Tangkhul abandons Ideas of Summer Capital to work for Naga Interest

Dimapur | January 27: After giving a solemn commitment to support “Naga Reconciliation: A journey of common hope,” Tangkhul Naga Long the apex body of the Tangkhul tribe, has assured that it will not initiate any undertaking that is against the interest of Nagas.
“We (TNL) will never do anything that is against the interest of the Nagas,” TNL president Stephen Angkang told The Morung Express on the sidelines of the public meeting of Forum for Naga Reconciliation and joint working group (JWG) of the Naga armed group held in Ukhrul town on January 23 last.
The TNL president clarified to a query on an earlier representation submitted by Tangkhul frontal organizations to the Government of India demanding, among others, that Ukhrul town be made  the “summer capital” of Manipur state. The representation sparked off reaction  and debate, especially in the backdrop of the move for Naga unity and reconciliation. Angkang said that the demand for “summer capital” was not based on any other motive apart from the genuine need to develop the hill districts too. “We have abandoned the idea. We wrote to the Union Home secretary last year itself to drop the demand,” he said.

Asked on the Forum for Naga Reconciliation’s ‘reconciliation’ mission, Angkang said, “I think all people are convinced and we sincerely support the reconciliation process, for without this Nagas cannot be united. I thought unity was far away from Nagas, but now I am certain that it is very, very near.” He also said that the coming together of the Naga  “political” groups would  make  every  Naga  feel secure.

On the reports of rise of armed groups and militants in recent times, the TNL chief said that the groups involved in the reconciliation process should work out strategies to prevent  other  forces from taking undue advantage of the present peaceful situation brought about by the reconciliation and unity move.  Morungexpress

TNL withdraws two resolutions

Dimapur, September 26 (MExN): The Tangkhul Naga Long today informed that the organization during its meeting on July 22, 2009 took a resolution to submit a memorandum to GK Pillai for sponsoring a two-day seminar at Ukhrul. The seminar was to discuss on an 11-point charter of demands and out of 11, two points were taken exception to. The two points, a note from the TNL stated today, namely Shiroi National Park and making Ukhrul ‘the Summer Capital of Manipur’, are likely to “invite unhealthy atmosphere from various corners.” For this, the TNL stated, its executives have reconsidered it and on September 21, 2009 has decided to withdraw the two points. “It is also resolved that though the remaining other nine points may be discussed in the seminar, the seminar be postponed for sometime,” it added.


GPRN/NSCN on unity of all Nagas

Dimapur, September 22 (MExN): The “GPRN/NSCN” has informed that a former NSCN (IM) “CAO” of Rengma region, H Shiuto Kath, hailing from Kandinu village, along with Yashkha Kath, “razou peyu” (NNC non-accordist), David Kath, “khapur” and Kaghato Kath ‘Pte.’ of Hebron Camp have decided to switch their allegiance to “GPRN/NSCN.” According to them, their decision was based on “reality and practical necessity” and that in the last two years “GPRN/NSCN has unwaveringly supported the process of reconciliation and unity of the Nagas”. “It has participated in all the platforms organized by the FNR thus far. It truly believes in the unity of all Nagas”, stated the press note issued through the MIP.

It went on to add that the “enemies of the Naga people, in the garb of freedom fighters, have attempted to paint “GPRN/NSCN” with darkest of colors but strangers will never understand the core values of the common Naga struggle”. “Only true patriots with true Naga blood in their veins understands what it means to reconcile and unite with their brethren”, it stated and that those who have left “realized that any further support to Hebron Camp would be detrimental to the Nagas.”

 “If the twelve years of GOI and IM talks had anything to show, why are the Tangkhuls fronted by Tangkhul Naga Long, demanding that Ukhrul, the hometown of Th. Muivah, be made the summer capital of Manipur? It only reaffirms Manipur state’s territorial integrity. If Ukhrul is proposed as the summer capital of Manipur State, where is the wisdom of our continuation at Hebron Camp?” the home comers asked, according to the MIP press note.

The Kilo Ministry, GPRN has acknowledged “their wise decision and welcomed them into a reconciled and united Naga Family”. Meanwhile, the “GPRN/NSCN” stated that it was “deeply troubled” by the arrest of its official Mangpu Kuki, Razou Peyu at Ghaspani by the NSCN (IM) on September 21. “Presently Chiang Mai city in Thailand is hosting another meeting among the Naga groups and it is yet another hostile intent of Muivah’s gang”, the press note stated while also informing that the GPRN/NSCN official is being detained at Hebron Camp and reportedly a sum of Rs. 20,000/- is being demanded from relatives for his release.

“This is in stark contrast to the reconciliatory gesture that GPRN/NSCN is trying hard to uphold”, it stated and demanded that the official be released unharmed and unconditionally at the earliest in the interest of the Nagas. The “GPRN/NSCN” also sought to clarify that there is nobody in the Naga Army with a name and rank of Azheto, ‘sgt. major.’ The press note clarified that the miscreant arrested on 20th September at a rail gate was a one time Sgt. Major in the Naga Army. However owing to his indulgence in immoral and anti-National Activities, he was terminated from National service in the month of May, 2009. “GPRN/NSCN has no responsibility over the terminated cadres”, it stated and has henceforth requested all media outlets to first confirm the status of arrested individuals prior to publishing what it described as “dubious information”. MIP NSCN

source: morungexpress.com

The Question Behind the Tangkhul Naga Long Demand for Ukhrul to be the Summer Capital of Manipur

The Tangkhuls have a separate underground group of their own, calling with different names in different times. Formed Naga National Liberation Army (NNLA) in 2005, and then came up with another name as United Naga People’s Council (UNPC) in 2008. And now it is again called as Manipur Naga Revolutionary Front (MNRF).

As per their declaration flashed in the local papers of Manipur, the main purpose of formation of such Tangkhul underground group/groups is to safeguard the territorial integrity of Manipur and to maintain peace and harmony between the hills and valley people of Manipur. True to their stand, it is the MNRF who successfully played the role to prevent the near communal clash between the Tangkhuls and the Meiteis when Dr. Thingnam Kisan, SDO of Kasom Khullen and his two staff were abducted and brutally murdered by some Tangkhul NSCN (IM) cadres. The MNRF immediately denounced the act of the NSCN (IM) as inhuman and beastly.

It also alleged that several untoward activities have been committed under the guidance/instruction of the NSCN (IM) in the past and blame the NSCN (IM) that such was the reason that the people of Manipur are unable to repose faith in each other even as it is said that all the people of Manipur are brothers and sisters. The MNRF calls upon all to join hands in hunting down the culprits and punish them accordingly, but said that it would not be correct to harm innocent persons belonging to any community.

All the Meitei underground groups and the Meitei public listened to the MNRF because all of them including the MNRF work for the safeguard of the territorial integrity of Manipur. The Tangkhul NSCN (IM) and the Tangkhul public may say about the MNRF “good or bad” but the existing of the MNRF is a blessing in disguise for them. Again, in case, clashes occurred between the majority Meiteis and the Naga people in Manipur because of the issue of the integration of all Naga areas, the Tangkhuls are still safer than other Naga tribes in Manipur because of the MNRF.

Who knows – those Tangkhuls who are residing in the Imphal valley and the vulnerable villages that are situated in the foot-hills may say that they support the MNRF and the territorial integrity of Manipur. It is said that the combined forces of the MNRF and the Meitei underground groups are more active than the NSCN (IM) in most of the villages in Tangkhul region but the top NSCN (IM) policy makers never adopt step to clash with them. May be because of the above stated reasons.

When in other Naga areas 2/3 underground groups cannot stay together without clashing though their goal are the same. It is not understandable how two underground groups with completely different ideologies (if what they declared are true) stay together in Ukhrul district of Manipur: The MNRF is for the safeguard of the territorial integrity of Manipur and the NSCN (IM) is for the integration of all Naga areas. Therefore, because of the above-mentioned reasons and the confusions arising out of the Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) demand for Ukhrul to be the summer capital of Manipur,

I would like to put here three questions before all Nagas to ponder:

1. Are the Tangkhul Naga Long with the MNRF for the safeguard of the territorial integrity of Manipur?

2. Or are they with the NSCN (IM) for the integration of all Naga areas?

3. If not, are all the Tangkhuls: the TNL, the MNRF and the Tangkhul NSCN (IM) working together in understanding with an aim to bring about Development/benefits especially for the Tangkhuls, the people of Ukhrul district at the expense of the sacrifices of thousands of Naga lives?

KS Solomon Naamai

Member, Core Committee,

Naga National Workers People Support Group


Ukhrul as the Manipur Summer Capital

The headline in Indian Express on 24th August 2009 came as “Centre explores Ukhrul as Manipur’s Summer Capital”. “The centre is exploring the idea of making Naga-dominated Ukhrul the summer capital of Manipur – to send the message that the territorial integrity of the state is non-negotiable, and that the Meteis must accommodates the people of the hill districts” (Indian Express). I don’t know how far it will be possible to apply the same, “Jammu and Kashmir Model” in Manipur State – where Srinagar is the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir. “The centre is keen to impress on the state government that the hill districts must be integrated with the Metei-dominated plains” (ibid).

It is reported in local dailies of Manipur and Nagaland that the Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL), the apex body of the Tangkhul Naga community presented an Eleven Points Charter of Demand for the development of Ukhrul district to Union Home Secretary Gopal Pillai, with signatories of TNL President Stephen Angkang and K Dickson, General secretary, and one of the point charters is to consider “Ukhrul as summer capital of Manipur”. It is also interesting to note that all the ten point charters have given the justification for their proposal and demand but not a single justification is mentioned in their proposal and demand – Ukhrul to be the summer capital of Manipur (Morung Express). For the interest of the Naga people, it would be very appreciable if TNL would give the justification that Ukhrul becoming as the summer capital of Manipur will not affect the aspiration and dreams of Naga people to have One Administrative Unit and Rights to self-determination in the future or they may revoke their proposal and demand. Then the concern Naga people may be free from all kinds of speculation and misunderstanding as they come to know the justifications.

The most interesting part of the reports in Indian express was that Gopal Pillai seems trying to consider the proposal and demand of Ukhrul as summer capital of Manipur immediately – deferring or snubbing the other ten point chaters as he is aware of the state territorial integrity problems in Manipur. It is also observed that the centre may willingly accept the proposal and demand made by the TNL just to retain the State territorial integrity as the Union Home Ministry Secretary also said, “The territorial integrity of the state is non-negotiable”. For all the concern Naga people – Ukhrul becoming the summer capital of Manipur would be a sensitive issue but for some people – it would be a matter of inconveniences to commute. Some people may consider that Senapati should become the summer capital of Manipur – in term of population, multi-ethnicity and location – situated in the heart of the NH39 – the life line of Manipur State. Senapati may be the most suitable summer capital of Manipur but once Senapati or any Naga dominated district becomes the summer capital of Manipur – it may shatter the dream of Naga aspiration to have One Administrative Unit.

I’ve some questions in my mind but instead of directly I engross in answering those questions, it may be more prudent for me to leave the questions for the Naga people in Nagalim, Meteis and other communities in Manipur to ponder and answer by themselves:

A few questions to the Naga people to ponder:

1. What will happen to Nagalim once the Ukhrul emerged to Metei-dominated state and became the Summer Capital of Manipur?

2. Will the Naga people in Nagalim supports the proposal and demand made to the Union Home Ministry Secretary by the TNL, “Ukhrul as summer capital of Manipur”?

3. Do you think that before the Naga Political problem is solved, it may be good to avoid any Naga dominated district to become the capital of Manipur State or any other State?

4. What will be the benefit for the Naga people if the Ukhrul district – the birth place of NSCN top leader Muivah, becomes the Summer Capital of Manipur?

5. Will it be possible to revoke from summer capital of Manipur and become one of the administrative units of Nagalim in the future?

6. Why and how the Nagaland became a State and how many people were assassinated when the Nagaland became of the States of India?

7. Is it necessary to have two capitals in such a small state like Manipur?

8. Is it too hot that Imphal cannot be the capital in summer season in Manipur?

A few questions to the Meteis and other communities to ponder:

1. Should the Meteis and other communities take this opportunity and consider Ukhrul to be the summer capital of Manipur so that the concept of Manipur territorial integrity is implemented practically?

2. What will be advantages of Ukhrul becoming the summer capital, where the district is located in (declared) NH150 and having only 5.9% of the total population of the state?

3. Do you think that it will be convenience for the people of Manipur if the Tamenglong or Ukhrul or East Imphal District becomes the summer capital of Manipur when the accessibility is concern?

4. Should we consider Senapati District to be the summer capital of Manipur instead of Ukhrul as it is situated in the life line of NH39 and everyone from Manipur is accessible?

5. Should the Metei consider more development for the hill districts so that the people in the hill districts are not alienated and consider more on State territorial integrity?

6. Should the Meteis consider Ukhrul as the summer capital so as to bring better relationship with the Naga people in Manipur and keep the State territorial integrity intact?

7. Do you think that it would be good for Manipur State territorial Integration in the future if the Meteis and other communities in Manipur consider Ukhrul or any Naga dominated district to be the summer capital of Manipur?

8. Do you think that the insurgent problem will be reduced if the strong hold of NSCN becomes the summer capital of Manipur?

(The above view expressed here does not represent the view of any organization or community. Any feed-back can be sent to Email: thohepou@rediffmail.com) – Dr. R.B. Thohe Pou

Centre for Ukhrul as Manipur’s summer capital

Shishir Gupta  Monday , Aug 24, 2009 at 2326 hrs New Delhi:



The Centre is exploring the idea of making Naga-dominated Ukhrul the summer capital of Manipur — to send the message that the territorial integrity of the state is non-negotiable, and that the Meiteis must accommodate the people of the hill districts.



Government sources told The Indian Express that the gunning down of three NSCN (I-M) cadres by the Assam Rifles on August 12 in Ukhrul district was a signal that there would be no “compromise” if the insurgent group violates the ceasefire agreement.



The Centre is keen to impress on the state government that the hill districts must be integrated with the Meitei-dominated plains, and efforts should be made to hold local elections in the hill districts, which have not seen polls since 1984. In this context, the government wants to apply the ‘Jammu and Kashmir model’ — where Srinagar is the summer capital — by shifting the state administration to Ukhrul in summer.

As part of the new initiative, Union Home Secretary Gopal Pillai and Secretary, DoNER, Jarnail Singh attended development seminars in Bishnupur and Senapati districts last week. Pillai reviewed the security situation in the state this morning with clear-cut instructions against any extra-judicial killings.



The recent killing of a former militant by security forces in a “fake encounter” also figured in the Home Secretary’s dialogue with the state. The fact is that while Chief Minister Ibobi Singh wanted to order a magisterial inquiry, the Union Home Ministry got him to order a judicial probe.


Tangkhul Naga Long charter of demand to GoI

Dimapur, August 3 (MExN): The Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL), the apex tribal body of
the Tangkhul Nagas recently presented an eleven point charter of demand for
development of Ukhrul district, which was submitted before Union Home Secretary
G.K Pillai in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. The TNL also
asked the GoI to consider on priority basis to organize a seminar – cum –
workshop on the eleven point charter of demand at Ukhrul during 2009-2010. The
TNL President Stephen Angkang and General Secretary K. Dickson in their
representation stated that such kind of public interaction will “dispel the
doubts and confusion hovering in the minds of the people to be reconciled
negative with positive thinking to bring drastic changes in the field of
economic and human resource development”. The TNL also hoped that the Union
Home Secretary will do the needful by inviting the concern ministries to
participate in the seminar and “clear the Project on the spot in the interest
of public service and the Nation”.
The eleven point charter of demand included development of National Highway
150; opening of State Bank of India; electricity – 132 Kv Power Sub-Station;
Cold Storage; Shiroi national park; Hill Districts Ring Road; Central Hill
University; Ukhrul as summer Capital of Manipur; F.M. Radio And Doordarshan;
Helicopter service from Imphal – Ukhrul and reconstruction of Tangkhul Naga
Long Shopping Complex.
Eleven point development vision for Ukhrul district
With regard to proper development of NH-150 the TNL hoped that this will lead
to ‘road transport security’. The TNL regretted that there was no water,
air, and railway to connect Ukhrul district with the rest of the country. The
only means of transport for Ukhrul District is the road transport via Kohima –
Jessami – Ukhrul – Churachandpur – Mizoram which has been declared as
National Highway (N.H. 150) in 1999. However, the TNL regretted that even after
a lapse of ten years, there is no sign of progress to achieve the target. “The
pathetic slow progress of the region is one of the reasons for lack of
people’s participation in all walks of life at par with the rest of the
country. Development of national highway in letter and spirit would mean road
transport security of the region”, it stated.
On ‘financial security’, the TNL was of the view that State Bank of India
is the largest and the most reliable public sector bank in India having more
than 11,111 branches in India as on 2008. While stating that many SBI branches
are to be opened in the North-East region, it regretted that “Ukhrul district
is not found in the map of SBI for reasons best known to them” and that in the
field of banking service, Ukhrul district is lacking behind to all the districts
of the country. “The State Bank of India at Ukhrul would mean financial
security of the people”, the TNL noted in its representation.
As far as the need for ‘power security’ was concerned, the TNL termed as
‘strange’  that the consumers are forced to pay light bill in time without
the current being supplied to them. It pointed out that in the absence of
electricity, there can be no industry and factory of any kind in the district
and also described Ukhrul district as the most backward district in the country
as far electricity was concerned. “Therefore, setting up of 132KV power
sub-station at Hungdung is needed to connect with the Power Grid of India for
securing uninterrupted supply of power like any part of India”, the TNL stated
while adding that security of power is essential for development of Industry and
information technology which is the need of the century.
On the food front, the TNL wanted cold storage facilities pointing out that
since the climatic condition of Ukhrul district favours growing varieties of
horticulture products and since they are perishable in nature, proper storage
was required. “The horticulture produces could be stored in cold storage to
enable the farmers to sell them with minimum support price during the season and
the same commodities could be sold out during off season which could fetch more
profit”, the TNL observed while stating that in the absence of cold storage
and state of art road transport facilities most of these produces have been
wasted before they are converted into money in the local, national &
international markets. “Setting up of cold Storage would mean food security
and incentive for farmers”.
Charter number five calls for development of ‘Shiroi National Park’ which
will give ‘water, ecology & environment security’. According to the TNL,
Shiroi Kashong and its surrounding foothill areas is the only source of drinking
water supply to district head quarter Ukhrul. “The Ukhrul district ceases to
exist without Shiroi Kashong water resource. Therefore, preservation and
conservation of Shiroi Kashong natural resources such as forest, water, flora &
fauna and surrounding catchment areas in the form and status of national park is
very much essential”, the TNL argued. Further Shiroi national park would also
mean saving the endangered flora ‘Shiroi Lily’ the state flower of Manipur
and “Uningthou –Phoenbehainesiana” the state tree of Manipur besides
“Dragopan Bhlythe” and many medicinal plants and herbs. “The proposed
national park will hasten Micro – Climate to reduce global warming and adverse
climatic changes. National park would ensure water, ecology and environment
security of Ukhrul district”, the TNL states.
The TNL has also proposed a ‘Hill Districts Ring Road’ for the purpose of
‘tribal trade and commerce security’. According to the representation the
five hill districts namely, Ukhrul, Senapati, Chandel, Tamenglong and
Churanchandpur dominated by the indigenous tribals of Manipur state have been
recklessly neglected in the past by successive governments since Indian
independence. There is no connectivity between one hill district headquarters to
another by road or by air and as such one has to travel via Imphal which entails
more distance, expenditure, time and energy, the TNL stated. To overcome this
hurdle, construction of Hill Districts Ring Road is necessary. In this
connection the TNL has extended gratitude to the Japanese government for
sanctioning Rs. 1000/- crore (Rupees One Thousand Crore only) for the project.
The TNL stated that for such mega infrastructure development the contract work
shall be awarded to BRO or renowned national and international company which can
build quality road to connect all hill districts of Manipur. “Hill Districts
Ring Road would mean development of trade and commerce Security of the
On the human resource development front, the charter of demand has also called
for a Central Hill University. The TNL regretted that the Manipur Central
University, Chanchipur is yet to be a temple of learning for the tribals of
Manipur and that this centre of learning has become a centre for exploitation
for tribal and minorities in every aspect such as in the matter of recruitment
of teaching and non-teaching staff and allotment of seat for admission of tribal
and minorities in various disciplines. “Under the prevailing system of
administration, the tribal and minorities have been treated with step motherly
treatment and as such there is no congenial atmosphere to pursue higher
studies”, the TNL stated. As such, a separate central hill university would
mean new horizon and space for learning the value of life, culture and
development of scientific temper. Further Hill University would mean promotion
of culture, interest, indigenous method of learning and quality education,
stated the TNL.
The other charter of demand includes F.M. Radio and Doordarshan for promotion
of culture and national integration. In particular the TNL was of the opinion
that setting up of F.M. Radio Station at Ukhrul is the need of the hour for
dissemination of news in local dialect such as local, national and international
news, besides information of various developmental scheme such as NREGA, Rural
Health Mission and Right to Information Act, so that rural masses are well
informed in time about their rights and duties and enjoy the benefit of the
scheme. It also stated that such communication medium can lead to “revival of
Tribal Culture and Economic Development of the North Eastern Region” and that
this will “cement Unity in Diversity and National Integration”.
The TNL has also called for helicopter service from Imphal – Ukhrul to
promote tourism industry and also reconstruction of Tangkhul Naga Long shopping
complex which is situated at Wino Bazaar, Ukhrul. The place was gutted into
ashes on the 9th March 2009. The main source of income for running day to day
affairs of Tangkhul Naga Long is the house rent from this shopping complex. In
the absence of alternative source of Income for the existence of Social Apex
body of Tangkhul Community is at stake, it stated. It may be mentioned that the
TNL representation was also forwarded to Chief Minister, Manipur, Secretary,
Govt. of India, Ministry of Development of North East Region; Secretary, Govt.
of India, Ministry of Finance; Secretary, Govt. of India, Ministry of Human
Resource Dev; Secretary, Govt. of India, Ministry of Road Transport and
Highways; Secretary, Govt. of India, Ministry of Broadcasting and Information;
Secretary, Government of India, Ministry of Environment and Forests; Secretary
Government of India, Ministry of Food processing; Joint Secretary, Govt. of
India, Ministry of Home Affairs( NE) besides other top officials from Manipur.
Demand for ‘equilibrium development security’
Dimapur, August 3 (MExN): The Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) in its eleven point
charter of demand for development of Ukhrul district, which was submitted before
Union Home Secretary G.K Pillai has also pushed the case for making Ukhrul the
summer capital of Manipur to achieve the objective of ‘equilibrium development
security’. In its representation the TNL lamented that since independence till
date, all developmental activities are confined within the “narrow cave of
Manipur valley” and that “funds allotted for development of Hill Districts
are being diverted to the narrow cave”. It pointed out that centrally
sponsored scheme funds are often refunded without being utilized for development
of tribal and backward areas “giving justification on ground of time bound
factors”. Further under the present job reservation of Manipur thirty one
percent (31%) jobs are reserved for the tribals, however, the tribals have
occupied fourteen percent (14%) only and the rest seventeen percent (17%) tribal
job Quotas have been “snatched away by the Meiteis who think that majority is
always right in democracy”. “In short, to bridge the gap of development
between Hill and the Valley, it will be sensible to make Ukhrul as the summer
capital of Manipur like Srinagar the Summer Capital of Jammu & Kashmir to secure
equilibrium development without which the scar of lopsided development will
remain incurable injustice”, the TNL stated.