7th Pay Commission for central govt employees announced

New Delhi 25 Sept: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today approved the constitution of the 7th Pay Commission, which is likely to impact at least 85 lakh central government employees and pensioners.

“Its (7th Pay Commission’s) recommendations are likely to be implemented with effect from January 1, 2016,” Finance Minister P. Chidambaram said in a statement.

The setting up of the Commission comes ahead of the Assembly elections in five states this year and the general elections next year.
The government constitutes Pay Commission every 10 years to revise the pay scales of its employees and often these are adopted by states after some modification.
The names of the chairperson and members, as well as the terms of reference, of the Pay Commission will be finalised and announced shortly, the Finance Minister added.

The recommendations of the sixth Pay Commission were implemented from January 1, 2006; fifth from January 1, 1996, and fourth from January 1, 1986.

There are at present around 50 lakh central government employees and 35 lakh pensioners, who stand to benefit from the recommendations from the Pay Commission. NDTV

NISC, THN, TSA, condemn killing

‘Thou shall not kill also applies to those who claim to represent the Naga nation’

DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 20 (MExN): The Naga International Support Centre, the Tangkhul Hoho Nagaland, and the Tangkhul Scholar’s Union today condemned the abduction and killing of Jonathan Kashung, Presidential candidate for the Tangkhul Naga Long.

A press note from the NISC vehemently condemned the “perpetrators and those who ordered them to take the life Jonathan Kashung.” “Who are they to decide on the life of others?” it questioned. Lamenting that murder is committed on a regular basis, the NISC stated “Thou shall not kill also applies to those who claim to represent the Naga nation.”
“Still, if the person has done wrong he should be brought before a public Naga Customary Court to do him justice. In comparison, just like NISC suggested to the Naga organizations representing Naga peoples with regard to India; arrest a high placed Indian leader and charge him with wage war against the Naga Nation. But this is not done against the real enemy of the Nagas who deny them their right to self determination,” it added.

It stated that in a just society no stone will be left unturned to hunt the perpetrators down and bring them to justice. “Then how just is this emerging Naga Society if factions don’t stop at killing their own? And what about Nagas who collaborate with Indian invaders who hold the entire Naga Nation captive?” the NISC questioned.

Terming the killing as a severe case of injustice and “as the family points to the NSCNIM as the party responsible for and accountable to this murder” the NISC said it is waiting for the NSCN-IM to break silence. “NISC wants the NSCN-IM to come out with a statement of either denying it has had a hand in this execution or explaining on what basis it came to the decision to murder this fellow Naga,” it added. To the leaders of the NSCN (IM), the NISC stated, “when you say ‘Praise the Lord,’ this Lord also put this to you: You shall not kill.”

The Tangkhul Hoho Nagaland (THN) meanwhile said that it was appalled by the incident. A press note said that the THN will always stand against the ‘killing culture’ by any group. It stated that late Jonathan had served the Tangkhuls in various capacities as student leader in his prime days. The THN appealed for all concerned to refrain from violence and use of brute force through gun culture. Instead, it called for the creation of a space for dialogue to resolve differences and misunderstandings.

A separate press note from the Tangkhul Scholars’ Association condemned the incident and stated, “We strongly feel that such heinous act can never justify the allegation against the victim whatsoever. Such barbaric act will not only damage the apex institution Tangkhul Naga Long but would bring more division and misunderstanding in our society.” It stated that the “culture of gun” has already taken its toll of destruction in Tangkhul society. The TSA appealed all responsible organisations and people at large to desist from violence and such inhuman acts. 

Jonathan’s murder : AMCU decries

HNS/Imphal, Sep 23, 2013: Describing it as brutal and inhuman, All Manipur Catholic Union (AMCU) has strongly condemned the killing of Jonathan Kashung, former Vice President of ANSAM and one of the presidential candidates of Tangkhul Naga Long election while allegedly in the custody of NSCN (IM).

In a statement issued by its General Secretary Pritam Ludwig, AMCU said that it firmly believes that all human lives are precious gifts of god and thus, all right thinking and sensible persons/organisations should honour, respect and value human lives as a whole.

But in the case of Jonathan Kashung, the perpetrators have shown no respect for human life and have grossly overlooked the very principle of Natural justice before taking the extreme step of killing him. It is indeed sad to note that even today; the so-called justice is being delivered through the barrel of a gun. The perpetrators could have shown maturity by standing up to the great Chritian virtue of forgiveness and allowing him to amend/correct himself if Jonathan had committed any mistakes, howsoever, grave or big it might have been as no individual is beyond redemption, the statement of AMCU observed.

AMCU also appealed for a proper and thorough investigation to bring about the truth behind the brutal killing of Jonathan Kashung so that justice is delivered to the aggrieved family and those involved in the brutal killing be held responsible for their heinous act.

CM will not contest 2014 Lok Sabha poll

Chizokho Vero
Kohima | September 23

DAN takes unanimous decision to keep Neiphiu Rio in Nagaland

The Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) today totally ruled out the possibility of Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio making his entry to Delhi by contesting in the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls.

Addressing a press conference here after an emergency close-door meeting of DAN legislators and partners at the Naga People’s Front Central Office, Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and Roads & Bridges Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu told media persons that there have been rumors of Rio going to Delhi, to represent as Member of Parliament. However he stated that DAN has taken a consensus decision not to send him to the Lok Sabha.

“We cannot allow him, we cannot spare him, because we feel that the state is more important than the Centre right at this moment and the home affairs of the state is much more important, so today collectively DAN alliance have decided that we will not send him to Delhi, but he will continue as the Chief Minister of Nagaland”, Azo said.

Azo added that it was a unanimous decision of DAN not to send him for Lok Sabha polls and that it wanted to make this clear to the people. “We wanted to finish this issue once and for all,” Azo said. He added that a meeting will be held with the Chief Minister when he returns from tour and that the decision of the legislators as well as the DAN partners would be put up.

NPF president Dr. Shurhozelie Liezietsu said that the party attended today’s meeting on invitation and expressed that the DAN have taken a consensus decision to not to allow Rio to go for MP. BJP Nagaland unit president Dr. N.Chuba and JD (U) Nagaland president Mhonjan Lotha also endorsed the decision.

Minister for health & family welfare Imkong L Imchen also said that it was a consensus decision that DAN will not send Rio to Delhi. ‘The legislature of the DAN is not willing to spare his services in Delhi, but to continue here as the Chief Minister of the state,” Imchen said adding that Rio should not leave a big responsibility at home and move to Delhi as Nagaland requires overall development.

It may be recalled that The Telegraph had recently reported that Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio had expressed willingness to contest the 2014 general elections.

NE has to be open to peace: Dr. Wati Aier

Morung Express News
Dimapur | September 22

6th North East Youth Peace and Cultural Festival concludes

It is not common for a speaker at an “interfaith” congregation to whistle into the mike. But today’s speaker at the 6th North East Youth Peace and Cultural Festival 2013, being held at Holy Cross Hr. Sec. School here, is not known for deploying common methods. Rev. Dr. Wati Aier, Principal of Oriental Theological Seminary and Convenor of the Forum for Naga Reconciliation, was met with the enthusiasm he showed by the children and youth in packed attendance for today’s message on the Festival’s theme, “peace building through reconciliation.”

Dr. Wati whistled to get the boys at the congregation to cheer for the girls in attendance, drawing loud ovation in response, with some girls raising a high-five. “Women are not second class beings to be mistreated. Do not violate them, and treat them with respect,” Dr. Wati advised.
His message was heard with rapt attention.

“The world is in chaos—in the midst of this, you and I have this opportunity to meet and talk about peace and reconciliation,” spoke Dr. Wati loud and clear, engaging in a dialogue with the delegates, asking them to believe in the uniqueness of each of their being. The Festival, hosted by Peace Channel and People’s Forum for Peace, is being attended by more than 600 delegates today.

Since the conflicts of the 21st century revolve around lines of ethnicity, conventional methods or government systems of resolving conflicts will not work, explained Dr. Wati. Non government organizations, as well as churches, will play an important role to bring peace through their activism.

“We are in conflict with the world in a positive way,” he stated. Referring to the myriad peoples who inhabit the North East region of India, he asserted that “we do not want to be marginalized or subjugated anymore. We are not satisfied with the inhuman, divided world. Thus, we must be different in order to change this world.” The North East, he said, must be open to peace and hope for future transformation of state through “reconciliation in god.”

In that, “we are fortunate to transcend our local organizational and denominational lines to come together in a cumulative manner like this,” he said.

Dr. Wati made a reference to the “bitter hatred” that is making people kill each other today. Through ‘isms’ as well as the principalities (ideologies, tribes, etc.) and powers derived from this world, he reflected, “we often become involved in destructive social arrangements without being aware of it. This makes us partake in the evil of ‘collective sins’ especially through the actions of an agency or party. Young people have to take the initiative to change this situation; to fight it.”

He quoted the example of Yousafzai Malala from Pakistan who was shot at by extremists at the age of 15 for being a woman and daring to seek education. She survived and later took up the cause of equal education for all. Thus children, said Dr. Wati, should not take their life and opportunities for granted.

There is no age limit, he held, to stand up against injustice. Simple acts like keeping the city clean could contribute towards peace. Moreover, the youth should talk about curbing ‘isms’. “We are ethnically different but in a modern world, isms should give way to a common humanity through such congregations,” he maintained, referring to the ongoing Festival, which concludes today.

Mizo police nabs self proclaimed Satan worshipper

Aizawl, September 22 2013: One Lalrinmawia of Champhai Kanan Veng of Mizoram who identified himself as a worshiper of Satan and also a swindler, was arrested by Bawngkawn and Vaivakawn police two days ago, a delayed report said today.

The arrest came following the information received from one family living at Bawngkawn regarding the man claiming himself as having healing power through prayer. But as the man did not mention the name of “Almighty God” during the time of prayer to heal a sick girl and since he demanded Rs 3000 from the girl’s family, they became suspicious of the man.

After a report was filed on Bawngkawn police station Lalrinmawia was arrested by the local police when he came back to the family as he had promised earlier. On being interrogated, Lalrinmawia said he belongs to Kanan Veng(Village), Champhai and is an ardent and true worshiper of Satan. He confessed before the police that once he was a Christian counselor and a true worshiper of the “Almighty God”. While he was working as a counselor he was tempted by the disciple of Satan named ‘Belfatas’ to follow him.

But as Lalrinmawia declined, the disciple of Satan making himself visible only to Lalrinmawia then started torturing him that compelled the latter to follow Satan. The disciple of Satan according to Lalrinmawia is such a handsome and well built body guy that none of the males in the world can supersede and overcome him.

He said that two disciples of Satan namely ‘Belfatas’ and ‘Rainmen‘ use to appear in flesh. While Belfatas is active among drugs addicts, Rainmen is active among singers, he added. Sources informed that the kind of Satan which Lalrinmawia worshiped is much powerful and mightier than the evil worshiped by majority of Mizo youths. According to Lalrinmawia, they have a group of follower called ‘DARK OF PRINCE’ and there are only around 10 members in Mizoram among them includes female worshipers. They usually worship Satan and practice its cult on first Wednesday of every month.

As he confessed about his satanic cult, he is afraid that the disciple will haunt him. He thus request help and prayer from true God worshiper to free himself from satanic worship, the sources said. NNN

Jonathan’s Murder: 48-hr bandh called in ‘Tangkhul area’

NNN/IMPHAL, Sept 21: The Southern Tangkhul Katamnao Long (TAKL) or Southern Tangkhul Students’ Union while issuing a strong worded statement against the NSCN-IM on the murder of Jonathan Kashung announced today to call 48 hours ‘Tangkhul areabandh in condemnation. TAKL said it vehemently condemned the brutal killing of former Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong (TKS) president Jonathan Kashung s/o late Shanteihui Kashung of Shingkap village after his abduction on September 13 by NSCN –IM.

According to the Tangkhul students’ body, Jonathan was a front-runner presidential candidate of the Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) election scheduled for September 18.
“The highly decomposed body was traced on the morning of the scheduled election, after repeated assurance by the abductors that he would be released safely. The family and his supporters were compelled to withdraw his candidature even after his dead, despite qualifying the screening. The manner in which he was killed and abandoned in the wilderness to rot by the NSCN(IM) is an extremely inhuman and heinous act. The NSCN (IM) which has been engaging in a peace talks with the government of India for the last 17 years is never expected to commit such a senseless crime against its own people, defeating its purpose of ushering peace and political solution. Killing a veteran public leader like Mr. Jonathan Kashung who has rendered selfless service to the Naga society, without any trial, sends a very terrorizing message to the public,” the TAKL fumed.

It then demanded clarification with evidences of the allegations levelled that Jonathan Kashung had received Rs 50 lakhs from Chief Minister, O Ibobi Singh and that he had served as a Chief Advisor for MNRF. TAKL then appealed to the ‘chief election commissioner‘, Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) to countermand and re-notify a fresh TNL Election 2013 since the candidature of Lt. Mr. Jonathan Kashung had been duly approved after screening following all required formalities. Lest public sentiments might aggravate to unprecedented outcomes, it cautioned.

“As a mark of public condemnation against such heinous crime, there will be a total bandh in Tangkhul inhabited area on September 24 and 25. TAKL also appeal to all the Tangkhuls to extend their support and cooperation in condemning such injustice. NNN