Naga groups meeting held at Kolkata 

DIMAPUR, May 3: The five-day long Naga underground leaders from various groups concluded today in Kolkata under the aegis of Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR).The meet participated by NSCN-IM, NNC/FGN and NSCN-Khole/Kitovi was in pursuit for the realization of the Lenten Agreement signed on March 28, 2014 in Dimapur which main aim has been for the formation of a single

NSCN-IM and NSCN-KK (old file picture)

NSCN-IM and NSCN-KK (old file picture)

Naga underground ‘government’ or group called Naga National Government (NNG).The Forum for Naga Reconciliation facilitated a series of formal and informal meetings among the leaders of the Lenten Agreement signatory groups. On recognizing the necessity, the three Naga underground groups agreed to have a close-door residential meeting among the top leadership. Subsequently, a five-day reconciliation meeting was organized in Kolkata from April 29 to May 3, 2014 with the intent to engage and explore creative ways to fulfill the Lenten Agreement.


The top leadership of NSCN-Khole/Kitovi was represented by ‘General’ Khole Konyak and N. Kitovi Zhimomi; NNC/FGN leaders Zhopra Vero, Vice President and Zaleo Sapu, Home Minister, responding to this necessity participated in the meeting. Their presence is valued with much appreciation. FGN President, Brig. S. Singnya was unable to attend the meeting due to ill-health. Furthermore, the travel of NSCN-IM leaders Isak Chishi Swu and Th. Muivah to Kolkata was not cleared by the Government of India, and hence, unable to personally attend. In their absence, they were represented by General (Retd) VS Atem, Khevihe Chishi Swu and TT Among. 

According to the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR), in the course of the 5-day meeting, the three Naga political groups expressed the necessity of Naga reconciliation as a means to a shared future and extended their willingness to work for it till it is achieved. As part of the confidence building measures the representatives identified positive and negative aspects of the process and specified key steps on how the Naga reconciliation can be further reinforced. “They explored together the values of Truth, Mercy, Peace and Justice and emphasized on how they were vital to the journey of Naga reconciliation. The representatives through a process of envisioning shared their vision for the Naga people and expressed desire to engage in more confidence building measures as a way of trashing out difficult issues in the interest of the shared Naga future,” the FNR said. “While appreciating the Government of India for their cooperation to Naga reconciliation, the FNR is concerned by this recent attitude, thereby raising questions of doubt and insincerity,” the FNR added. “The Forum for Naga Reconciliation takes this opportunity to clearly inform that the Naga Reconciliation Process is in the interest of the common good of all concerned. For too long the internal division of the Nagas has been projected as one of the causes for the protracted conflict. Hence, in this time of peace, where Naga political groups are reconciling and seeking ways to find unity in purpose, the FNR urges Nagas, our neighbours and the Government of India to have more understanding and extend even moral support to the process. The realization of Naga reconciliation is in the mutual interest of all those who desire justice, peace and reconciliation in the region,” the FNR press communique stated.

NSCN position on the unification group

Ever wondered which group is not for unification? We are also for unification of all the Nagas wherever they are but it should be “principle based unification”.  However, it has been misused and abused to the point where such a catch word has become cheap sweet name to take shelter and shed crocodile tears driven by evil intentions, hunger for power and positions.

Unification cannot be serious when it is formed under conspiracy by deserting with arms, vehicles, money and many important files and document of the National government under the “cover of darkness” in the name of “unification”.

For the Naga people, such day ought to be observed as a black day and capitulation of the divisive forces, a day which one should bow down our head in shame and a day which needs to be deleted from our memories.

It is a disgrace and a big insult to the “journey of common hope and reconciliation” which we all are party under the banner of FNR. What do you mean by unification when you have been advocating for Nagas of Nagaland state alone? Yet what an irony! Those who shout for one National Political group has failed to read between the lines and attended without having any second thought. Such a blatant contradiction is hard to digest.

Observing such a day means justifying and giving legitimacy to illegitimate one and more divisive groups in one pretext or other. What has happened to the right conscience of the Nagas? What is unification without any unification but more groups, more tax and more problems for the Nagas? Doesn’t celebrating such a day amount to humiliating and insulting the “right judgement and sentiment” of the Naga people? Where is the wisdom of the Nagas in their search for reconciliation and unity? NSCN hope that every Naga citizens and groups will now move along with clear conscience and concrete agenda.

Another crucial chapter of their 6th unification anniversary was the public disclosure of Kitovi political dreams which is nothing but reaffirmation of the 16th point agreement which created Nagaland state to divide the Nagas and dampen the Naga national movement for self determination.

It must be remembered that long before such declaration was made; Mr. Kitovi and group had already accepted defeat when they signed their Cease Fire agreement with the Government of India where they have agreed to respect the “land of the law”, which is nothing but acceptance of the constitution of India.
Therefore, we are not surprised when he openly cleared his mind by faithfully toeing the political ideology of SC. Jamir the author of the “Bedrock of Naga society” who cannot think beyond Nagaland state. The unreserved endorsement to the creation of NTC can be easily understood as birds of the same feathers flock together.

NSCN will not interrupt rather encourage anybody or group who wants to make the Indian state Nagaland better and prosperous. However, in the name of development, progress and peace in Nagaland state, one should not do so at the cost and suffering of all the Nagas who are not a part of Nagaland state and who have been patiently waiting and longing for integration of all the Naga ancestral land and people for more than 60 years under one political umbrella. We hope and trust that such moments of triumph and jubilation will come soon.

Mr. Kitovi in order to please those who are pursuing against unabated taxation has rightly spoken out using the same language of ACAUT. Now it is time he answers those question as to where and how he has been using all his tax collection in the name of “unification” for six years and he ought to immediately stop collecting taxes in Nagaland if there is even an iota of truth and sincerity left in his heart. Let the people decide whether it is justified or not!

Certain level of understanding has arrived amongst the group at the reconciliation meeting and many difficulties have been discussed across the table yet time and again, blatant lies and divisive venom are spewed at the public forum to malign us.

This is one of the major roadblocks towards reconciliation and the Naga public must know this. Therefore, we appeal to the conscience of the Naga people as to exactly find out what lies behind the curtain of this unification group.

by: MIP-NSCN/GPRN:    24 Nov. 2013


‘Naga nationalism must be awakened’

GPRN/NSCN President, General (Retd) Khole Konyak has asserted that the spirit of Naga nationalism must be awakened once again so that a “united pursuit” to the undying Naga national goal can be achieved.

President, GPRN/NSCN, Gen. (Retd) Khole Konyak (R), President, Naga Mothers Association, Abeiu Meru (C) and Ato Kilonser, N Kitovi Zhimomi (L) are seen arriving to attend the 6th anniversary of ‘Naga Unification’ which was held at the GPRN/NSCN designated Khehoi Camp, some 25 km from Dimapur on November 22. Photo by Caisii Mao

President, GPRN/NSCN, Gen. (Retd) Khole Konyak (R), President, Naga Mothers Association, Abeiu Meru (C) and Ato Kilonser, N Kitovi Zhimomi (L) are seen arriving to attend the 6th anniversary of ‘Naga Unification’ which was held at the GPRN/NSCN designated Khehoi Camp, some 25 km from Dimapur on November 22. Photo by Caisii Mao

“Unless a people come together with purpose, peace will remain elusive. Our past achievements, our labor, efforts and sacrifices will have no meaning; solution will remain a mere dream”, the GPRN/NSCN president said.

Khole was addressing the 6th anniversary of ‘Naga Unification’ held at the GPRN/NSCN designated Khehoi Camp, some 25 km from Dimapur on November 22.
“To create a common future, our positive vision must be grasped properly by the Naga people. There is a great danger in defying people’s will,” Khole said and pointed out that the first interim government in Nagaland, the swift formation of Revolutionary Government of Nagaland, signing of Shillong Accord and split in the NSCN in 1988 were tragic chapters in Naga history.

He said if Nagas focus their mind and spirit on true peace and “if we act upon what we say during peace meetings, I believe acceptable political solution with GoI is not far from us.” The GPRN/NSCN leader however cautioned that watching silently and observing from the top will not make anyone a patriot, and NGOs, intellectuals and believers in Naga nationhood must stand and participate in Nation building.

“Protracted Indo-Naga political problem needs concerted effort. GPRN/NSCN informs the GoI that unless an acceptable political settlement is inked, thousands of stubborn Naga youth shall rise and claim their God given land”, Khole said.

On allegations that GPRN/NSCN is ignoring the rest of Nagas in Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, Khole stated that these allegations are visionless, short sighted and illogical. “The state of Nagaland is the sheet anchor if we are to reach to our people in our ancestral land. It is our launch pad to continue strengthening social, cultural, historical and emotional connection among the Nagas”. Khole said.

GPRN/NSCN Ato Kilonser, N Kitovi Zhimomi, in his address said ‘Unification’ was initiated six years ago as per the desire of Naga public. Likewise, Reconciliation among Naga political groups was put into motion under the aegis of Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) to complement the unification process with the aim of forming one Naga National Government comprising of all Naga Political Groups, Kitovi added. However, he stated that moves for reconciliation and one Naga National Government were stalled as the NSCN (IM) did not maintain transparency and refused to reveal their charter of demand in their talks with the GoI.

The Ato Kilonser said that since GoI has ruled out “sovereignty” and “Naga integration”, now it was upto the people to provide direction on the future course of action – whether Nagas should seek other means of settlement or stick to the original demand for sovereignty. Kitovi also hit out at NSCN (IM) for banning the Nagaland Tribes Council and the ACAUT Public Awareness rally.

As a gesture of reconciliation and forgiveness on the occasion of the 6th Unification anniversary, the GPRN/NSCN unconditionally released NSCN (K) Kilonser, K. Yimchunger, who was earlier held captive by them.

Apart from Naga Mothers’ Association (NMA), FGN/NNC, Vice President, Zhopra Vero; NNC (NA) General Secretary, Hozheto Chophi and representatives from various organizations and NGOs including ACAUT, Central Nagaland Tribes Council, The Naga Blog, Dimapur Naga Students’ Union and Nagaland GBs Federation spoke on the occasion.


NMA calls for trust among Naga groups

Urges inclusion of women and youth in negotiations

DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 22 (MExN): President of the Naga Mothers Association, Abeiu Meru has called for respect and trust among the various Naga political groups. “The nobility of being able to forgive each other must become the starting point of reconciliation for the common Naga cause and the common good,” she stated. Meru said this while speaking at the 6th Naga Unification anniversary of the GPRN/NSCN on November 22.

Calling for peace and reconciliation, Meru asserted, “We are all Nagas and one family. There will be misunderstandings and shortcomings as we are all human.” She appealed that “no matter what factions, all political prisoner(s) must be unconditionally released in the true spirit of Reconciliation.”

Meru further stated that Naga women today are well aware of women’s rights and stressed on the necessity to create political space for women participation in all decision making processes. “We hope as an organization, your leaders will support the international principles of gender equity both within the ranks of your organization and different spheres of our society,” she added.

Meru termed it “a shame that an Act passed by the State Assembly to empower women through reserved seats in towns, was again revoked by the same Assembly under flimsy excuses.” She added that this “discrimination and serious violation of constitutional rights is being challenged by Naga women in the Supreme Court.” “No society can hope to progress without women, and in the case of Nagaland, without the other half of the population,” she added. Meru urged for inclusion of women and youth in peace negotiations with the GOI, to ensure lasting peace.

Stating that “the tragedies of our past history of fratricide and senseless killings have blotted the pages of our struggle,” Meru urged the leaders at Khehoi camp to lead the way for better understanding among all Naga Political Groups.  Morung Express

One Govt. One Tax in Nagaland

Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) is the way to ‘One Government and One Taxation’. However, one thing I cannot understand how some of the Nagas are going to dictate forcefully the Naga underground to pay only Tax and form a Government. Will the Naga underground surrender or accept to your dictation?

120 Nation Member Bodies of the Baptist World Alliance

120 Nation Member Bodies of the Baptist World Alliance

Why don’t we support the FNR, have dialogue (consultative meeting) and go Naga public rally instead of trying to forcefully implement ‘One Government and One Taxation’? The FNR would have been working more smoothly and successfully if the whole Naga leaders support them by leaving your own egos. We know that 120 Baptists Church from 120 Nations support and pray for the Naga Reconciliation, and this successful reconciliation would be “One Government and Tax” but our Naga leaders have their own egos.

Which Naga underground faction is going to listen to your demand or dictation without reconciliation? The concept of One Govt. & One tax may be good. Every Naga would love to pay only one tax to one Government. However, but it will be no successful if you become another dictator on this aspect. If some of the Naga public support ACAUT or One Govt. One Tax does not means that the strategies of your movement is on the right track. It is just a momentary and emotional agitation and this emotional agitation will soon vanish from the mind of the people as their leaders are too shortsighted and too emotional.

However, if their leaders cool down and changed their strategies and see from different perception, it may be possible to work out successfully. One should not forget that the taxation problem or other problems are not only to a family or tribe or state. Everyone feels the burden of multi-taxation but this problem cannot be solved by emotional agitation without proper channel and strategies. @Thohe Pou


NSCN (IM) disallows Oct 31 rally; bans NTC

DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 28 (MExN): The NSCN (IM) informed that at the joint council meeting held today at the Council Headquarters, Hebron, it was decided to disallow the proposed rally on October 31, 2013 organized by the “so called banned” Action Committee Against Unabated Taxation (ACAUT), which is “just to malign the national cause in the name of unspecified, unabated taxation”.

In this connection, the MIP press statement said, it was decided “to initiate further necessary steps or measures to obstruct such anti national designs to murder the long struggle for the national cause”. The meeting also reaffirmed the decisions of the Joint Council Meeting held on the October 8, 2013, “to ban the newly floated Nagaland Tribal Council (NTC) for its deliberate negation of the principle of the Naga Hoho and aspirations of the Nagas”.  MExN

NSCN (IM) accused of Jonathan’s death

Imphal, October 22: Awon Kashung, wife of late Jonathan Kashung has accused the NSCN-IM of killing her husband with “vested interest”.
Jonathan Kashung, one of the presidential candidates of Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL), the apex body of the Tangkhul tribe, was abducted by unidentified armed men from Phungreitang area in Ukhrul town on September 13 at around 9:40 am apparently in connection with the TNL presidential election.
Since then he was traceless. His decomposed body was found at Tolloi Junction, around 4 km north-west of Ukhrul district headquarters on September 17 evening.
One month after the incident, the wife of late Jonathan Kashung said the NSCN-IM had killed her husband on false charges.
“My late husband Jonathan Kashung, a presidential candidate of Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) was abducted and murdered on September 13 by the NSCN-IM on several false charges, one of which was that he was sponsored with a sum of Rs 50 lakhs by Chief Minister of Manipur O Ibobi Singh to contest the TNL presidential election,” said Awon Kashung.
According to her, the NSCN-IM had also accused Jonathan Kashung of the chief advisor of Manipur Naga Revolutionary Army (MNRA). Jonathan was also accused by the NSCN-IM as a card holder intelligent agent of India, said Awon.
“All the allegations against my husband were cooked up so that they could eliminate him in order to fulfill their wish,” said Awom Kashung. She dismissed those allegations as baseless and unfounded saying no sensible persons will believe such wild allegations of the NSCN-IM.
Awon Kashung then said that the NSCN-IM through the frontal organisations had agreed to prove the allegations with evidences and by taking the witness account within 15 days time counting from September 18.
“But till date, even the lapse of one month, the NSCN-IM could not give any proof on their allegations charged against my husband, late Jonathan Kashung,” said Awon Kashung, adding, “As the NSCN-IM could not give even a shred of evidence on the cold-blooded murder of my husband, I declare before God and man that my late husband Jonathan Kashung was murdered with vested interest by the NSCN-IM”.
Awon further said that the inability of the NSCN-IM to prove their allegations vividly shows that ‘my late husband had not committed anything wrong against the NSCN-IM’.

NISC, THN, TSA, condemn killing

‘Thou shall not kill also applies to those who claim to represent the Naga nation’

DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 20 (MExN): The Naga International Support Centre, the Tangkhul Hoho Nagaland, and the Tangkhul Scholar’s Union today condemned the abduction and killing of Jonathan Kashung, Presidential candidate for the Tangkhul Naga Long.

A press note from the NISC vehemently condemned the “perpetrators and those who ordered them to take the life Jonathan Kashung.” “Who are they to decide on the life of others?” it questioned. Lamenting that murder is committed on a regular basis, the NISC stated “Thou shall not kill also applies to those who claim to represent the Naga nation.”
“Still, if the person has done wrong he should be brought before a public Naga Customary Court to do him justice. In comparison, just like NISC suggested to the Naga organizations representing Naga peoples with regard to India; arrest a high placed Indian leader and charge him with wage war against the Naga Nation. But this is not done against the real enemy of the Nagas who deny them their right to self determination,” it added.

It stated that in a just society no stone will be left unturned to hunt the perpetrators down and bring them to justice. “Then how just is this emerging Naga Society if factions don’t stop at killing their own? And what about Nagas who collaborate with Indian invaders who hold the entire Naga Nation captive?” the NISC questioned.

Terming the killing as a severe case of injustice and “as the family points to the NSCNIM as the party responsible for and accountable to this murder” the NISC said it is waiting for the NSCN-IM to break silence. “NISC wants the NSCN-IM to come out with a statement of either denying it has had a hand in this execution or explaining on what basis it came to the decision to murder this fellow Naga,” it added. To the leaders of the NSCN (IM), the NISC stated, “when you say ‘Praise the Lord,’ this Lord also put this to you: You shall not kill.”

The Tangkhul Hoho Nagaland (THN) meanwhile said that it was appalled by the incident. A press note said that the THN will always stand against the ‘killing culture’ by any group. It stated that late Jonathan had served the Tangkhuls in various capacities as student leader in his prime days. The THN appealed for all concerned to refrain from violence and use of brute force through gun culture. Instead, it called for the creation of a space for dialogue to resolve differences and misunderstandings.

A separate press note from the Tangkhul Scholars’ Association condemned the incident and stated, “We strongly feel that such heinous act can never justify the allegation against the victim whatsoever. Such barbaric act will not only damage the apex institution Tangkhul Naga Long but would bring more division and misunderstanding in our society.” It stated that the “culture of gun” has already taken its toll of destruction in Tangkhul society. The TSA appealed all responsible organisations and people at large to desist from violence and such inhuman acts.