does not mean that those invited approve or disapprove of who or what IS said at the meetings.

Is the voice of these Groups heard by the Government and the British people?

As no group is heard by the British people at large thus one can not say that they have the support of the British pubic par se. Nor can it be taken that the British Government approves of or consents to what is said in those meetings. Few MPs who attend do not represent the British people or the British Government. They come in to those meeting as individual Members of the parliament. Thus such groups have “no formal responsibilities.”

We could say it like this that if the a Sema village council invites a Britisher to speak at its meeting, then can the Britisher say that the Sema tribe and the Naga people are on his side? Or for that matter the Naga Hoho approves and validates that person agenda?

If two villagers hold a meeting with an outsider, then can it be said that the outsider has the approval of the village council? Also can the outsider say that the people of the village sides with them and agrees with them?

What power does PNSD have with the British Public or the British Parliament?

PNSD has no influence with the public or with the British Parliament; (PNSD) Parliament members are only two in number. Also there are Members of Parliament who supports Parliamentary groups who have interest in welfare of dogs. The British Public and the Government does not care if PNSD Chairman invited all the barking dogs in England to the meeting.

As, for example, with PNSD, it did not come in to being via the command of the Parliament nor by the order of the Government, nor was Lord Ahmed was commanded or ordered by the Parliament or the Government. As all these groups are self made that is to say that neither the Parliament nor the Government has ordered or appointed such groups but Groups flourish and wane according to the interests and enthusiasm of Members. As they do not differ much from the Lions or rotary club, for they exit for general interest of its members, who want to do some good.


Vikishe Sema

Source- British High Commission, House of Commons, UK Parliament, House of Lords.