NSCN (IM)-CFMG Chairman meet; no breakthrough

NTIMES 23APRIL: NSCN (IM)-CFMG Chairman meet; no breakthrough
Morung Express News | Dimapur | April 23

Ceasefire review committee of the NSCN (I-M) today met with chairman of the ceasefire monitoring group (CFMG), Maj Gen (retd) N George to break the impasse between the Assam Rifles and NSCN (I-M) over the April 19 incident near Hebron Camp.

The meeting remained inconclusive as the CFMG chairman left the meeting after an hour to reportedly consult with Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on the issue and returned only three hours later. After his return, George briefed the NSCN (I-M) leaders and left without meeting the media.

After the meeting, team leader of the NSCN (I-M) ceasefire review committee, VS Atem, told media persons that both sides (Government of India and NSCN) are keen to resolve the present impasse.

“The problem will be resolved because it is not a big deal. It is a matter of procedure only,” said Atem who is also convenor of steering committee, NSCN (I-M).
The other NSCN (I-M) leaders in today’s meeting included officiating convenor of CF review committee, Vikiye Sumi, Kraibo Chawang (member) and CFMG member S Among. It is learnt that another meeting in likely to take place Tuesday to break the impasse.
According to reliable sources, the office of Director General of Military Operations (DGMO), Delhi, is yet to give a clear cut decision on the stepped up activities of the Assam Rifles near the NSCN (I-M) designated camps.

Meanwhile sources informed Newmai News Network that hectic emergency meetings are also underway in New Delhi involving Thuigaleng Muivah, Isak Swu and representatives of the Government of India since yesterday in this connection.

It may be mentioned that simmering tension between the Assam Rifles and NSCN (I-M) reached another breaking point on April 19 last when a truck of the 29th AR carrying five armed jawans almost gate crashed into the NSCN (I-M) council headquarters, Camp Hebron.

The truck (MN-7430) with the five AR jawans on ROP duty “under direction of camp commander Maj. Sukanta” was halted by NSCN (I-M) cadres just 20 metres away from the entrance gate of Hebron Camp around 8am.

Irked by the “intrusion” of their space and violation of ceasefire ground rules by the AR jawans, NSCN cadres detained the five jawans and seized their weapons, forcing the intervention of the CFMG chairman who after visiting the spot of the incident, also admitted that the AR troops have violated the ground rules.

While the five AR jawans were released the same day, the NSCN (I-M) is yet to return the seized arms.

AR rebuttal on alleged torture of NSCN (IM) cadre

NTIMES 24APRIL: AR rebuttal on alleged torture of NSCN (IM) cadre

DIMAPUR, APRIL 23 (MExN): With reference to the reports appearing in sections of the media pertaining to the 19 Assam Rifles having recently apprehended an NSCN (IM) cadre in the Tirap District of Arunachal Pradesh and of having inflicted torture on him, and of him subsequently succumbing, a press rebuttal was received from the Press Information Bureau (Defence Wing), Government of India and issued by Col R K Palta, PRO (Defence) Kohima.

According to the PRO, based on specific information, a column of 19 Assam Rifles, along with Police representatives of Police Station, Khonsa launched an operation in the jungles near Hollam Village in Tirap District of Arunachal Pradesh on 15 April 2012.

At approximately 1845 hours, the column apprehended one militant, later identified as SS Capt Yormi Horam Tangkhul of NSCN (IM), alongwith one muzzle loaded rifle (Baruah Rifle), an extortion note of NSCN (IM) and two pairs of combat uniformS.

According to the press note, SS Capt Yormi Horam Tangkhul was found to be in a sick state and was, therefore, immediately taken to District Hospital, Khonsa alongwith the local Police representatives where the cadre was handed over in a physically fit condition, after proper medical examination to the SHO, Khonsa Police Station and the District Hospital, Khonsa.

It is learnt that the NSCN (IM) cadre, SS Capt Yormi Horam Tangkhul subsequently expired on 20 April 2012 in the hospital, claimed the press note while adding that proper laid down norms and procedures were followed during the conduct of the subject operation and in the further handing over of the apprehended NSCN (IM) cadre to the police authorities concerned.

“There has been no Human Rights violation by the Assam Rifles troops in this operation. The news-paper reports of SS Capt Yormi Horam having succumbed due to torture, alledgedly inflicted by 19 Assam Rifles, are totally untrue and hence false and malicious, with the probable aim of tarnishing the image of Assam Rifles”, it stated. MExN

NSCN (IM) alerts the Nagas for any eventuality

NTIMES 24APRIL: NSCN (IM) alerts the Nagas for any eventuality

The NSCN-IM has alerted the Nagas today that they should get prepared for any eventuality as the stand off between the Naga outfit and the Assam Rifles has dragged on to the fifth day today. The NSCN-IM also lambasted the Naga People’s Front (NPF) led government of Nagaland for not rising up to the occasion.

The Isak-Muivah group also cautions other groups that once they start engaging in political dialogues with New Delhi, those outfits will certainly experience the same insincerity and false diplomacy of the Government of India as the NSCN-IM is facing today.

The NSCN-IM stated that whatever has been and will be said or written about the April 19 incident at Hebron, the Council Headquarters of the outfit, it was actually an outrageous trespass of the notorious Assam Rifles to the NSCN-IM camp.

“No amount of excuses or explanations by the Assam Rifles and other Indian government agencies can justify or cover the crime. It was a flagrant violation of cease-fire ground rules and the spirit of the widely known Cease-fire agreement between the NSCN and the government of India. It was a planned and deliberate act of provocation,” it alleged. NNN/MExN

NPF led government’s silence irks NSCN (I-M)

24April: NPF led government’s silence irks NSCN (I-M)

Turning on the heat on the NPF-led state government NSCN (I-M) Monday questioned the “silence” of the government to the ongoing tension and stalemate in the aftermath of the April 19 incident between the Assam Rifles and its cadres at Hebron Camp.

In a hard hitting statement, the NSCN (I-M) MIP also indicted the NPF-led Nagaland government for maintaining “dead silence” over the situation.

Pointing out that while the state government “boastfully” claimed it was a facilitator in the peace process, NSCN (I-M) asked what was the Nagaland government doing during such “crisis and uncertainty”. It also demanded that Naga people should ask the reasons why it (state government) did not raise a voice.

MIP cautioned that “dangerous consequences” was threatening the entire Naga population, and warned that if any undesirable situation was created from the crisis, the state government should be “squarely blamed” by the Nagas.

Pointing out to the AR’s “outrageous trespass”, MIP said that no amount of excuses by AR and other Indian government agencies could “justify or cover the crime”.

Alleging that the entire incident was a planned and deliberate act of provocation, MIP said AR were the “instruments and the real actor was/is either the Government of India or the Indian Army top establishments which have dangerous differences with their government.”

MIP said AR actions indicated that there was a “powerful back-up” from the high command. It also alleged that CFMG chairman Maj. Gen. (retd) N. George was “awkwardly trying to shy away his neutral” responsibilities.

MIP said the April 19 incident was a lesson for all and cautioned that the other “factions” talking about “political dialogue” would certainly experience the same “insincerity and false diplomacies”. Emphasising that Nagas were united in desire for “freedom”, MIP called on all to “unite as before” and be prepared for any eventualities. NPN


Naga Mothers hectic parleys to break impasse

NTIMES 24APRIL: Naga Mothers hectic parleys to break impasse

DIMAPUR, APRIL 23 (MExN): The Naga Mothers’ Association (NMA) today called on the Inspector General, Assam Rifles at Kohima to impress upon his office the serious concern of the mothers on the building up of armed forces around the designated camps of the NSCN IM, including their Headquarters at Hebron.

The NMA demanded that the security forces be withdrawn at the earliest in the interest of peace and security of civilians to avoid undue harassment by the setting up of check gates by the Assam Rifles. The NMA also impressed upon the Inspector General , the importance of the continuity of the Cease fire and the ongoing peace talks in the interest of the Naga people.

According to a press note from the NMA, the IG, Assam Rifles assured the NMA delegation that he had instructed all officers not to harass the public in any way and that it would not affect the peace talks. He further said that the minute the arms of the five Assam Rifles men, in custody with the NSCN IM is returned, the security forces around the area would be withdrawn.

Later in the afternoon, the NMA delegation met the Commander In Chief, NSCN IM at his headquarters Hebron. The Chief made it very clear that the Assam Rifles had made the error and had tendered the apology that there was an error. However, the question of returning the arms would be decided upon by the higher authority, as it has been referred to their leaders. The NMA suggested that the NSCN IM may return the five fire arms in the interest of the safety of the public, including women and children and to avoid any undue confrontation.

The NMA stated that it’s team were witness to the two check gates on the road to Hebron and also the continuous stopping and questions of identity the NMA had to undergo, in spite of informing the authority of the Assam Rifles a delegation of the NMA was on its way to talk with the NSCN IM and the assurance no harassment would be meted out by the same.

The NMA in its meeting today, the 23rd April 2012, resolved to appeal to the IG Assam Rifles to immediately withdraw the Assam Rifles around all designated camps of the NSCN IM and the check gates, in the interest of peace and safety of the civilian population. That, the two groups- the Assam Rifles and the NSCN meet in an atmosphere without any armed threat, under the Cease Fire Supervisory Board and resolve the matter immediately in the interest of maintaining peace for the people. The NMA also reiterates its demand for repeal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act from the state of Nagaland.

The NMA also called on the Home Minister and discussed NMA’s concerns on the standing impasse between the NSCN IM and the Assam Rifles and sought the attention on the Government on the same, in the interest of peace. Further , NMA shared its concerns on the security concerns of women and children on the building up of armed forces by the Assam Rifles, around the NSCN designated camps including Hebron.

The NMA also apprised the Chief Secretary who is the Chairman of the Governing Body of the NRHM on NRHM issues raised by the Association and demanded for immediate action on NMA’s demand for Inquiry and action on irregularities. The NMA delegation was led by the President Mrs.Abeiu Meru, Advisor Rosemary Dzuivchu,Advisory Board member Ms.Angela Yhome, Secretary, NMA Mrs.Lochumbeni Humtsoe and Joint Secretary, Mrs,Sawmi Leyri.

Mrs.Lochumbeni Humtsoe,

Source: Morung Express

NISC asks GoI to show ‘statesmanship’

23April: Naga International Support Center (NISC) Monday called on the Government of India to let “common sense prevail” and show the statesmanship to resolve a long lasting conflict. In a statement, NISC claimed that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has proclaimed “no sovereignty and no reunification for the Nagas” and asked if Nagas would remain “silent”.

NISC stated that recognition of “unique history” of the Nagas by the Government of India meant that it acknowledged the Nagas had “no cultural, linguistic, religious, economic or communicative ties with it and were only connected because Britain colonized and ruled both”.

The center alleged that quite contrary to the peace talks and cease-fire ground rules, dozens of Naga leaders were arrested and “Naga military camps harassed”. It reminded that NSCN (I-M) leader Anthony Shimray continues to languish in “an Indian jail for crimes the Indian Government commits on a daily basis (procuring arms to wage war)”.

NISC reminded the Government of India that to “provoke the Nagas” meant that its policy would lead back to the “war nobody wants”. NPN

Solution to Assam Rifles-NSCN (I-M) impasse soon

Dimapur 23April: There were indications that the current impasse in the aftermath of the April 19 incident near Hebron camp that led to seizure of five weapons and ammunition of the Assam Rifles by the NSCN (I-M) and consequent erection of check gates by Assam Rifles on all routes leading to designated camps of the NSCN (I-M) including Hebron, could be resolved.

In this regard, there were hectic parleys between NSCN (I-M) representatives and Cease-fire Monitoring Group chairman Maj Gen (retd) N. George wherein it was learnt the NSCN (I-M) indicated it was willing to barter weapons it seized from the Assam Rifles with weapons of its cadres which security forces seized on several occasions.

NSCN (I-M) leaders led by its convenor, steering committee V S Atem, convenor cease-fire monitoring cell (CFMC) Vikiye Awomi, senior NSCN (I-M) leader K Chawang and member Cease-fire Monitoring Cell S. Among met CFMG chairman Monday here at Chumukedima Police complex.

An hour into the meeting, CFMG chairman left the meeting venue to seek confirmation from higher authority but after waiting for more than four hours, NSCN (I-M) leaders had to leave without a concrete conclusion to the meeting.

It was learnt that the matter has now reached the office of Director General Military Operations (DGMO) and the meeting which had an abrupt ending was likely to resume Tuesday.

In the short deliberation, Atem said that both the Government of India and NSCN (I-M) were keen to end the   as it was not a “big deal”. He also assured the only problem that stood on the way was just “a matter of attitude”.
Atem refused to divulge details of the meeting, while another senior NSCN (I-M) leader.

When contacted, CFMG chairman Maj. Gen. (retd) N. George said during the meeting NSCN (I-M) and CFMG “mutually” arrived at an “arrangement” and for which he required “clearance” from Delhi for the arrangement to work out.

While not denying that the “clearance” has been passed, Cease-fire Monitoring Group chairman was hopeful a solution would be worked out by Tuesday and that both the parties would “start the process”. NPN