Tangkhul abandons Ideas of Summer Capital to work for Naga Interest

Dimapur | January 27: After giving a solemn commitment to support “Naga Reconciliation: A journey of common hope,” Tangkhul Naga Long the apex body of the Tangkhul tribe, has assured that it will not initiate any undertaking that is against the interest of Nagas.
“We (TNL) will never do anything that is against the interest of the Nagas,” TNL president Stephen Angkang told The Morung Express on the sidelines of the public meeting of Forum for Naga Reconciliation and joint working group (JWG) of the Naga armed group held in Ukhrul town on January 23 last.
The TNL president clarified to a query on an earlier representation submitted by Tangkhul frontal organizations to the Government of India demanding, among others, that Ukhrul town be made  the “summer capital” of Manipur state. The representation sparked off reaction  and debate, especially in the backdrop of the move for Naga unity and reconciliation. Angkang said that the demand for “summer capital” was not based on any other motive apart from the genuine need to develop the hill districts too. “We have abandoned the idea. We wrote to the Union Home secretary last year itself to drop the demand,” he said.

Asked on the Forum for Naga Reconciliation’s ‘reconciliation’ mission, Angkang said, “I think all people are convinced and we sincerely support the reconciliation process, for without this Nagas cannot be united. I thought unity was far away from Nagas, but now I am certain that it is very, very near.” He also said that the coming together of the Naga  “political” groups would  make  every  Naga  feel secure.

On the reports of rise of armed groups and militants in recent times, the TNL chief said that the groups involved in the reconciliation process should work out strategies to prevent  other  forces from taking undue advantage of the present peaceful situation brought about by the reconciliation and unity move.  Morungexpress

TNL withdraws two resolutions

Dimapur, September 26 (MExN): The Tangkhul Naga Long today informed that the organization during its meeting on July 22, 2009 took a resolution to submit a memorandum to GK Pillai for sponsoring a two-day seminar at Ukhrul. The seminar was to discuss on an 11-point charter of demands and out of 11, two points were taken exception to. The two points, a note from the TNL stated today, namely Shiroi National Park and making Ukhrul ‘the Summer Capital of Manipur’, are likely to “invite unhealthy atmosphere from various corners.” For this, the TNL stated, its executives have reconsidered it and on September 21, 2009 has decided to withdraw the two points. “It is also resolved that though the remaining other nine points may be discussed in the seminar, the seminar be postponed for sometime,” it added.


GPRN/NSCN on unity of all Nagas

Dimapur, September 22 (MExN): The “GPRN/NSCN” has informed that a former NSCN (IM) “CAO” of Rengma region, H Shiuto Kath, hailing from Kandinu village, along with Yashkha Kath, “razou peyu” (NNC non-accordist), David Kath, “khapur” and Kaghato Kath ‘Pte.’ of Hebron Camp have decided to switch their allegiance to “GPRN/NSCN.” According to them, their decision was based on “reality and practical necessity” and that in the last two years “GPRN/NSCN has unwaveringly supported the process of reconciliation and unity of the Nagas”. “It has participated in all the platforms organized by the FNR thus far. It truly believes in the unity of all Nagas”, stated the press note issued through the MIP.

It went on to add that the “enemies of the Naga people, in the garb of freedom fighters, have attempted to paint “GPRN/NSCN” with darkest of colors but strangers will never understand the core values of the common Naga struggle”. “Only true patriots with true Naga blood in their veins understands what it means to reconcile and unite with their brethren”, it stated and that those who have left “realized that any further support to Hebron Camp would be detrimental to the Nagas.”

 “If the twelve years of GOI and IM talks had anything to show, why are the Tangkhuls fronted by Tangkhul Naga Long, demanding that Ukhrul, the hometown of Th. Muivah, be made the summer capital of Manipur? It only reaffirms Manipur state’s territorial integrity. If Ukhrul is proposed as the summer capital of Manipur State, where is the wisdom of our continuation at Hebron Camp?” the home comers asked, according to the MIP press note.

The Kilo Ministry, GPRN has acknowledged “their wise decision and welcomed them into a reconciled and united Naga Family”. Meanwhile, the “GPRN/NSCN” stated that it was “deeply troubled” by the arrest of its official Mangpu Kuki, Razou Peyu at Ghaspani by the NSCN (IM) on September 21. “Presently Chiang Mai city in Thailand is hosting another meeting among the Naga groups and it is yet another hostile intent of Muivah’s gang”, the press note stated while also informing that the GPRN/NSCN official is being detained at Hebron Camp and reportedly a sum of Rs. 20,000/- is being demanded from relatives for his release.

“This is in stark contrast to the reconciliatory gesture that GPRN/NSCN is trying hard to uphold”, it stated and demanded that the official be released unharmed and unconditionally at the earliest in the interest of the Nagas. The “GPRN/NSCN” also sought to clarify that there is nobody in the Naga Army with a name and rank of Azheto, ‘sgt. major.’ The press note clarified that the miscreant arrested on 20th September at a rail gate was a one time Sgt. Major in the Naga Army. However owing to his indulgence in immoral and anti-National Activities, he was terminated from National service in the month of May, 2009. “GPRN/NSCN has no responsibility over the terminated cadres”, it stated and has henceforth requested all media outlets to first confirm the status of arrested individuals prior to publishing what it described as “dubious information”. MIP NSCN

source: morungexpress.com