Remembering my Mother

Remembering my mother on this Mother’s Day.

My mother left for her heavenly abode in 2003. But it is very fortunate for all those people who have their mother. 

It is better to say a word of *APPRECIATION* to a Mother while she is with you than writing a beautiful biography about her after she left you. 

*My Mother*

My mother’s love is indefinable by me with word

Nor describable on the paper in writing with my pen

Her selfless love and patient is incomparable with any one

My mother suffered in her whole life till her last breath

She was industrious, altruistic, understanding and caring

Her whole life was full of struggles, pains and tears

No diagnosable sickness suffered her for 24 years long

Yet she never whispers a word of pains and anger to any one

She thought not of her own pain and eased everybody’s pains

She taught her children to have holy fear to God

Great visions, wishes and hope on me to fulfill her dreams

She was happy as I cleared my NET Examination,

Hoping I will soon get a job and live a happy life

She was happy not because she wants money from me

But her concerned for me to have a secured life

She left for heavenly abode hoping to have better life

She is happy living in everlasting heavenly abode

But things were altered in this earthly abode;

Home sweet home turned into teary home,

Dwelling in same house has no more same sweetness

Sweet home became cold and like a deserted house

As I step into my house, always I call Mummy

But I will never uttered again the word “Mummy”

I wish to call again mummy as I enter my house

When I come back home or leave to other place

I will never hug and shake hand again with my mom

She will not welcomed and say again safe journey to me

I heard my mom’s sweet last voice on 8th December 2003;

Saying safe journey and come back with great succeed in life

She says no any parting word to me on her departure day

But she has two wishes in her life for me to be fulfilled

She wants me to get a white-color job in my life

She wants me to set up a family before she dies

My mom’s wishes could not fulfill before she died

My wishes also could not fulfill before she died

I wish if I could give even a single penny from my salary

She had sown the seed on me the security of life

Yet she will never see again the fruits she had sown

She will no harvest and taste again the fruits she had sown

My mom suffered from the sickness for twenty-four years

Yet she never revealed pains and suffering in her life

God’s wonderful patient and love reveals through her life

Her health problem would let her leave earlier this world

But God extended her life for another twenty-four years

If she would leave this world 24 years back

I would not experienced my mom’s love and patient

God had wonderful plan for her and took away

As a human being I may sobbed and regretted

Yet, I’m grateful to God for his plan for my mom

When I get a job and give my first fruit to God

My mom will be in jubilant in heavenly abode

Then will recall mom’s vision, dream and wishes

When I need prayer support, I asked my mom

She prayed for me as I come home or leave

But now it’s only a wish for me in real life


You left me happily and peacefully

But for me time has to come to live such a life

When I need something from my dad to ask

I first to go my mummy to tell my daddy

She was a good mediator too for her children

Have I ever give you any good gift on Mother’s Day

Hope you’ll understand and forgive me for whatever

When Mother’s Day comes and people celebrate

When their children bring Mother’s Day gifts

When others sing songs for their mother as thanks giving

When others call their mothers by their names

With teary eyes I would only wish to have my mom

My unforgettable mother left this world

Yet I pray God may raise many good mothers in the world

Restoring past beautiful life with my mom is to enter a new life

I pray God may take me to heavenly abode to live with my mom

 (My mother left for her heavenly abode on 12-12-2003

©R.B. Thohe Pou 2004

You Are My Crown

You Are My Crown

There’re millions of beautiful crowns in this world

But God has designed a special crown for me

You’re my crown; you’ll be my crown forever

Meeting you is God’s own purpose, I accept

Prepared to sacrifice for anything is your pure love

The way you love me; not one in this world gives

Let God’s purpose in our life may be fulfilled

Your spirituality and sincerity is praise worthy;

Your spotless body and heart is praise worthy

You’re one of the most wonderful creations of God

I crave to meet someone like you, I’ve found

I yielded everything into your genuine love

With you my crown is brighten in darkness

Let our genuine love be the paradigm to others

All those trivial worries vanished now

I worry no more in life; you made me complete

Life became dynamic and splendid in your love

You became the beautiful crown of my life

You’ll be mine forever; let the whole world know

You’re my love, friend, coworker and crown

Let God be the center in our love and life

Someone understanding with maturity – I crave

And you came to my life by His grace only

Your love is worth more than a romantic love

Now you’ve replaced my demised mom in my life

I find contentment in your motherly love

You pure love is incomparable with anyone’s love

Let your selfless love endures forever – I pray

Dedicated to Vero@

The Beautiful Lady Martha Fades away

It is indeed incredible but we have to accept the fact; one of the most beautiful ladies passed away on 24th March 09 morning without any sicknesss due to BP stroke only.

Her name is Late P. Martha Pao from Liyai village, Senpati District Manipur. She was a senior Lecturer in Don Bosco College, Maram, Manipur, a well known college in Manipur. She is a scholarly person, a promising lady who wants to work for the welfare of the society. The Naga people in particular to Poumai people have lost one of the most beautiful ladies in their society.

Please pray that her soul may rest in peace with our heavenly father and her bereaved family members may be consoled by our loving God.

The Beautiful Lady Martha Fades away

When are you coming back Miss Martha?
Your parents, friends and students are waiting you
What shall I compare you my dear friend?
You appeared like the morning dews and disappeared
Astonishing and touching every one’s heart
It is incredible – your loved ones are waiting you

Your beautiful dreams to be a faithful wife and mom
All your unfinished dreams – who will carry on now?
You had left unfulfilled many dreams for our people
And now not one can fulfill your dreams for our people
My people have copious of expectations more from you
Why not you share all the dreams before you left us?

You left us joyfully to dwell with our heavenly father
But your sudden leaving us made us numb and speechless
Not one expect your sudden departure from us
Your parents, siblings, friends and students are sobbing
We have lost one of the most beautiful ladies in our society
Oh! It is incredible for me till I see your beautiful grave

“The Girl from Yesterday” – the song by Eagle is with us
As we play the song – we’ll reminiscence your favorite song
But listening to your favorite song can’t console our sobbing
Your simplicity, honesty and industrious nature is incomparable
You have the patient to listen, understand and forgive others
It is still an abstruse for us why you’ve to leave us so soon

A scholarly person like you is rare in our society
You’ve imparted the knowledge and wisdom to your students
And today many students are following your immortal foot steps
Unexpectedly you left but your immortal good deeds will remain
Why not even a single word for your loved ones before you leave?
Your untimely departure is incredible and astounds everyone

(Dedicated to Miss Late P. Martha Pao, who left for her heavenly abode prematurely on 24th March 2009. She was a senior Lecturer in Don Bosco College, Maram Center, Senapati District, Manipur)

By: R.B. Thohe Pou, Pune

“Life is short in this world; take every opportunity to keep good friendship, forgive and contribute something memorable for the welfare of our society” -Thohe

My First Impression Still Remain Afresh

(This is not a Poem; it is just written for easy reading)


My first impression still remain afresh

And I keep dreaming and dreaming the same

I’ll keep dreaming even if it becomes a dream

When I first saw your write-up in G.J. Souvenir

I said, “I want to meet and talk to her”

Then I went through again the same article

When I first come to know you in Orkut

The SAME NAME strikes my mind

Suddenly my curiosity was boosted

I said, “If you are the same girl”

I want to talk and meet you since ‘05

Coming to know that you are the same person

Am happy like his dad meeting his prodigal son

It was a dream for me when I first chat with you

And I was excited to chat and meet you online

Sometime I might have disturbed phoning you

But I believe you understand me as a your friend

I trust & consider you as one of my good friends

I may want to talk to you every day

But you don’t have enough time to talk with…

To talk and meet you was my dream as you know

But you may have different dreams and plans

And I’d respect your different dreams and plans

Human beings have many dreams and plans

Unless we have same dream and plan

We may landed to different planet happily or sadly

To some people just knowing their names is enough

But I want to know more than just your name

I want to know you more and more about you

The more I come to know about you

The more I want to know you more

The more I talk to you

The more I want to talk to you

The more I see your picture

The more I want to see more

The more I hear your voice

The more I want to hear more

But I may be one of your least bother friends

Anyway I’m privilege to be one of your friends

Still you don’t know much about my dreams

But I want to assure that you won’t be regretted

For knowing more & keeping me as your friend

I respect the others’ views

I respect the woman’s rights

I respect others’ interest in life

I do understand what others need

I respect others and care for them

I have many interests in your work

I want to help and work together with you

 I also need someone like you to help me

If you understand my dreams and hopes

I would be one the happiest man on earth

And I keep dreaming to work together with

There are many beautiful creation of God

But I find you one of the most beautiful one

What I keep dreaming and hoping for

May come true; that is what I do believe

My dream may come true or may not come true

But I won’t regret for what I’m dreaming now

I know that it is worth dreaming and hoping for

Sometime, I said, “Come to your sense”

But I said, “I know what I’m dreaming for”

I may dream and dream but it I’ve not the key

From the time I came to know and talked to you

I keep looking for the chance to talk to you

I keep looking for the chance to meet you

Sometime the more I try to talk to you

The more you get less time to talk with…

The last chance to meet in last summer was lost

Now winter has set in but busy with works again

You know all my dream and hopes

But I’m still waiting you to share your dreams

I’ll keep dreaming and waiting for…

For it is worth to dream and hope in life

I’m not just dreaming some ephemeral material

But the ultimate one that will remain green forever

And this is the reason I keep praying to God

It would be worth dreaming you & waiting His time


                                      (From: Thohe, 30th Nov. 2008)



The Evergreen Beautiful Tree

Once I travelled through the highland
I notice the beautiful woodland from a distance
As I travelled through the woodland
With beautiful songs the birds welcome everyone
I assume to be a new dignitary guest in the forestland
I keep travelling through the woodland
In summer all those green trees look alike from a distance
Some leaves are broad and others are pointed
I found uncountable beautiful trees
But all the trees shed their leaves in winter –
Except a beautiful green tree I saw from a distance
Through the woodland I continue to travel to find the tree
But on the way I lost the way as I go deep inside the forest
Took a deep breath, I came out from that thick forest
And tried to locate again the green tree from a distance
Many times I have tried to spot that particular green tree
But still I’m on my way to reach in that particular tree
From a distance the evergreen tree looks very beautiful
I wish to go again to find the exact location of the tree
And tie that tree with a rope as a sign of reservation
Whenever I visited that forestland and see the tree
I pondered what if that green tree also dries up someday
Will I find another green tree in all the seasons?
I frequently travelled to have glance of that beautiful tree
I also wish many times that beautiful tree grows in my garden
I find contentment seeing that beautiful tree in all the seasons
I wish to buy that forestland; I wish to fence that forestland
And protect from wild animals and others from cutting down
Will I revisit the beautiful woodland if that green dries up?
I wish to find that tree and reserve for me
But what if I cannot locate that particular valuable tree?
Will I have more energy to travel through the woodland?
I consider that green tree as valuable tree in the woodland
From a distance I also saw the birds perching on the tree
But the bird perching on the tree reveals a good sign only
I’m still watching from a distance and studying the tree
It is my hope that someday I’ll be able to reach that tree
When the other trees shed their leaves in winter
That tree continue to remain green, tall and unique
Many people might have seen that tall and beautiful tree
And regarded as a valuable tree for a noble purpose
I wish to cut the tree and build a beautiful wooden house
And my beautiful house may become home sweet home

Lessons of Life

Lessons of Life

I feared being alone
until I learned to like

I feared failure
until I realized that I only
fail when I don’t try.

I feared success
until I realized
that I had to try
in order to be happy
with myself.

I feared people’s opinions
until I learned that
people would have opinions
about me anyway.

I feared rejection
until I learned to
have faith in myself.

I feared pain
until I learned that
it’s necessary
for growth.

I feared the truth
until I saw the
ugliness in lies.

I feared life
until I experienced
its beauty.

I feared death
until I realized that it’s
not an end, but a beginning.

I feared my destiny,
until I realized that
I had the power to change
my life.

I feared hate
until I saw that it
was nothing more than

I feared love
until it touched my heart,
making the darkness fade
into endless sunny days.

I feared ridicule
until I learned how
to laugh at myself.

I feared growing old
until I realized that
I gained wisdom every day.

I feared the future
until I realized that
life just kept getting

I feared the past
until I realized that
it could no longer hurt me.

I feared the dark
until I saw the beauty
of the starlight.

I feared the light
until I learned that the
truth would give me

I feared change,
until I saw that
even the most beautiful butterfly
had to undergo a metamorphosis
before it could fly.

“Lessons of Life,” written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

My Dream Shatters

Why my dream is shattered
Why this dream I never dream of
Why this new life I never dream of
My dream from my childhood
My dream I always want to be
My dream to earn good reputation
My dream to have good fame
My dream to be respected
Why my dream is shattered
Why this dream I never dream of
Why this new life I never dream
Is that ‘cos of my idleness
Is that ‘cos of my mischief
Is that ‘cos of my inadequate knowledge
Is that ‘cos of my impatience
Is that ‘cos of my unintelligence

Why my dream is shattered
Why this dream I never dream of
Why this new life I never dream
Is that ‘cos of my inexperience
s that ‘cos of my less confidence
Is that ‘cos of my indigenous approach
Is that ‘cos of my weak health
Is that ‘cos of my foe

Why my dream is shattered
Why this dream I never dream of
Why this new life I never dream of
Should I blame myself
Should I blame my parents
Should I blame my siblings
Should I blame my kin
should I blame my friends

Why my dream is shattered
Why this dream I never dream of
Why this new life I never dream of
Should I blame my creator
Should I blame the ambience
Should I blame the institutions
Should I blame my religious life
Should I blame the philanthropic task

Why my dream is shattered
Why this dream I never dream of
Why this new life I never dream of
If not financial problem but my mischievous life
If not financial problem but my idleness
If not financial problem but my stupidity
If not financial problem but my inadequate knowledge
If not financial problem but my unintelligence