Rejoinder to NNC (Non-Accordist) warns renegades

15 may NPN

Firstly, I would like to know who is Mhasi Angami, the so called publicity an information Secretary, till date. There has no any name such as Mhasi Angami in the organization, as far as my knowledge is concerned. And when there is no any such name enrolled in the organization, who is he to drag our name in the media. Without knowing the ground realities, if he (Mhasi) really claiming to be a publicity and information secretary. I challenged, let him come out with full evidence and present himself before the organization, else would invite more troubles and confusion in the future and also among the party workers.

For the past years, I was closely working with the General Secretary as an in-charge of a finance com-mittee member. And during my tenure, I have performed my duties with outmost sincerity and efficiency. But after realization that the fund was not utilized for the organization, and only for the benefit of an individual, had resulted in splitting, mis-understanding and division among the party workers.

Therefore Accusing me and Abemo as renegades by collecting money from the business establishment is totally baseless and bogus. If at all accusing us, let along come out with full prove and evidence and clear it to the Nagas in general and NNC in particular, this is nothing but just out of frustration and desperateness trying to malign and tarnish our image with sole motive.

Regarding the Depart-ment fund, we are not doing at out own, but with the direction from the higher authority. So there is no question of confusing with the false allegation, since the organization is not an individual organization.

N. Nicky Angami, member of central executive body,

P. R. Hill, Kohima.

Abemo Lotha, member of central executive body,

Lotha Region.

WSH attacks Rio, NSCN (IM)

WSH attacks Rio, NSCN (IM)  14 MAY NPN

The Western Sumi Hoho (WSH) is dismayed and shocked over the recent statement of the chief minister, Neiphiu Rio denouncing and disowning the current peace and unification process. It is known fact that all the Nagas irrespective of political affiliations, social and religious obligations and different geographical demarcations have been crying hoarsely over the years for real peace, reconciliation and unification of all the Naga national workers. Over and above, the government of Nagaland under the leadership of N. Rio have been working for the same through his avowed policy of ‘equi-closeness’ thus far. Yet, his sudden backtracking on the current peace and unification process has not only hurt the sentiments of peace loving Nagas but it has grievously hurt the Naga unification process in its infancy.

In this short history since its inception from 1980 till few years back, the NSCN (IM) have been condemning the NNC, its leaders including A. Z Phizo and the Shillong Accordist. Again, by 1988, the NSCN (IM) group started condemning the NSCN (K) till now. Moreover, the NSCN (IM) massacred hundreds of Khiamniungan and even killed pastor and then massacred hundreds of Kuki people all in the name of false Naga National principle. All these are still afresh in the minds of Naga people.

It is a known fact that the Sumi people almost single-handedly sheltered and fed the NSCN (IM) to let it stand on its own feet all these years. And now in return, this same group has started condemning the Sumi people calling names for which we believe the posterity will be a judge.

The NSCN (IM) group implicating the Sumi people alone with Unification group has been working hand in glove with Indian government and its intelligence agencies is nothing but a figment of imagination of these self centered people. In fact, the NSCN (IM) self styled boss Muivah is the one who is working with Indian government and its agencies against the noble aspirations of the Naga people. He is being housed at MP’s residence at Delhi with full security coverage provided by GoI.

It is to be noted by all the right-thinking Nagas that the current unification process was known by all the Nagas since it was not started behind some close doors as alleged. In fact, Isak Chishi Swu had issued some positive statement in support of unification of all the Nagas. Unfortunately, somehow, Muivah have brain washed Isak and other opportunist national workers and had won hoodwinking the Naga people with his so-called self-centred Naga National ‘principle’ which is nothing but his personal agenda. All these developments are well known by Qhevihe Chishi Swu since he was closely involved in the initial unification process. The first meeting for unification initiative was held in his private residence at Khushia Bill, Dimapur on 11

th December’07 followed by a meeting at Hokiye Yepthomi’s residence at Khehokhu village on 12th December’07. Qhevihe, Qhehezu and Vikiye have attended in all these meetings and the Western Sumi Hoho office has the record clean and clear of what these ‘hoodwinked’ people said. Therefore, Quevihe and his colleagues may be brain washed by Muivah but they can never hood-wink the Nagas since the truth shall always prevail. It is therefore advised to these confused Naga leaders not to sign the dotted lines before knowing the same thoroughly. Press Cell. Western Sumi Hoho.

GPRN/NSCN reacts to NSCN (IM)

14 May npn

GPRN/NSCN is com-pelled to point out that the article supposedly written by Qhevihe Chishi and Kedutsu Tsuzu, Steering Committee and Convener and Home Kilonser respectively. Yet again it is another sad episode of Hebron campers using the name of two Naga gentlemen to lash out at Nagas. The write up simply did not originate from the two and evidently, they were not even informed that there names would be inserted as authors of the malicious article. This is another glaring example of Muivah’s gang forcing a Naga to devour another while the real culprit watch from behind.

Nagas are now cleared where the blame of the Naga movement, Nagas are now clear where the plane of the Naga movement, as the article suggest is being hijack to so called political dialogue which, at one point of time the Nagas supported, has crash landed. Naga people have clearly witnessed the faulty engine and the confused pilot.

Home Kilonser, Azheto and his colleagues of GPRN/NSCN can boldly stand and raise their bibles before the Naga people and affirm that Naga unification was initiat-ed with the consent of Chairman Isak Chishi Swu. A copy of Chairman’s decl-aration of unity, peace and reconciliation and other proclamations would still be available all over Nagaland. GPRN/NSCN is a legitimate and mandated organization. It is a coming together of all true Naga patriots ready to harness the strength and will of the Naga people to equally share the fruits of National unity.

One man’s treachery is another man’s act of salvaging the nation. To Muivah and his gang, Kilonser Azheto maybe anything but to the millions of Naga, he is a brave patriot whose life wide open the veil that hinder the vision of Naga nationhood.

Ten years of negotiations with the GOI has collapsed under the sheer weight of Muivah’s errational stand, “no integration no solution”. Decades of tireless effort put in by the NGOs, civil societies, Hohos and the Church have gone in vain for one man’s insistence on non-existence national principle and the tiresome ‘open door policy’ which never open up.

It is for the Nagas to judge as to who introduced abductions, ransom demand, intimidations, threats, extor-tions, assassinations and bone-crashing torture tactics in the once Christian principled Naga society. Was it not Muivah’s gang? After committing horrific acts upon Leinong, Konyak and Khiamnungan region in Eastern Nagaland wiping out entire inhabitants from the villages, they were driven out towards western Nagaland were peace and freedom loving Naga people, particularly the western Sumis, sheltered and fed them.

After two decades of strengthening their skins and bones, the street of ruthlessness restarted. Thus, the seed of hatred “abductions, kidnapp-ing, extortions, threats, assass-inations etc, took roots. The fabric of Naga unity was twisted to suit the comfort.

The lives of many Naga intellectuals, Hoho leaders, NGO members are endangered particularly the Sumi Hoho and western Hoho members, con-sidering the amount of hatred and contempt heaped on them for letting the Nagas know the truth. Before committing any further crime, Hebron campers should do well to look back two decades and see their own skeletal friends in battered fabrics protected by western Sumis and other Nagas.

GPRN/NSCN seeks to remind Muivah’s gang that every Naga lives is precious and the will of the Nagas to live in unity is final and irrevocable. Seeking sympathy using Qhevihe’s and Kedutsu’s to suit dirty politics do not work anymore.

Publicity Cell GPRN/NSCN.

Settlement of case as per Naga customary law

Settlement of case as per Naga customary law   14 may npn

Know all men by these presents that we, six prisoners accused of murdering late Khoney Chang namely (1) Mengusielie Rulho, son of Thinnuochulie Rulhou (2) Mhasivilie Rulho son of Zalhuovi Rulho (3) Uokuohelie Mere son of Those Mere (4) Kiyasetuo Kenguruse son of Pfungulie (5) Vingutuo Rutsa son of Zei-o Rutsa (6) Ruuvinuo Rulho daughter of Mengusielie Rulho, all perma-nent residents of Nerhema village, district – Kohima, Nagaland, hereby and here-under are held and firmly bind ourselves jointly and severally unto Mr. & Mrs Ngaku Chang, parents of late Khoney Chang, residing at Yangpi village, district Tuensang, Nagaland, the Eastern Naga-land Peoples Organisation (ENPO) represented by Tongthan Khiamniungan and the Angami Public Organisation (APO) represented by the President Mhiesizokho Zinyu, as hereunder stated.

SEALED with our respective seals this 10th Day of May 2008 at Kohima.

WHEREAS the parents of six accused has approached the ENPO office by vide letter dated 17.3.08 along with endorsement letter dated 20.4.08 from the APO, Chairman, Nerhema village council and President NAPO with a request to settle the pending Criminal case GR/No 171/06 KMA(s) PS Case No 0039/06 US 447,365,302 IPC before ADC(J) Kohima, as per the Naga customary usages. The ENPO after examining the letters along with the deceased parents has resolved to consider the same and hence under the initiative of ENPO and APO on 10th May, 2008 a conciliation programme was held under the chairmanship of the President ENPUK at DUDA Guest House, Kohima in presences of the chairman village councils Nerhema and Yangpi. The parents of six accused on behalf of their children has sincerely tend-ered apologies and seeked forgiveness in the name of God before the parents of the deceased, the representatives of the ENPO and the APO Office bearers and further submited unintentionally they had done unthinkable crime and prayed for forgiveness for their children’s misdeed.

Conciliation prog-ramme concluded herein as under:

1. That the above mentioned six accused declared and admitted that late Khoney Chang son of Ngaku who was working as peon in the Office of the Chief Engineer, PHED, Kohima was murdered by the accused on 15.6.06.

2. That in consideration of the prayer and apologies tendered by the accused and their parents, as a true Christian, the parents of the deceased thereby forgave all the six accused for their misdeed/crime done against their son late Khoney Chang. The relatives of late Khoney Chang shall not take revenge in whatsoever manner in the near future.

3. That we the six accused hereby undertake that if any untoward incident happen to the family of the deceased or any member of the ENPO in connection with the same in future the six accused will be held responsible for the same.

4. That we the Presidents of ENPO and APO on behalf of our respective office declare that the said conciliation programme was initiated by us to solve the matter amicably as per the Naga customary practices and usages on the request made by the accused and their parents. We further declare that if any of the accused intentionally or unintentionally commit any untoward act in future in violation of this bond, the same shall be dealt accordingly by the two apex organization herein above mentioned.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have set and subscribed their res-pective hands and seals on the day, month and year first above mentioned.

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of the herein mention witnesses:


David T. Sangtam, president, ENPUK, K Neingunyü Sekhose, president NAPO, C. Lemba, chairman Yanpi V/C, Zakieneisa Kiewhuo, Chair-man, Nerhema V/C.

Name of the accused:

Rüüvinuo, Mengusielie, Mhasivilie, Rukuohelie, Vingutuo, Kiyasetuo.

Parents of the deceased:

Ngaku Chang.Mhiesizokho Zinyü, president, APO, Tongthan Khiamniungan, president (Acting), ENPO.

Is this your gift to your children?

Is this your gift to your children? 14 may npn

Nagaland is for Christ, and we are Christians. But bullet riddled bodies, inhuman and brutal killings, rape and scandals and scams hit the headlines almost everyday.

You look around you; you see fear and helplessness in the eyes of people. Peace loving people are disgusted by all these senseless violence but scared. Why? Naga fathers and brothers, where are we heading? What legacy are we leaving for our children? Is this what you want to gift your sons and daughters? Do you really care for your people, your children, your mothers and sisters, your beautiful land? Brothers killing brothers, mothers weeping for the sons taken away by bullets, mothers weeping for their dear sons, who have become killers.

What have we become? What are we fighting for? Whom are we fighting for? Who are we fighting? Who is the enemy? Who is the worst enemy of the Nagas? How long do we go on like this? Nagas, when do we all gather up enough courage to say, “Enough is enough?”

Fear in the minds of the young and old alike, living in fear for today, living in fear for tomorrow. Do we have a future for our children, perhaps a future of fear is all we are preparing for our children. What story books are we writing today for our tomorrow? (A ‘tomorrow’? if at all our people could survive this dreadful disease of hatred and bloodshed among our fathers and brothers!) What will our children read about us tomorrow? Will they read about how many Naga brothers killed their own brothers? Will they read about how they have terrorized their own children with the sounds of bullets and bombs that killed their own brothers and fathers? Will they read of how Naga children were made orphaned by their own Naga fathers? Will they read about how many Naga mothers and sisters were made widows by their own bothers? What sense does it make dear Naga fathers and brothers? Is gun culture all that you can teach your sons and daughters?

Elsewhere in the world, we see, we read, and we hear about cyclones, earthquakes, epidemics, floods, famines, droughts, untold suffering of people, people dying in thousand and we are pained . And we wonder and are amazed of how fortunate we are in this blessed land of the Nagas! Natural calamities and Nagaland…. we are strangers to all these natural calamities.

Nagaland a most blessed place, a most beautiful place, a rich and bountiful land, impoverished by hatred, killings, fears, corruption, hypocrisy, factionaism, tibalism, you name it, and we afflicted with the worst man-made Calamity/Tragedy ever created by our own bloody hands, our own sinister brains, our own crooked minds, our own greed filled hearts ! Will our children be proud to call themselves as honest, just and upright Nagas or will they hang their heads in shame for what their fathers have done? Will they be ridiculed for no fault of theirs? Will your sisters and mothers feel safe while their men are busy killing each other?

We are scared of our own fathers and brothers. They kill, they hurt, they steal, they rape, and they are brutal! In the beautiful hills and mountains of Nagaland, people are scared to speak the truth, people are made numbed by fear of the bullet, people live in insecurity, children are raised in confusion and conflict, they are forced to see their innocent little world going up in flames, youth are misled by selfish leaders, and youth are senselessly driven by confusion created by their fathers and elders.

I hope and desperately hope that our fathers and brothers who have lost their “vision” will seek the face of God and get the courage and wisdom to do the right. I hope and pray that our mothers and sisters will be brave enough to defend the beauty of our land and our people, and our children, our hope for the future from the ugliness of hatred and bloodshed that is threatening the very existence of our people and our beautiful land!



Sümi Hoho, Nagaland Tangkhul Hoho appeal

Sümi Hoho, Nagaland Tangkhul Hoho appeal  14 MAY NPN

The gravity of the present prevailing situation demanded the Sümi Hoho and Nagaland Tangkhul Hoho to appeal to the warring factions of the Undergrounds to stop fighting forthwith in an around Dimapur for the peace and tranquility of the public. It has been observed that civilians were victimized by the factional clashes.

It is therefore, urged upon all the factions to restrain from the path of violence and hereforth, no harassment of killing should be inflicted upon the innocent public.

We the Nagas are falling into the dragnet of our enemies to face the dreadful consequences if the internecine rivalries go unabated. It appears that the government of India is adapting the policy of paradigm shift. She is playing the role of catalyst so that Nagas finish themselves. Our long cherished aspiration of independent struggle is not going to peter out because what our enemies did to us but because we are cynical and everyone wants to play the role of vanguard. There is no accommodative and acceptability spirit amongst the Nagas. Our enemies have taken advantage of our weaknesses to destroy us. It is high time for the Nagas to realize that we should reconcile and unite ourselves to confront with our common enemies.

Naga public wants peace, reconciliation and unification of all factions for our common cause.

Joseph Shingnaisui,

President, Nagaland Tangkhul Hoho.

Hokishe Yepthomi, President, Sümi Hoho.


Are we a true Christians?

Are we a true Christians? 13 MAY NPN

Are we really the so-called Christians? To start with, we are the only state in India where 100% of the people are Christians. So we feel very proud of that right? But for all the true followers of Christianity I think we are just an insult to it.

We say we are united but we are the only ones killing our own race. The recent killings and corruptions are all signs of our faith (Christianity) being destroyed.

I don’t know the entire verses of the Bible but I know it’s written in the Bible to love our enemies. Leave aside our enemies because we don’t even love our own brothers. I may be just a youth with my own opinion, but being a part of this beautiful land and seeing it getting battered not by others but ‘Nagas’, I feel sorry for even calling myself a true Christian.

Our people need a second evangelical movement and this has to be done soon before we start licking our own wounds.